I just saw a couple of Star Wars gifsets of the original trilogy and had a thought.

Got to be honest I’m not all that happy with what the new movies did to the original trio (Han, Luke and Leia) and also where is Lando?


Without the new movies there would be no Finn, no BB-8, no Poe Dameron. No General Leia looking behind her when everyone looked at her (so iconic), no Chewie being a big damn hero and the best friend anyone could ask for.

So yeah that’s just my thought for the day. There is good with the bad, have to take the rough with the smooth etc. I wouldn’t trade Finn or BB-8 for anything.

Tesco bag. I know it’s the bolt from a pulse pistol but it really looks here like Han Solo is wielding a lightsaber…

#I fully support the Han is Force-sensitive headcanon#never tell me the odds


The retro-modern adventures of Han, Leia and Luke

Han and Leia share some good news with Luke. It is then that poor Han suddenly remembers his wife’s genes.

The rest of the series is here

If those captions are for real, this is particularly ironic given ‘The Force Awakens’. What do you know, the actors predicted a twist 30 years earlier, very prophetic!

Celeb look a likes

I have this picture of Diego Luna on my dash as Cassian Andor and I just can’t shake the feeling that he looks just like another actor. Not a recent one I don’t think, in fact I have a suspicion I could be going back twenty years, but one I remember seeing in something at some point.

It is driving me absolutely mad because it’s on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t form the word, it’s like trying to catch wisps on a breeze. The resemblance is tickling my brain and I just can’t quite remember.

It’ll come to me eventually – I hope!

Before Anakin became Vader he was a true Jedi. He had a reason for fighting beyond “it’s the right thing to do”, he was just afraid of losing everyone he cared about.

I’ve never really liked his ‘fall’ to the dark side but then I’ve never really liked light vs dark, I’ve always felt grey made more sense. He could have brought true balance to the force by uniting Jedi and Sith. I mean obviously not the really evil Sith but the Jedi were a bit too far at the other end of the spectrum for me. I thought that the Jedi were a bit sanctimonious. I mean the whole message was that “love is bad” and I just can’t support that.

Heh perhaps should I do a post about tragic misunderstood characters. I’ve always been drawn to the anti-hero.

May the fourth be with you!