When I watched Obi-Wan Kenobi infiltrate the Fortress Inquisitor place I kept pointing “oh I have been there”. As it really was an accurate reproduction of the Fortress as seen in Fallen Order.

Now I get the timeline and that the Kenobi show happens around the same time as Jedi Survivor. So I guess Cal was kind of busy.


It bugged the hell out of me when the Hidden Path said they had no intel on the place. Jedi Master Cere was also there with Cal – you know one of the leaders of the Hidden Path. Cal is a fairly famous Jedi on the loose (his face is on a wanted poster on Coruscant billboards!) and I just struggle to believe the word of flooding the place, of beating Vader (as they stole the holocron and escaped with their lives) wasn’t at least told in whispers like a campfire story. To show that the Empire could lose.

Maybe they aren’t ready to cross the games over into live action. But honestly to have them so closely linked. Somebody must have studied the hell out of the Fallen Order map. I recognised a plant – a plant! – that I had swum past when I was looking in all corners to make sure I didn’t miss any chests.

Also no shields on the place? Even though five years earlier Cal busted in and flooded a bunch? Talk about not learning from mistakes if one stray blaster bolt still shatters windows…

Bail Organa is… I have always appreciated the hell out of him. In his position of privilege it would have been easy to do nothing but without him the rebellion would have had no ships, no resources.

He was the one that went to the Jedi temple to help when it was burning. He saved Yoda. He loved Leia and raised her to be the strong, incredible leader and good person that she was.

(Side note: how incredible was Leia at 10 years old to hold out against an Inquisitor in interrogation? Scared, with the promise of going home, but just like her father taught her, Leia wouldn’t take the easy path and sacrifice others. She wouldn’t talk and I am impressed.)

I don’t know if Bail in the senate made any difference during the Empire years but I certainly remember how much he tried during the Clone Wars. He always tried to do what was best.

I’m watching Kenobi and like so much of this show is a gut punch which is why I am so behind on it. But Bail Organa just got me again with that holo message. He is obviously devastated. He thinks he got Obi-Wan killed and that his daughter is dead. But his first thought is that Luke will be in danger.

Bail isn’t a Jedi. He’s not a soldier. But “Owen will need help” and so Bail is going to go to Tattooine. Mourning his daughter he’ll risk everything for another child of Anakin Skywalker and his old friend Padme.

He always tries to do what is right and I am just in awe of that. What a guy.

So the new Obi-Wan Kenobi came for the throat with the feels huh?

I mean I figured from the point in the timeline it would be painful but I underestimated. Ouch.

I’ve only watched episode 1. I was going to watch both but I think I need time to recover. That was a lot.

Obi-Wan Kenobi first episode hitting me with every feel going 😭 like Order 66 check, Obi-Wan having heartbreaking nightmares check, Obi-wan’s confidence shaken check, Bail being an amazing dad check.

Obi-Wan being destroyed by the mission to watch over Luke, having to hear as more Jedi who initially escaped are killed, having to actively deny help because he couldn’t risk being exposed.

Leia being adorable and so on point with what she said to her cousin was about the only thing that didn’t make me want to cry.

I mean amazing doesn’t quite cover it. They really nailed it in episode 1 IMO. I’m not sure my heart can take much more. Too many feeeeeels.

The only criticism is one I had months ago when the trailer dropped because the Grand Inquisitor is nothing compared to his Rebels appearance. That is disappointing.