7.01 – Hyperion Heights (Review)

NEW OTP – Henry and Jacinda/Cinderella aka GlassBeliever.

New favorite character – I utterly love Cinderella/Jacinda.

She is so badass. Like in present day she stood up to her jerk boss. She was so close to crying and giving in but she stayed true to herself and that took tremendous strength. What showed even more strength was when she swallowed her pride and went back at the end. She did it because it was the right thing to do for her daughter, because family is more important. Honestly I couldn’t love her anymore than I do.

Henry and Jacinda have so much chemistry! He was totally disarmed and dumbstruck. I know that’s party because ‘oooh pretty girl’ but I think it’s also that he’s come to expect certain things. There are storylines and they follow certain paths and Jacinda defies expectations. She is totally her own person and to borrow from Belle – nobody chooses her fate. So like his grandfather before him, he just can’t help but fall in love with this amazing woman.

I liked Regina/Roni playing matchmaker by giving the ‘two kids’ a drink and it was funny at the irony of Henry saying to Regina “imagine if I walked in and said I was your son” because duh 🙂

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