OMG I’m behind on the Mandalorian.


I must catch up immediately!

This isn’t the Sabine and Ahsoka adventure to find Ezra that I’d dreamed (and seriously how can this be the MANDALORIAN series and not have Sabine in it???) but man I’ll take any Ahsoka content that is going.

Please more fan service. I would sell my soul for a series (animated or live action I don’t mind) that bridged the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Not going to lie I miss Hera, I want to see Jacen Syndulla grown-up. Show us the origin stories for how the Resistance formed.

Think about it, why is the Clone Wars so beloved? (I don’t know for sure, just speculating here). Because it expands on characters we knew but didn’t get much time with. It really shows Palpatine’s evil too, makes me care so much for the clones, even made me appreciate Jar Jar a bit (the character development was seriously amazing). The sequel trilogy could get the same treatment. Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Admiral Holden (could do the bad guys too like clone wars did with Ventress, Maul and Opress, could have Phasma and Hux etc.)

Then fan service by bringing in the old Rebels. I miss my Ghost Crew.

#I know I’ve said this before#seriously this post started off with me going ahhhh over Ahsoka finally showing up in the Mandalorian#and then I got greedy and started thinking about how much more I’d like#because Ghost crew