So I was just trying to decide what comics to read as there are so many and I thought “I know I will look and see if there is one about how Satine and Obi-Wan met” and no I don’t know why that popped into my head first.

Anyway I now have 3 Star Wars novels on hold at the library.

You see I discovered the “appearances” tab on the Star Wars wiki and so obviously I checked out Hera to make sure I had seen everything. Apparently there’s a New Republic Squadrons series with “General Syndulla”. All the respect for Hera yay.

Also found some comics. A few editions of the just titled Star Wars run, and Doctor Aphra. Looking up Ahsoka says I should also prioritise Darth Vader. So mission accomplished.

Sadly though google says nothing covers how Hera came to have the Ghost and I really want to know. I mean ships aren’t so common, especially tricked out ships like that, there has to be a story there.

Saw a lot of Ahsoka posts on my dash earlier and had a small ahhhh!! that I had misremembered the air date. But no it’s ok it is still August 23rd.

Anyway I have a lot of fears about this show (and a lot of anticipation) because it’s my beloved Ghost crew.

Honestly though the biggest fear in my mind right now is that Ezra is going to be the masked bad guy. I know he dabbled with the dark side at the start of season three, and it’s a lifelong struggle. I know in Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis faced his own version of that struggle which might lead to more in the next game (I presume there will be a third). So it’s not without precedent and maybe that’s why I don’t want it.

It just feels tired to have Ezra fall to the dark side. Yeah he could find a way back to some kind of life like Reva did. I also know that as Ezra played no part in the sequel, with Luke or Rey, that he has to be written out somehow and that a happy ending probably isn’t on the table. A similar fate no doubt is in store for Cal Kestis to keep him off the board somehow.

I’m not one of those that hate Order 66 survivors because there is still only a handful out of 10,000. It feels a hell of a lot more realistic to go with the idea that a first cut got a lot of them. First strike decimated the masters especially, as they were in the thick of the war, or had younger Jedi to protect. After that it was hunting down the escaped Padawans, or the knights who had been on solo missions etc. They would have never established the Inquisitors if there hadn’t really been any to hunt. Time on the run cleared up almost everyone over the years between Order 66 and A New Hope. So I find it realistic that there were survivors, I like it as a story, but I hate it because they decided that Luke had to be the only Jedi from A New Hope on which puts an unfair expiration date on all the other characters that we care about.

Personally I don’t see why they had to go in that direction. The rebellion was more than one cell. It always was. So yeah there weren’t any other Jedi alongside Luke for the three original trilogy movies. Didn’t mean they weren’t out there – could just have meant they were doing other things. The first Death Star mission got laid on fast, the second they had time so it’s a little more suspect they wouldn’t have called back any other Jedi to help, but then again they didn’t need them. Just people blew up the second Death Star, just people dealt with the ground force. Luke’s mission was more personal than anything and yeah a great distraction and ensured the Emperor ‘died’ but that was hardly the main goal.

Anyway I want Ezra to have made friends in Wild Space, connected with more awesome cool creatures. To have a lot of stories to tell his family when they find him, and it can all be warm and loving because they didn’t doubt one another. And he has that solid certainty of a Jedi that he really came to own in season 4, and he protects his family and tells Jacen all about his dad. Just Ezra being grown but still himself and still family.

Maybe it’s a cheat to say “just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t always there”. But why not? Adding new material is at its core filling in blanks. If some of those blanks include more Jedi being alive for longer then I am ok with that.

I just don’t want to see Ezra all twisted and agonised, and have to witness Hera and Sabine grapple with him being lost, and all the anguish of having to fight their family. Just no. Been there, done that, bored with it. Give me supportive family instead, thank you.

When I watched Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrate the Fortress Inquisitor place I kept pointing “oh I have been there”. As it really was an accurate reproduction of the Fortress as seen in Fallen Order.

Now I get the timeline and that the Kenobi show happens around the same time as Jedi Survivor. So I guess Cal was kind of busy.


It bugged the hell out of me when the Hidden Path said they had no intel on the place. Jedi Master Cere was also there with Cal – you know one of the leaders of the Hidden Path. Cal is a fairly famous Jedi on the loose (his face is on a wanted poster on Coruscant billboards!) and I just struggle to believe the word of flooding the place, of beating Vader (as they stole the holocron and escaped with their lives) wasn’t at least told in whispers like a campfire story. To show that the Empire could lose.

Maybe they aren’t ready to cross the games over into live action. But honestly to have them so closely linked. Somebody must have studied the hell out of the Fallen Order map. I recognised a plant – a plant! – that I had swum past when I was looking in all corners to make sure I didn’t miss any chests.

Also no shields on the place? Even though five years earlier Cal busted in and flooded a bunch? Talk about not learning from mistakes if one stray blaster bolt still shatters windows…

Bail Organa is… I have always appreciated the hell out of him. In his position of privilege it would have been easy to do nothing but without him the rebellion would have had no ships, no resources.

He was the one that went to the Jedi temple to help when it was burning. He saved Yoda. He loved Leia and raised her to be the strong, incredible leader and good person that she was.

(Side note: how incredible was Leia at 10 years old to hold out against an Inquisitor in interrogation? Scared, with the promise of going home, but just like her father taught her, Leia wouldn’t take the easy path and sacrifice others. She wouldn’t talk and I am impressed.)

I don’t know if Bail in the senate made any difference during the Empire years but I certainly remember how much he tried during the Clone Wars. He always tried to do what was best.

I’m watching Kenobi and like so much of this show is a gut punch which is why I am so behind on it. But Bail Organa just got me again with that holo message. He is obviously devastated. He thinks he got Obi-Wan killed and that his daughter is dead. But his first thought is that Luke will be in danger.

Bail isn’t a Jedi. He’s not a soldier. But “Owen will need help” and so Bail is going to go to Tattooine. Mourning his daughter he’ll risk everything for another child of Anakin Skywalker and his old friend Padme.

He always tries to do what is right and I am just in awe of that. What a guy.

Ok so I am finally watching the Book of Boba Fett. I know I don’t why it took me so long either. Spoons for new things are hard to find.

Anyway I have 2 episodes left so the other day I saw “Return of the Mandalorian” and first of all what the actual fuck? It’s the Boba Fett show and he didn’t appear??? Credit only in his own show? I am appalled! Like Mando has his own show so just like what? No! Why? Wrong so very wrong.

Second. That ship is NOT at all practical. Yeah it goes fast but the cockpit is tiny. Mando is a Bounty Hunter – Bounty! – so where is he supposed to put his captives? He had a cryofreeze chamber ala Han Solo on the Razor Crest. Plus you know somewhere to sleep, store extra weapons, make food etc. – it was a home. It’s like trading a I don’t know mobile home with a trailer hitched to it, for a 2 door convertible sports car where the engine takes up the backseat/boot. Like that is great for the track but it’s not a car to do the grocery run in. That fighter ship is cool to mess around in for a few hours, but it can’t be comfy for spending days in space. I mean if nothing else there’s no bathroom. You’d get cramp just sitting there unable to stand up.

So yeah I am annoyed at the lack of logic.

And also poor Boba Fett being sidelined in his own show.

So the new Obi-Wan Kenobi came for the throat with the feels huh?

I mean I figured from the point in the timeline it would be painful but I underestimated. Ouch.

I’ve only watched episode 1. I was going to watch both but I think I need time to recover. That was a lot.


Ok having thoroughly spoiled myself for the Mandalorian I’m going to go watch it.

Not going to lie, present feeling is a bit sad that it wasn’t Ezra Bridger.

I just want my Rebels family back.

I will ramble later with actual impressions once I’ve seen it.

Bloody hell.

Gifs did not do that justice. I was thoroughly spoiled and damn that was still intense. The tension with the pacing and the music was incredible. Huge kudos to the production team.

Seriously that segment with Luke Skywalker taking out the Dark Troopers was AMAZING. Like pure Jedi badassary very cool.

I wish he had introduced himself though as it didn’t look like Cara recognised him offhand, but I bet she’d know the name of the Red Pilot that blew up the Death Star!

Grogu looked so afraid when the Dark Troopers came back and Mando swore to get him to safety, like he knew they were all going to die. Then he perked right up when Luke got there. The two of them about broke my heart though with Grogu’s little hand reaching for Mando’s face and Mando taking his helmet off and tearing up a bit and promising to see him again.

It was right that Grogu went and he wanted to go but it’s still heart rending.

What the hell was that teaser at the end with Boba and Fennec taking over Jabba’s old palace? Like are they being the new crime lords of Tattooine now? It was cool but weird. Wasn’t expecting it. But I guess they’d teased as much as they wanted about season 3 with the ? about Mando having the dark saber and Bo-Katan needing to earn it back.

I still kinda wish it had been Ezra because we still don’t know what happened to him, also it wouldn’t have required any kind of CGI as it would have been a new actor. Having it be Luke was hella cool for the general audience though who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise have known who Ezra was.

I’m hoping if they are doing more of Mandalore in season 3 we might get Sabine Wren. Please, pretty please.

OMG I’m behind on the Mandalorian.


I must catch up immediately!

This isn’t the Sabine and Ahsoka adventure to find Ezra that I’d dreamed (and seriously how can this be the MANDALORIAN series and not have Sabine in it???) but man I’ll take any Ahsoka content that is going.

Please more fan service. I would sell my soul for a series (animated or live action I don’t mind) that bridged the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Not going to lie I miss Hera, I want to see Jacen Syndulla grown-up. Show us the origin stories for how the Resistance formed.

Think about it, why is the Clone Wars so beloved? (I don’t know for sure, just speculating here). Because it expands on characters we knew but didn’t get much time with. It really shows Palpatine’s evil too, makes me care so much for the clones, even made me appreciate Jar Jar a bit (the character development was seriously amazing). The sequel trilogy could get the same treatment. Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Admiral Holden (could do the bad guys too like clone wars did with Ventress, Maul and Opress, could have Phasma and Hux etc.)

Then fan service by bringing in the old Rebels. I miss my Ghost Crew.

#I know I’ve said this before#seriously this post started off with me going ahhhh over Ahsoka finally showing up in the Mandalorian#and then I got greedy and started thinking about how much more I’d like#because Ghost crew

Rogue One always makes me cry a little.

I know it’s realistic for good guys to get killed, I just hate it.

I always start sniffing when the space battle begins and I start mentally counting how many fighters the rebels are losing 🙁 it’s not just the main characters that saddens me, it’s everyone. They are all fighting for the same cause and just yeah, it makes me sad 🙁

Usually I cheer when they take out those two star destroyers but I must be extra sappy tonight because all I could think was even more death. Honestly it was very brave imo for them to make a movie where the tagline could have been “pretty much everyone dies” or “we’ll spend two hours making you care about them and then kill them all”.

In less depressing news I’ve decided I want a Bail Organa movie because this guy is a legend.

– Coruscant is in flames. Everything is confusing. He instantly acts to protect the Jedi, reaching out to try to warn them.
– He picks up Yoda and Obi-Wan. He personally rescues Yoda the second time fresh from his battle with Palpatine.
– While doing all of this bold as brass he goes to the senate chamber, right in the heart of Palpatine’s power.
– He offers without hesitation to adopt Leia, even though at that point he had no idea whether Vader/Palpatine would be hunting for the kids or not. There was a definite possibility it would put a target on his back.
– He’s obviously an instrumental part of the rebellion/alliance as seen in Rogue One and he raised Leia to be well – Leia, as awesome as we know her.
– I don’t know much about his background or what is even canon anymore outside the movies, but in the movies he seems to just be a politician? I think it’s important that he’s not a fighter. He doesn’t have the skills to pick up a gun and take down the bad guys but he still does whatever he possibly can.

Bail Organa guys.

You know they could even combine it with a Obi-Wan movie during the Tatooine years and the formation of the Rebel Alliance. I’ll just try and ignore the fate of Bail Organa and Alderaan as honestly him leaving Yavin 4 for Alderaan knowing what’s going to happen soon after 🙁 🙁

You know when I watched Star Wars a few years back the main point that stuck with me was how I didn’t agree with the Jedi that love was bad. I read a fair bit of “Anakin didn’t go dark but grey” fanfic. I like the idea of love being strength, of giving reason to the fight. Loving someone might make a person vulnerable but corruption isn’t mandatory. People can care and still do the right thing.

Watching Attack of the Clones tonight I’m cringing at how I could ever have sympathised with Anakin. He is creepy, arrogant, entitled. I can see how some of it was caused by the rigidity of the Jedi (I think taking young kids from their families and expecting them to cut all ties is awful) but Obi-Wan seems like a good role model. Perhaps not as tough as he should be he just reprimands Anakin, but still there’s no excuse really for Anakin’s behaviour. I know Palpatine has been whispering in his ear but that doesn’t excuse Anakin’s personality.

I think I have to join the club of people who wonder why Padme fell for Anakin. Seriously she starts the movie with “Don’t look at me like that it makes me uncomfortable” and he doesn’t stop. How do they go from that to marriage? Plus Anakin out and out says he thinks a dictatorship is best. Although with that Padme thought he was joking :/

Makes me wonder if there’s a middle ground, a way to humanise the Jedi without excusing Anakin for his gross behaviour. I mean seriously “you are in my very soul tormenting me” yuck.

Although I can’t forget that from this pairing (which I am coming close to declaring a Notp) comes the legend of Leia.

Can’t give that up 🙂