Ok so Season 1 of Ahsoka is over. I live rambled over every episode. I tried to find the good more than the bad. Although I definitely ranted a bit. These are characters that I love so much and seeing them again was cool – except when it wasn’t.

In my rambles I pointed out a few times when the dialogue was so on point that I could hear/see it in the animation. But that was pretty much exclusively in the banter department and when it came to major plot relevant times…. /sigh.

The actress that played Sabine was great. I don’t agree with what the story did to her, but I can’t argue with her effort. I even think she maybe studied the animation to get some of Sabine’s blaster combat style?

Thrawn’s real voice gave me chills. It’s a shame in a lot of ways we didn’t get that with Hera. While Hera’s actress did grow on me a bit as the season went on, I still miss animated Hera a lot :/

Ultimately I feel like there are two main points I am circling round.

1) however good Sabine’s actress was – this should still have been animated. I really tried to give live action a shot and yes I went mental seeing the Ghost, and Chopper was well-realised, but I had intense feelings for these characters in the animation. I would have gone feral for an animated season 5 of Rebels.

We only got to see the cockpit of the Ghost as it would have been too expensive to build more sets. If it was in the animation we could have had the entire ship again. Ahsoka could have been voiced as she always has been, which would have helped I think as I was not a fan of her actress’ portrayal. Although I suppose that could be unfair as she could only work with what she was given. C-3PO cameo was cool and all but an animated show could have given us General Leia for real. We could have had Zeb as no concerns about another character with intense make-up/prosthetics.

We could have had actual Kanan flashbacks…

Animation would have been superior.

2) would the writing/story direction have been better in the animated medium? That’s the other point because while there were definite technical/cost limitations which affected direction on the show, there were also obviously choices that were made.

Now this is where I tie myself in knots as just because I didn’t agree with a story direction, doesn’t make it bad. I try and not be judgemental. Sort of more “I didn’t vibe with that” or “that wasn’t meant for me I guess”. I try and be aware that the thing that I disliked, someone else might have loved, and fair play. You do you, I do me, you know?

But still…. I wanted to love this show so badly. I am trying to make myself love it. And there were some awesome moments no doubt. But the plot tying it all together was IMO bad. It leaves me feeling a bit bereft in some ways. What I love has been twisted up and I can’t unsee that. Now don’t get me wrong I have seen far far worse offenders. Ahsoka was Oscar-worthy in comparison to Picard season 3 (which I will rag on for eternity, it was so painful), but the Ahsoka finale has still left me with a feeling of disquiet. Mixed up emotions, instead of joy, and I find that sad.

I really do miss my beloved Rebels crew 🙁

I live blogged episode 3 of Ahsoka.

In which I am afraid despite my best of intentions I ranted a little bit. I am trying very hard to reserve judgement as I love these characters so much. My beloved Ghost crew! But there are things that are bugging me. I try and balance it with what made me laugh and what I loved because at the end of the day I do love Star Wars, probably why it infuriates me so much sometimes. I am invested and I want it to be amazing and I guess I don’t always vibe with choices that were made.

And I am very not vibing. I believe my exact expression was that I’m going to die mad about it. Reminds me of that Knives Out meme people did for Picard season 3 of “it makes no sense!” and then the movie quote followed with “compels me though” and for Picard season 3 it got changed to “and absolutely does not compel me” because well yeah. And I am feeling that a bit. Not to the same extent by any means. I am still feeling much more positive about Ahsoka show – at the moment at least. There is still plenty of time to disappoint me further.

So yes. My liveblog!

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I keep seeing posts going “where is Jacen?!? what has Hera done with him???” and like he’s a little kid. She’s being responsible keeping him away from potentially dangerous stuff. Hopefully he’s in school or playing with kids his own age. Maybe a little Poe Dameron? They can bond over Hera being the best damn pilot in the Galaxy and Poe dreaming of flying.

But also like Jacen is a child of the rebellion, of the Ghost crew. I can’t see any version of the galaxy where he’s not going to be the most loved and well-looked after child around. He has 1 mum, but a massive extended family who probably all compete on who can teach him the coolest tricks.

Ok sure I mean this is just a headcanon based off the warm family vibes from Rebels, and some of Ahsoka showing Sabine alone on Lothal seems to joss that, but c’mon you will pry my Ghost family from my cold dead hands. Hera never has to look hard to find someone to watch him, they probably fight over it.

I can just picture Hera before needing to go look into this “Jedi attack business” going “anyone willing to-“ and she can’t even finish the sentence before Rex and Zeb are at her door going “yeah I can watch the little tyke” “no I was here first” etc.

And if Zeb and Rex aren’t appearing then nobody can tell me this isn’t canon. What else are they doing? See it all fits hehe.

I cleared the notification and I don’t recall if it was in the description but Disney+ just advertised Ahsoka as the “former Jedi Knight” but I don’t recall Ahsoka being knighted?

I mean you could argue by virtue of experience sure. But Cal went from Padawan to Knight as Cere knighted him in Fallen Order. Kanan was knighted by the temple protector form of the grand inquisitor in that force hallucination. But Ahsoka?

I guess perhaps these things just follow. Like a youngling/padawan calling a Jedi Knight “Master” even though they are not a Jedi Master. Still doesn’t feel right though and yeah I know I am being pedantic.