Reputation Dailies: Good or Bad?

I have never seen as much QQ probably because I avoid the forums, as I can’t stand the QQ. People are saying the game is doomed, that subs will half, that they’ll quit, all because reputation is got by dailies now and not in dungeons. Is this a good or bad change? Well that rather depends on your point of view.

I have a certain opinion on this obviously and so it’s hard not to be biased towards my opinion. So this is going to be a bit of an exercise in creative thinking for me. Can I see it from the other perspective? Well I’m going to try.

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Solo United Nations

In Cataclysm guild achievements were introduced and one of these was United Nations (55 exalted reputations). Now this was supposed to be a group effort but in the early days of cata this achievement was bugged, rather than taking everybody’s exalted reputations, removing duplicates and that being the number, it just went off whoever had the most exalted reputations. Some guilds still got this achievement before it was fixed as it is possible to solo. When Mists comes out part of this has the potential to be irrelevant. New factions will be introduced and these will (in all likelihood) be easier to max out than some of the vanilla factions. So I’ll break the guide up into difficulty level.

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