Ok so I am finally watching the Book of Boba Fett. I know I don’t why it took me so long either. Spoons for new things are hard to find.

Anyway I have 2 episodes left so the other day I saw “Return of the Mandalorian” and first of all what the actual fuck? It’s the Boba Fett show and he didn’t appear??? Credit only in his own show? I am appalled! Like Mando has his own show so just like what? No! Why? Wrong so very wrong.

Second. That ship is NOT at all practical. Yeah it goes fast but the cockpit is tiny. Mando is a Bounty Hunter – Bounty! – so where is he supposed to put his captives? He had a cryofreeze chamber ala Han Solo on the Razor Crest. Plus you know somewhere to sleep, store extra weapons, make food etc. – it was a home. It’s like trading a I don’t know mobile home with a trailer hitched to it, for a 2 door convertible sports car where the engine takes up the backseat/boot. Like that is great for the track but it’s not a car to do the grocery run in. That fighter ship is cool to mess around in for a few hours, but it can’t be comfy for spending days in space. I mean if nothing else there’s no bathroom. You’d get cramp just sitting there unable to stand up.

So yeah I am annoyed at the lack of logic.

And also poor Boba Fett being sidelined in his own show.