MIA Achievements and More

I love achievements, that’s pretty much why I play the game or at least what I spent most of my playtime working towards. I wrote in another post a long time ago, when blizz first brought out account wide achievements, that I thought they’d missed out on including some. Well it’s not just account wide achievements that are missing, there are other achievements that I think they could have added.

Blizz said in a blue post somewhere that they didn’t want to add achievements for the sake of having them, that they wanted achievements to mean something. Considering some of the achievements that are in game I’ll take that statement with a pinch of salt, or at least assume that we aren’t on the same page about what ‘means something’. Then again I love achievements, and I suppose they make the system for people that don’t care for them too.

Anyway, this is just a list of achievements that I think should be in game and that aren’t. Let me know if I’ve missed any.

Dynamic Duo, Terrific Trio, Quintessential Quintet – A lot of achievements that were for Mists got put into Legacy, and new versions were made for Warlords. They didn’t do one for reaching max level on more than one character which I think is a shame.
A Class Act – Reach max level on every single class in the game.
An Alliance Class Act – Reach max level on every class for the Alliance
A Horde Class Act – Reach max level on every class for the Horde
Faction Ambassador – Reach max level with every single race
A Legendary Collection – Obtain every single accessible legendary account wide

Loremaster of Draenor – Obtain every zone and all bonus objective achievements.
Loremaster of the Alliance – Achieve Loremaster on an Alliance character
Loremaster of the Horde – Achieve Loremaster on a Horde character
Faction Lore – Achieve Loremaster on both Alliance and Horde

A Savage Opponent – Kill a Draenor Rare
Savage Challengers – Kill say 20 Draenor Rares
Savage! – Kill every rare currently on Draenor

Dungeons and Raids
Queue Hero – Complete 50 dungeons
Queue Master – Complete 100 dungeons
Queue Maestro – Complete 500 dungeons
Role Check – Complete at least one dungeon as a tank, healer and dps
Role Check Hero – Complete at least 50 dungeons on each role
Role Check Master – Complete at least 100 dungeons on each role
Classy Queuing – Complete at least one dungeon on every single class

Savage Chef – Learn 294 cooking recipes which is 2 less from what wowhead says are in the game, so it doesn’t require the almost unobtainable Dirge’s Chops or the Rogue tea.
A Fish a Day – Complete every single available daily quest from the garrison
I’m the Best there is – Recruit Nat Pagle as a follower
X Profession Acolyte – Learn 20% of the recipes (I’m not writing this out for all the professions. Obviously the 20% would be a number that was right for the profession e.g. wowhead says alchemy has 359 in total but blacksmithing has 790.)
X Profession Apprentice – Learn 50% of the recipes for each profession
X Profession Journeyman – Learn 75% of the recipes for each profession
X Profession Master – Learn 98% of the recipes (as there might need to be some leeway in case they are really rare/no longer obtainable)

75 Exalted Reputations – Raise 75 reputations to Exalted, I counted this should be possible in Warlords easily
Faction Pride – Complete Ambassador of the Alliance and Ambassador of the Horde
Shattered Friends – Earn exalted status with the Outland and equivalent Draenor factions e.g. the Arakkoa on both etc.

Proving Yourself: Bronze Class X – Complete bronze challenge on each class, separate achievement for each. I’m not writing out 11×3, that would be silly.
Proving Yourself: Silver Class X – Complete silver challenge on each class, separate achievement for each.
Proving Yourself: Gold Class X – Complete gold challenge on each class, separate achievement for each.
Proving Yourself: Class Master – Complete gold challenge on every class

Pet Battles
Raiding with Leashes: Pandaria Edition – Collect the 6 pets from the Mists raids

Five to go – Collect the 10 mounts that drop in dungeons
Portal Rides – Collect the 2 mounts that drop in TBC raids
The Frozen Saddle – Collect the 8 mounts that drop in Wrath raids
Shattered Bridles – Collect the 6 mounts that drop in Cata raids
Misty Friends – Collect the 4 mounts that drop in Mists raids
The Legendary Stable – Collect all the raid mounts from previous expansions

An Epic Group – Recruit/Raise 10 epic followers
An Epic Army – Recruit/Raise 20 epic followers
An Epic Force – Recruit/Raise 40 epic followers
Item Level Battalion – Raise 40 followers item levels to 650

…. and now for something more

New Transmog system
I’ve talked about this before and I just thought I’d now tie it to achievements. Basically I think blizz should do like a wardrobe unlock system, so once you loot a piece of gear, it’s permanently unlocked. No need for void storage, or the bank, it’s just unlocked on a giant list. As they know what quests you have completed they can make it retroactive by unlocking all quest gear.

They could make a system like MogIt, enhancing the ‘dressing room’ that they already have in game. Outfits could be designed, stored and then transmogged into with the click of a button. This would end the frustration of seeing the perfect look on an item, and then realising it was a quest reward vendored years ago. It would also enhance an already popular aspect of the game.

The Achievements would have the general tab and then subsections titled Classic, Burning Crusade, Lich King, Cataclysm, Pandaria and Draenor. Under each subsection would an achievement for every dungeon, dungeon difficulty if the models are different, every raid and every raid difficulty. This could have a list but more likely would be a number of transmoggable pieces lootable there. There would also be an achievement for the quests, again with a number of pieces able to be unlocked.

In the general tab there could be a huge number achievement for unlocking all the common items, rare items, epic items etc. or there could be specific achievements for unlocking all cloth, leather, plate, mail etc. There could be achievements for creating a number of outfits, for spending a certain amount transmogging gear. There could be an achievement for having every max level character in a transmog outfit. There could be an achievement for matching a mount and a pet to a certain outfit and using it. There are so many possibilities.

The Rewards
Some achievements aren’t just there, they offer rewards such as titles, mounts or pets for completing them. If I look back at the achievements I have suggested here, there are some which I think would have a reward if they were in game.

A Class Act – Title: Classy
Faction Ambassador – Mount: Like a goblin car but with the flag of every race on it
A Legendary Collection – Title: Legend
Faction Lore – Title: Historian
Queue Maestro – Title: the Joiner
Role Check Master – Mount: Token redeemable for the 120k yak or 120k gold (deserves something big)
Classy Queuing – Pet: A recolor Grunty the murloc marine or recolor Mini Thor as I think both are awesome and don’t have them.
X Profession Master – Title: the X Profession
75 Exalted Reputations – Title: the Peacekeeper
Proving Yourself: Gold Class X – Title: the X Class
Proving Yourself: Class Master – Mount: Swift Shadoweave Carpet (datamined but never implemented, gives non tailors access to this kind of mount)
Raiding with Leashes: Pandaria Edition – Pet: Baby Elegon or something
Five to go – Mount: Iron Warhorse (look on Warcraft Mounts unused, some cool looks)
Portal Rides – Mount: Armored Nether Drake
The Frozen Saddle – Mount: Bronze Dreadsteed
Shattered Bridles – Mount: Skywall Drake
Misty Friends – Mount: Black Kor’kron Proto-Drake
The Legendary Stable – Title: the Rider
An Epic Force – Toy: Access your command table anywhere
Item Level Battalion – Title: the Commander

Transmog achievements. Maybe for each expansion one new set of gear could be created, perhaps something that was seen in the cinematic but not available in game. For example Khadgar looks so cool now in Warlords, I would love to transmog my mage like that even though I don’t play him much but there’s no similar outfit in game. Then in the general tab, perhaps after spending a certain amount on transmog a title: the Fashion Icon or something.

Obviously I’m not blizzard, I can’t come up with catchy achievements or rewards but I did my best. I do think that they have missed out on putting some achievements in. Maybe I think that because they are things that I am either doing anyway, or might do if I had a little more incentive and I guess it’s like an extra reward. To be honest the strength of the game is in the huge back content that they have, they should leverage that some more and give people more reasons to keep going back and running it.

Now I know that some people don’t care for achievements, perhaps even the majority I don’t know but it doesn’t really cost blizz anything to implement them, and it might give some people more to do. Plus I really want a transmog system like the one I’ve thought of, I have no bank space – again.