So I finished watching season 3 of the Mandalorian last night. I am terrible about getting round to things but I made a point to finish it in case it was relevant to Ahsoka.

There was that line about “Thrawn’s return” and at least one, maybe two, of this “shadow council” (aka Imperial infrastructure that doesn’t want to lose their fiefdom to the new republic) seem to want Thrawn to come back and run the show.

Now also in prep for Ahsoka I read the Thrawn trilogy that is canon (I understand that there are more but I believe they are legacy?). In the novels they made it pretty clear that the Empire was racist. There was one line about how the separatist worlds were mostly non-human and that’s why there’s so much bad feeling in the first novel. I guess they had to try and explain why the Empire is like 99% human.

Anyway people disliked Thrawn for being alien, even more so with the authority he came to wield and so quick with the promotions. People that worked with him a lot respected his abilities (like the crew of his ship) but again in the novels other admirals etc. seemed to think the stories of Thrawn were exaggerated/that it had been his human crew who deserved the credit and Thrawn was coasting etc. Regardless even if he was respected for being a genius the fact that he failed so utterly at Lothal and got vanished by space whales (purrgil) should have eroded that respect and made him a laughing stock no? I mean if he’d come back quick and taught Lothal a lesson that would be one thing, but he hasn’t been seen/heard from since (like 6+ years I think?).

Moff Gideon is obviously a terrible person but he was right in ridiculing Thrawn’s return as logic says Thrawn is either dead, or so powerless as to be not important, or he’s returned to his own people/isn’t an Empire player anymore. So I am curious as to why the 1-2 imperial officers in that “shadow council” were such staunch Thrawn supporters?

Could Thrawn already have been in contact with them? It might seem odd for them not to admit that when challenged but Thrawn likes to take advantage of peoples overconfidence. Ahsoka trailer referred to Thrawn as “heir to the Empire” so… maybe some kind of game? Though I am very curious as to how he spun his definitely not chosen exile, and very worried for what happened to Ezra.

I’m watching The Mandalorian Season 3 (I know I am late) but I am bothered by several things this episode.

1) the unfortunately realistic amnesty of scientists which is uncomfortably close to what happened post-WW2. Like the Empire was so big they had to give a lot of Imperials a pass as they couldn’t imprison half the Galaxy but where is the line drawn? The amnesty seemed to apply to people who stayed with Empire remnants. I don’t know I just have a “what about justice for their victims?” kind of disquiet because of that scene with the Coruscant elite.

Tell me that was supposed to be disturbing with the guy going “republic? Empire? Rebels? What’s the diff? Who can keep up?” because life was forever a gravy train for him. Because it was seriously disturbing. And having Pershing address that packed auditorium was uncomfortable both for the platform it gave him given his crimes, but also for the performative gratitude towards the mercy of the New Republic which felt icky. Like an adopted kid having to be grateful for their food and housing. Like no if it’s the right thing to do, no need to fawn over doing the right thing.

I don’t know the whole thing is just like slippery slope doom feeling. I mean if they want to hint beyond what we already know as to why the New Republic failed then good job.

2) the naming of these amnesty scientists with numbers. Like whaaaat? Why? That’s stripping humanity. The clones had numbers and took names because they were people and deserved an identity. Why are they taking that from these people they are claiming to be helping? So wrong. I get they are dealing with a lot of people and social security numbers make sense but that’s for a database – not to address them. Use their names dammit.

3) the obvious terror of this mind flayer. Like dress it up all you want. It’s clearly the same tech and crucially it’s involuntary. And they did it without listening to him, by trusting another amnesty person. No investigation. This messes with his mind and they just overruled him like he has no rights. Ok so he’s a prisoner/on probation but that shouldn’t matter. There should still be basic rights otherwise how is the republic better than the empire? Let him choose this treatment or prison. Give him information about it. Let him have time to think. Not wake him up from being stunned/arrested and then zap. So wrong.

I can’t believe this is what Leia and Hera and my beloved rebels fought for. No wonder they left for the Resistance.


Ok having thoroughly spoiled myself for the Mandalorian I’m going to go watch it.

Not going to lie, present feeling is a bit sad that it wasn’t Ezra Bridger.

I just want my Rebels family back.

I will ramble later with actual impressions once I’ve seen it.

Bloody hell.

Gifs did not do that justice. I was thoroughly spoiled and damn that was still intense. The tension with the pacing and the music was incredible. Huge kudos to the production team.

Seriously that segment with Luke Skywalker taking out the Dark Troopers was AMAZING. Like pure Jedi badassary very cool.

I wish he had introduced himself though as it didn’t look like Cara recognised him offhand, but I bet she’d know the name of the Red Pilot that blew up the Death Star!

Grogu looked so afraid when the Dark Troopers came back and Mando swore to get him to safety, like he knew they were all going to die. Then he perked right up when Luke got there. The two of them about broke my heart though with Grogu’s little hand reaching for Mando’s face and Mando taking his helmet off and tearing up a bit and promising to see him again.

It was right that Grogu went and he wanted to go but it’s still heart rending.

What the hell was that teaser at the end with Boba and Fennec taking over Jabba’s old palace? Like are they being the new crime lords of Tattooine now? It was cool but weird. Wasn’t expecting it. But I guess they’d teased as much as they wanted about season 3 with the ? about Mando having the dark saber and Bo-Katan needing to earn it back.

I still kinda wish it had been Ezra because we still don’t know what happened to him, also it wouldn’t have required any kind of CGI as it would have been a new actor. Having it be Luke was hella cool for the general audience though who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise have known who Ezra was.

I’m hoping if they are doing more of Mandalore in season 3 we might get Sabine Wren. Please, pretty please.

I have been screaming about Mando picking up his damn jet pack. Like seriously! It’s driving me mad. He could have flown to get the Child so I guess that’s why he didn’t have it. But seriously did he pick it up afterwards? It’s driving me mad.

Also Fennec is so badass and Boba. Like I particularly like how badass Boba was because he started life as a clone. I like the feeling that Cody and Rex and the rest of the 501st and other clone troopers would have made mince meat of the stormtroopers. I know technically clones were the first stormtroopers but training and armour got a lot worse over time. I remember Rex complaining in Rebels about it when he stole stormtrooper armour for a mission.

Also hilarious that Mando tried to force his way through the force field 3x. Like you got thrown back twice, why did you think that would work? Such a supportive dad though, wanting to find his son’s people who will take good care of him.

That damn jet pack though. It bugs me.