Before Anakin became Vader he was a true Jedi. He had a reason for fighting beyond “it’s the right thing to do”, he was just afraid of losing everyone he cared about.

I’ve never really liked his ‘fall’ to the dark side but then I’ve never really liked light vs dark, I’ve always felt grey made more sense. He could have brought true balance to the force by uniting Jedi and Sith. I mean obviously not the really evil Sith but the Jedi were a bit too far at the other end of the spectrum for me. I thought that the Jedi were a bit sanctimonious. I mean the whole message was that “love is bad” and I just can’t support that.

Heh perhaps should I do a post about tragic misunderstood characters. I’ve always been drawn to the anti-hero.

May the fourth be with you!