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🌍What tags or warnings will your / one of your wip(s) need if you intend to share it?

Oh thank you! ❤️

3) 🌍What tags or warnings will your / one of your wip(s) need if you intend to share it?

Ok for my original novel series I intend for it to be I don’t know “T rated”. I think of the TV that I like which doesn’t shy away from sensitive topics but isn’t generally gratuitous with the violence, sex or swearing. The term “family friendly” has got bad connotations these days so I’m not keen on applying that label. Also if the characters need to say “fuck” then they will (I mean it is an apocalypse). It’s not about sanitising it’s about not being distracting. I’m not a fan when characters say “fuck” practically every other word as (to me, in my opinion) it loses emphasis and is then just irritating. I think I can tell the story without leaning on cheap techniques for shock value. But we’ll see I guess.

For tags (as opposed to warnings) then: portal fantasy, queer characters/slow burn romance, military science fiction, magic and aliens, saving the world, prejudice, fear, found family and friendship. That kind of thing.

Now with the art that would obviously depend on the piece but never any warnings. I have no interest personally in drawing sexy art or anything like that. No shade on those who do and maybe I will get the inspiration in the future but it’s not on my list now. Anyway for tags so varied because it covers all the fandoms, my ships, characters. I will do canon, I will do AU.

To pick a specific art piece because aside from the Librarians exchange I am not actively tossing any ideas from my list around at the moment (and my exchange piece is supposed to be secret). Oh! There’s the painting I want to do for the Mother’s Day card. Mum and I usually once a year (though last year was the first since 2019) go to the seaside and play crazy golf. So I was thinking of painting a dog with a club in its mouth, the pirate flag fluttering behind (it’s a pirate themed course) and the caption something like “can I use my paw or tail instead?” and then an IOU inside for a trip out when it opens in the spring/better weather. So tag for fluff, dog, bad humour lol. I don’t know.

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Hello! For the Procrastination Game: 🍄, 🖍,🤔, and ❤️, please! 🙂

Thank you! ❤️ As I said in the ask before I didn’t realise this was quite so fic focused. I just love asks and I really needed to ramble today. So I am incredibly grateful for you guys letting me. It’s being a day and this is a great distraction.

As I said before I can do original novel (vaguely) and art so yeah.

2) 🍄Describe your wip/one of your wips in the format of “___ + ___ =___”

My original novel is probably Stargate + Enchanted Forest (only) Once Upon a Time = well isn’t that just the thing? So = original novel.

For the art… 🤔 how about Ambition + Reality = Fear. Sorry I know, not so positive. How about Dreams + Hope = Desire. I don’t know. I haven’t decided what I am doing for the Librarians exchange piece. I am considering Dancing + Hearteyes but that’s a bit too cliche. I am still thinking.

7) 🖍Post Any sentence from your wip

Covered this in the other ask.

9) 🤔What’s a story you’d love to write but haven’t even started yet?

For original novels I am a little bit terrible at writing first drafts of Book Ones (so starting the verse) and so I have half a dozen going. In terms of one I haven’t actually written yet 🤔 maybe the spaceship rebel civil war, or perhaps the bodyguard romantic suspense, or maybe the archaeological treasure hunt. Honestly I have more ideas than I could write in 10 years. It’s kinda sad because I get new ideas too and I will just never get to them all.

For art I swear I have an even longer project list. I want to draw everything. I have a huge fandom list, like a few dozen ideas. Most just single scenes but I have some thoughts of a handful of panels comic strips. I dream of drawing illustrations for my original novels and perhaps even a graphic novel one day! In terms of specific ideas well I think I have mentioned a few times a Burn Notice Seven and Raffi scene. I picked up a bunch of prompts from last years “Year of the OTP” (is that running again? I should check) like I think I had Ancient Greece Sanctuary, and an Ancient Egypt Bering and Wells. I have a bunch.

12) ❤️Not a question, just a second kudos to send.

Thank you 🥰

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Ask Game for writers: 1, 7, 10. 😀

In which I should have read this more carefully 🤣 I saw it was about WIPs and didn’t realise it was so fic focused. I guess I could answer this two ways. I could convert it to art which is fandom, or I could vague talk my original novels. Maybe both? 🤔

1) 🦈Tell us the name of your/ one of your WIP(s)

Hmm well I don’t want to share the name of my original novel 🫣 I know I probably should but I get afraid about it. I sort of put up a division between “personal fan me” and “career me”. Not that I have a career (yet) but I can dream.

As for art well that doesn’t have names exactly, and also I don’t have WIPs in the same way. I have a list of ideas and I tend to take one, and finish it, rather than juggle several projects like I did fanfic.

I am currently signed up to the Librarians Exchange and I will be making something for that. I probably shouldn’t talk about that though because of the whole ‘secret’ gifter thing.

I would like to pick one idea off the list and say “I’ll do that next” and talk about it but truthfully what I am hoping to do is practice basic techniques. I spoke about this earlier with my frustration at being stuck with the ‘tracing’ and wanting to do it properly. I don’t know if I will be able to ‘teach myself’ to any level so that I can use it for the exchange. I mean I have had literal years to do so and not got anywhere with it so far 🤷‍♂️ I got a new sketchbook (because clearly the half dozen I already had weren’t enough) but maybe this time I will commit. I got some erasable coloured pencils and sketching in purple seems very fun so 🤞

7) 🖍Post Any sentence from your wip

As said I can’t really do this. I wish I had some kind of sketch to show, but again as I said art “WIPs” are more just ideas unless I am mid-project and I’m not right now.

To make up for not answering this I have picked another question for you.

11) 🛠Is there a scene or anything in the WIP you are struggling with right now?

For my original novel quite a lot of things 😂 but description is usually the hardest part. I can see it in my head but it’s so clunky when I try and write it down. Way too much frowning or smiling going on lol. I am trying to use more body language and less dialogue tags but I need to find more variety in it.

For the art it’s like I said I have my current process of bashing together a bunch of different references. Sometimes this includes selfies when I am struggling to get limb angles to match what’s in my imagination, but it just doesn’t work. It’s a) botched together so a lot of the angles are just slightly off/mismatched and it is unnatural and b) so stiff with no flow/life. It has zero style.

10) 🤡How many Wips are you actively working on?

Well I am actively drafting one original novel. I have benched the redraft I am ¼ of the way through, the first draft I need to reboot, the first draft I am only about 70% finished with, and the first draft I only wrote a bit of (I think that covers them 🤔). But really it’s just the one for “actively working on”.

For art… well I can’t lose sight of the gift exchange. I’m wondering if I should pick up ‘Sketch a Day’ again. I definitely want to do the 100 heads challenge. I got a copy of the Loomis Method book (heads and hands) and I think I should go through that. Same with Hamptons book (figure drawing). I was doing some screenshot redraws from “What If?” as I adore that art style. I can’t seem to pick a medium (paint, pencils, markers, ink) and so there’s so many options for rendering practice. It’s a bit overwhelming to be honest all of everything I want to work on.

Thanks for the ask ❤️

In other rambling type news today is the 10th anniversary of me falling in love with Stargate.

I had watched the first 3 episodes 11 years ago last month, but I had decided I didn’t like it as I was so mad about Kawalsky. Then we got Prime Video ‘for free’ (as we already had Prime) and I wanted to test it out. Stargate was the only thing I recognised so I stuck it on and the rest is history.

It’s shaped a lot of my life actually. Sam Carter such a role model. But the whole Ancients thing, the portal to other worlds – Atlantis, the whole team exploring and fighting aliens. I actually have developed an original novel series picking up some of these concepts (it’s also super fun for fanfic crossovers). I’m not the only one either. One of my favourite novel series (Dragon Gate) the author is open about Stargate being an inspiration.

Anyway I remember very specifically that it was February 26th because I watched 2 episodes, and was partway into a third when I went “oh shit” as I was supposed to raid Siege of Orgrimmar (Warcraft Mists expansion) and I hadn’t left enough time to get my dinner. It was going to be a case of eating with one hand when clearing trash. I had just got it out of the oven when mum came home, and the phone rang, and it was the care home to say my Grandpa had died.

So yes sorry for just dropping that in there, but today is 10 years since my Grandpa passed. Possibly why I am being quite so introspective and maudlin because how has it been 10 years? It doesn’t feel real. He had dementia and so he was gone a long time before he was gone, but I still miss him 🙁

Obviously I didn’t raid that night (or eat dinner). I went with mum to the care home to tell Grandma and to deal with everything. To this day I can’t eat oven fish or wedges (what I had cooked for dinner). The very smell of it just takes me back there. It’s quite good that Stargate didn’t suffer the same fate. Instead I watched it fairly obsessively. I think I finished all 10 seasons by that summer and got them all on DVD (thank you eBay) so they could always be mine.

I don’t know if it’s coincidence or my subconscious but I started a bit of a Stargate rewatch end of last month.

10 years. Hard to believe.

Something I don’t see talked about (and yes I know that’s a loaded opening sentence but I have feelings so I’m going to ramble) is how it feels to come to art late.

Like people throw out examples like George Clooney being 40 or something? Or Samuel L Jackson, or you know there are many, of people who came into something older and then were fantastic at it. It’s like a “it’s never too late” reassurance and ok cool, cool, but that doesn’t really help.

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OMG 😱🫣 my usual “open tumblr in incognito mode” to send anons for gift exchange doesn’t work anymore! It says I have to login. Oh man. The paranoia is going to be so real 😬

The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Nine and Thirty

So yesterday I didn’t get any words as I had to come up with an idea for Episode 4. I needed to know what I was writing before I could write, and like Episode 3 before it, it took all day to wrangle an idea into enough form to move forward.

Which left just today to get the last 3k to win.

So I did win. And by win I mean I hit the 50k.

When I won it told me it was my 10th NaNo win and I didn’t think that was correct. I mean I’ve been taking part on/off since 2007 so it was definitely possible but I knew I’d failed quite a few times, and so ten? But I just went through and it’s right. I got the 50k in 08, 09, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 (quite a run there), 2020, 2022 and then finally this year 2023.

But did I win really?

What I wanted more than anything this month was to rediscover my love of writing and from that perspective it was an epic failure. I didn’t hate every single minute of it. I do love the idea, and coming up with the various episode plots was alternately frustrating but then satisfying (as idea generation is apt to be). But the actual writing just did not flow well. I felt like every word was shit. I know the old “can’t fix a blank page” but it’s demoralising to not feel any kind of rush. To just be like drek. I didn’t capture the spirit I wanted at all.

Anyway what I ended up with is the first three episodes of a serial drafted, with the first three scenes of Episode 4 also drafted and part of an outline for the rest of the episode. I have character notes, some notes on the general arc of the season and what the villain wants etc. but that’s about it. So basically it’s a start and as always there’s a long way to go.

I did like attempting to write the serial. I definitely fell down mechanically in a few places as it was hard to capture on paper what I was imagining – as if a novel = a movie, then this is like watching TV episodes in my head. Now obviously TV can do cool things like have characters on the phone and flash back and forth between them. I am unsure if it’s even remotely possible to do that on paper. It was fun coming up with the various episode plots and I think it has the seeds of something. I’m not sure I have the skill to pull it off but maybe one day I’ll get there.

Words today: 3,257

Final NaNo total: 50,455

The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Seven and Day Twenty-Eight

So I didn’t do the report yesterday because I was in a bad headspace. I did get some words but I felt so wretched about them and everything. While I think it’s important to be honest about this process, which means not pretending it’s all sunshine and rainbows when it’s not, I don’t wish to spread negativity either.

Yesterday words: 1,082

Today I had a “just fuck it” moment and rambled a whole bunch of words. Yes they suck but I caught up to NaNo par. I also finished Episode Three of the serial which is terrible. Why? Because yet again I have nothing more planned and I am about 3k short of the NaNo 50k.

The obvious answer is to start Episode 4 but there’s the additional problem that tomorrow is Wednesday. That is chore day. I have to get groceries and that usually messes me up. I only have tomorrow and Thursday to both think of an idea and write 3k on it.

You know I don’t believe I have been both simultaneously so close, and yet so far, at this point in the month. What usually happens is that downward whoosh I have mentioned. So my final day is usually a huge word count. I would need to check past stats but I don’t believe I have ever been so consistently behind pace either. Although honestly I don’t really remember I have taken part in so many NaNo’s I might have had one like this before.

Anyway hopefully I will at least work out what to type the 3k on tomorrow, even if I have to try and hammer it out on the last day.

Words today: 3,319
Current total: 47,198

The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Six

Progress honestly feels glacial. I haven’t hit the whoosh headwind downward slope I expected. I think this is part of not feeling the joy that I wanted. I mean I do have a lot of love for my story, but I am battling the usual “this sucks” and it really does. I’m not sure my writing has ever been this bad. I don’t know how it keeps getting worse especially after I took all those craft notes to try and improve 😭

I am around 550 words behind NaNo pace. I am feeling the story out. Yes it will need totally rewriting but deep breath and all, trying not to let it bother me. It’s the devil on my shoulder talking, wondering why the 50k matters as it’s 50k of crap. The old “why am I bothering?” demon. I’m learning things, writing stuff and going “thats dumb”. Maybe that’s just my process. It’s not fun but I am not writing as regularly as I should so I guess it’s to be expected. I hope one day I will get in a groove again, it’s been years :/

Words today: 2,508
Current total: 42,797

The NaNo Report: Day Twenty-Five

I don’t seem to be having much luck with write-ins. I haven’t attended in years, even before they were suspended because of covid restrictions. The previous ML favoured this incredibly busy, insanely noisy coffee shop and I couldn’t cope. The new ML last year arranged a much better location but it was in a part of town I didn’t know, the parking wasn’t easy and I just couldn’t psych myself up enough to do it. This year the new new ML picked a third place and you know the old Goldilocks “just right” thing.

Anyway I went to the kick-off the week before NaNo. I didn’t make the first write-in as I was behind on words, forgot to arrange it with mum (she has to accompany me) and back to back weeks was a lot for me. Mum had guests the following week and couldn’t. Last week we tried to go and the road was flooded. We sat in traffic for hours and then came home. This week we got there to find the place was shut due to staff illness, so I just came home again.

Last week the unexpected change in plans threw me off and I didn’t get any words. I was worried that would happen again but this time mum got me started before she went back home. Once I have started, I can continue. It’s breaking through that initial resistance to start that is so difficult.

I’m not thrilled with what I wrote. I think the explosion description is dumb and probably not how physics works. But as I keep saying (as I need to hear it) this is a starting point. I hit yesterday’s par – the 40k! I am still about a day behind but especially with the energy from the ‘final push’ providing I can conjure enough story to write, it should (please don’t jinx myself) be absolutely fine.

Words today: 2,053
Current total: 40,289