MIA Achievements and More

I love achievements, that’s pretty much why I play the game or at least what I spent most of my playtime working towards. I wrote in another post a long time ago, when blizz first brought out account wide achievements, that I thought they’d missed out on including some. Well it’s not just account wide achievements that are missing, there are other achievements that I think they could have added.

Blizz said in a blue post somewhere that they didn’t want to add achievements for the sake of having them, that they wanted achievements to mean something. Considering some of the achievements that are in game I’ll take that statement with a pinch of salt, or at least assume that we aren’t on the same page about what ‘means something’. Then again I love achievements, and I suppose they make the system for people that don’t care for them too.

Anyway, this is just a list of achievements that I think should be in game and that aren’t. Let me know if I’ve missed any.

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Since the last post 5.2 has dropped and I’ve been busy with that, I’ve also been busy with a hell of a lot of raiding. I can now add to my T14 retrospective the seven fights that I hadn’t seen back then. We’ve also started on Throne and have got the first two bosses down, making progress on the third and it’s exciting, and really awesome, to be part of a proper progression team. I’ve also got into PvP a bit, my new raid leader likes to PvP and agreed to run some arenas with me for fun. I’ve never really done this before and it’s really nice to see another aspect of the game, it’s hard and we’re losing as much as we’re winning, but it takes practice.

The one downside, in fact the only downside that I can see, in Mists is that it’s such a time sink. I had been gearing my Brewmaster Monk up, and had got 5/6 MSV with it, but I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do all I want on my main and keep alts, or even one alt, well geared. My friends can do it, I know more than one person who has at least 3 alts 485+ ilevel and probably more. However, most of what they do in game is the gear treadmill. I find that quite repetitive and boring. I’ve never liked gear for itself, more for what it allows me to do, therefore the acquisition of it is a necessary evil rather than enjoyable in itself. Hence why I’ve decided to drop my alts. Oh I’ll still level them all to 90, and I’ll still play them (and therefore gear them slightly as a side effect) but I won’t play them to gear, I’ll play them just to have fun.

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The Direbrew Dilemma

For the last three days, since September 25th became the day, players have been speculating on what would happen to Brewfest. Well, last night the blues posted their answer which was that it was going to be upgraded for level 90. Now Brewfest starts on the 20th so Coren Direbew would be inaccessible for five days, it ends on the 5th giving players 10 days to kill him. The catch is you have to be level 89 in order to queue for him, meaning those 10 days aren’t kill opportunities but levelling time. As blizz have stated that they want people to stop and smell the roses, and won’t allow flying until level 90 to better facilitate this, there was predictable outrage at this mixed message.

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Another look at account achievements

The other day Ghostcrawler made a post about account wide achievements. I wrote about these, what I wanted to see, and what I was scared about, just a couple of days after Mists Monday in March. However, this new information, while it’s not concrete as it’s still beta, is a lot more specific than the speculation we had before, and therefore needs looking at again.

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Solo United Nations

In Cataclysm guild achievements were introduced and one of these was United Nations (55 exalted reputations). Now this was supposed to be a group effort but in the early days of cata this achievement was bugged, rather than taking everybody’s exalted reputations, removing duplicates and that being the number, it just went off whoever had the most exalted reputations. Some guilds still got this achievement before it was fixed as it is possible to solo. When Mists comes out part of this has the potential to be irrelevant. New factions will be introduced and these will (in all likelihood) be easier to max out than some of the vanilla factions. So I’ll break the guide up into difficulty level.

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Account Wide Achievements and the Sands of Time

Mists beta is out! Mists beta is out! *Jumps up and down* I thought it would be within a month but just days after monday is so cool. No invite for me yet so I’ll have to be patient and remember a watched pot never boils. Refreshing my battle.net account every 5 minutes won’t make the invite come any faster, it’ll probably be days/weeks before it comes. I do suck at being patient though.

Being an achievement nut achievements are a big deal to me. When it was announced that achievements might be going account wide I wasn’t sure what to feel. It was troubling that’s for sure as if it wasn’t implemented right then it could mess a lot up. As I promised on Mists Monday achievements get their own post as they are the most important part of warcraft to me. However, the post wasn’t long enough on it’s own and another topic I’ve been meaning to write about for a while is the effect of time on achievements. All of this after the break.

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