Rogue One always makes me cry a little.

I know it’s realistic for good guys to get killed, I just hate it.

I always start sniffing when the space battle begins and I start mentally counting how many fighters the rebels are losing 🙁 it’s not just the main characters that saddens me, it’s everyone. They are all fighting for the same cause and just yeah, it makes me sad 🙁

Usually I cheer when they take out those two star destroyers but I must be extra sappy tonight because all I could think was even more death. Honestly it was very brave imo for them to make a movie where the tagline could have been “pretty much everyone dies” or “we’ll spend two hours making you care about them and then kill them all”.

In less depressing news I’ve decided I want a Bail Organa movie because this guy is a legend.

– Coruscant is in flames. Everything is confusing. He instantly acts to protect the Jedi, reaching out to try to warn them.
– He picks up Yoda and Obi-Wan. He personally rescues Yoda the second time fresh from his battle with Palpatine.
– While doing all of this bold as brass he goes to the senate chamber, right in the heart of Palpatine’s power.
– He offers without hesitation to adopt Leia, even though at that point he had no idea whether Vader/Palpatine would be hunting for the kids or not. There was a definite possibility it would put a target on his back.
– He’s obviously an instrumental part of the rebellion/alliance as seen in Rogue One and he raised Leia to be well – Leia, as awesome as we know her.
– I don’t know much about his background or what is even canon anymore outside the movies, but in the movies he seems to just be a politician? I think it’s important that he’s not a fighter. He doesn’t have the skills to pick up a gun and take down the bad guys but he still does whatever he possibly can.

Bail Organa guys.

You know they could even combine it with a Obi-Wan movie during the Tatooine years and the formation of the Rebel Alliance. I’ll just try and ignore the fate of Bail Organa and Alderaan as honestly him leaving Yavin 4 for Alderaan knowing what’s going to happen soon after 🙁 🙁