When I watched Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrate the Fortress Inquisitor place I kept pointing “oh I have been there”. As it really was an accurate reproduction of the Fortress as seen in Fallen Order.

Now I get the timeline and that the Kenobi show happens around the same time as Jedi Survivor. So I guess Cal was kind of busy.


It bugged the hell out of me when the Hidden Path said they had no intel on the place. Jedi Master Cere was also there with Cal – you know one of the leaders of the Hidden Path. Cal is a fairly famous Jedi on the loose (his face is on a wanted poster on Coruscant billboards!) and I just struggle to believe the word of flooding the place, of beating Vader (as they stole the holocron and escaped with their lives) wasn’t at least told in whispers like a campfire story. To show that the Empire could lose.

Maybe they aren’t ready to cross the games over into live action. But honestly to have them so closely linked. Somebody must have studied the hell out of the Fallen Order map. I recognised a plant – a plant! – that I had swum past when I was looking in all corners to make sure I didn’t miss any chests.

Also no shields on the place? Even though five years earlier Cal busted in and flooded a bunch? Talk about not learning from mistakes if one stray blaster bolt still shatters windows…

Day One: Jedi Fallen Order

I’ve been eagerly anticipating this game since I first learned about it back in the summer. Literally for the past few weeks I have been googling everyday to read news articles because “dammit it wasn’t out yet and I wanted it so bad!” and I needed something to take the edge off. BUT there was a problem with this because nobody was excited?!? It got even worse when the game came to Steam and I looked in the discussion forums, there were so many spewing hatred for a game that wasn’t out yet.

Now I’m not naive and I do understand that EA has a bad reputation. However for my sins I very much like Star Wars: The Old Republic and I don’t play shooters. I knew of course about the Battlefront controversy, my grasp on dates is shocking but I think it was about the same time as Marvel Heroes, which had a ‘gambling lootbox’ element and people had reportedly spent eye-watering amounts. However that at least was for cosmetics and not power upgrades.

Anyway I find it quite dispiriting that nobody seemed to share my hype. On the other hand the googling everyday meant I learned super quick about the game coming to Steam which was like a dream come true. I have a controller for my PC – a Steam controller, which meant I was having to look for a third-party Xbox type because I heard that Origin didn’t play nice with Steam. So yeah the game being on Steam solved my problems. I preloaded a couple of days ago, this morning I set it to download, it did freeze for a bit but recovered. I connected my Steam account to Origin and then I had to go to uni but it was all ready for me for when I got home.

I have never ever played a game like this. I think the closest would be Crash Bandicoot or perhaps the Star Wars Kinect game that I bought my Xbox 360 in order to play (unfortunately the sensor is shocking so it doesn’t work very well). I read in those articles so many comparisons to other games but it meant nothing to me. So I’m coming at this with completely fresh eyes.

Verdict? I mean build-up aside, that’s why I’m writing this post yeah? To give my initial impressions.

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