When I watched Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrate the Fortress Inquisitor place I kept pointing “oh I have been there”. As it really was an accurate reproduction of the Fortress as seen in Fallen Order.

Now I get the timeline and that the Kenobi show happens around the same time as Jedi Survivor. So I guess Cal was kind of busy.


It bugged the hell out of me when the Hidden Path said they had no intel on the place. Jedi Master Cere was also there with Cal – you know one of the leaders of the Hidden Path. Cal is a fairly famous Jedi on the loose (his face is on a wanted poster on Coruscant billboards!) and I just struggle to believe the word of flooding the place, of beating Vader (as they stole the holocron and escaped with their lives) wasn’t at least told in whispers like a campfire story. To show that the Empire could lose.

Maybe they aren’t ready to cross the games over into live action. But honestly to have them so closely linked. Somebody must have studied the hell out of the Fallen Order map. I recognised a plant – a plant! – that I had swum past when I was looking in all corners to make sure I didn’t miss any chests.

Also no shields on the place? Even though five years earlier Cal busted in and flooded a bunch? Talk about not learning from mistakes if one stray blaster bolt still shatters windows…