The End of the Beginning

What an episode. I had hope that everything would turn out ok but I wasn’t sure. It was hope, not certainty and my gut was kinda churning, I didn’t know what kind of firestorm would be happening. However, holding out for a Rumbelle happy ending was right – they got their happy ending or rather a happy beginning.

I typed up notes while I was watching as if it were a regular episode but it’s not really is it? Yes there’s a season seven (and wow do I have all the questions) but this felt very much like an ending. It could very well have been the end of the show and it was finished off well. If they hadn’t got picked up they would have exorcised the scenes with Lucy to remove the teasers for season seven, and that would have been that.

Spoilers for 6.21/6.22 The Final Battle under the cut.

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Sing-off Bro, You and Me

I have two schools of thought on this episode and basically my conclusion is that I’m really sad that they made it canon. I wish that they hadn’t done it as episode 20 because so much is happening, there wasn’t time for a diversion like this, they needed to concentrate on the plot. I wanted to enjoy it for what it was but I couldn’t because – canon.

Spoilers for 6.20 The Song in Your Heart under the cut.

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The Two Saviors

Wow I think I ended up quoting half the episode in my notes. I knew I loved The Black Fairy and now I know why, I’m hoping we’re going to get a lot of parallel gifsets because they weren’t shy about drawing attention to how similar Rumple and his mother were in their choices. They both started with the best of intentions and then it all went downhill from there.

Spoilers for 6.19 The Black Fairy under the cut.

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Time for a group-hug

I honestly thought when I saw the promo it was going to be time travel. I’m so relieved that it was just a flashback because time travel is a headache. Anyway, there were some not so great moments in this episode but as I try and be positive, I’m just going to ignore those and celebrate the good.

Spoilers under the cut for 6.17 Awake.

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Hope you aren’t afraid of spiders

I was afraid when I first saw this title that the Black Fairy was going to get Rumple’s dagger and turn him into her ‘helper’. With the sheer number of people that have got their hands on Rumple’s dagger lately, that didn’t seem impossible and I’ve never been more glad to be wrong. Anyway, onward to the actual review!

Spoilers for 6.16 Mother’s Little Helper under the cut.

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Searching for gold dust

6.15 A Wondrous Place was a Hook-centric so it was never going to be in my list of top favorite episodes. That being said I’m very much of the opinion that if I don’t have anything nice to say then why spread the misery? It would be better to remain silent. So I’m not going to go on about the many issues in this episode. Hook’s entitled behavior with “Sorry isn’t good enough” was an indicator of how this was going to go and it really didn’t get any better. Anyway, I’m going to try and pick out anything that was good and there were some things.

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A Journey of Self-Acceptance

There was no Rumple or Belle and very little Gideon in tonight’s episode. However, it was a Regina-centric and she is my second favorite character. I seriously love her. Anyway I will probably go on a little bit, because I have a lot of feelings about this episode, but first does anyone know any Regina gifmakers? I feel the need for a parallel between Regina saying she doesn’t regret her choice in last nights episode, with when Regina said she had no regrets because her life led her to Henry back in Neverland.

Spoilers under the cut and above I guess. I’ve tagged for spoilers so yeah – onward!

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The hero they deserve

6.13 Ill-Boding Patterns is going to be up there in the hall of fame of top episodes. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an episode quite as much as this since season two. It was amazing. Finally Rumple in all his glory being shown on screen. Anyway, usual drill, spoilers under the cut as I go on a lot about everything that happened.

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Fathers and Sons

Right this shouldn’t be as long as last weeks due to the episode focus. However, I’m me so I still have apparently quite a lot to say. I’m actually going to do something that feels a little strange. I’m going to say something positive about Hook, or more accurately his storyline. Spoilers for episode 6.12 – Murder Most Foul under the cut.

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The Hiatus is Over

Like the title says, the hiatus is over and that is true in more ways than one. I haven’t really blogged all that much since Once went on hiatus, so this blog kinda did as well. Now, the show is back, my review posts are back. So spoilers for 6.11 – Tougher than the Rest under the cut.

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