Ok having thoroughly spoiled myself for the Mandalorian I’m going to go watch it.

Not going to lie, present feeling is a bit sad that it wasn’t Ezra Bridger.

I just want my Rebels family back.

I will ramble later with actual impressions once I’ve seen it.

Bloody hell.

Gifs did not do that justice. I was thoroughly spoiled and damn that was still intense. The tension with the pacing and the music was incredible. Huge kudos to the production team.

Seriously that segment with Luke Skywalker taking out the Dark Troopers was AMAZING. Like pure Jedi badassary very cool.

I wish he had introduced himself though as it didn’t look like Cara recognised him offhand, but I bet she’d know the name of the Red Pilot that blew up the Death Star!

Grogu looked so afraid when the Dark Troopers came back and Mando swore to get him to safety, like he knew they were all going to die. Then he perked right up when Luke got there. The two of them about broke my heart though with Grogu’s little hand reaching for Mando’s face and Mando taking his helmet off and tearing up a bit and promising to see him again.

It was right that Grogu went and he wanted to go but it’s still heart rending.

What the hell was that teaser at the end with Boba and Fennec taking over Jabba’s old palace? Like are they being the new crime lords of Tattooine now? It was cool but weird. Wasn’t expecting it. But I guess they’d teased as much as they wanted about season 3 with the ? about Mando having the dark saber and Bo-Katan needing to earn it back.

I still kinda wish it had been Ezra because we still don’t know what happened to him, also it wouldn’t have required any kind of CGI as it would have been a new actor. Having it be Luke was hella cool for the general audience though who wouldn’t necessarily otherwise have known who Ezra was.

I’m hoping if they are doing more of Mandalore in season 3 we might get Sabine Wren. Please, pretty please.