Saw a lot of Ahsoka posts on my dash earlier and had a small ahhhh!! that I had misremembered the air date. But no it’s ok it is still August 23rd.

Anyway I have a lot of fears about this show (and a lot of anticipation) because it’s my beloved Ghost crew.

Honestly though the biggest fear in my mind right now is that Ezra is going to be the masked bad guy. I know he dabbled with the dark side at the start of season three, and it’s a lifelong struggle. I know in Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis faced his own version of that struggle which might lead to more in the next game (I presume there will be a third). So it’s not without precedent and maybe that’s why I don’t want it.

It just feels tired to have Ezra fall to the dark side. Yeah he could find a way back to some kind of life like Reva did. I also know that as Ezra played no part in the sequel, with Luke or Rey, that he has to be written out somehow and that a happy ending probably isn’t on the table. A similar fate no doubt is in store for Cal Kestis to keep him off the board somehow.

I’m not one of those that hate Order 66 survivors because there is still only a handful out of 10,000. It feels a hell of a lot more realistic to go with the idea that a first cut got a lot of them. First strike decimated the masters especially, as they were in the thick of the war, or had younger Jedi to protect. After that it was hunting down the escaped Padawans, or the knights who had been on solo missions etc. They would have never established the Inquisitors if there hadn’t really been any to hunt. Time on the run cleared up almost everyone over the years between Order 66 and A New Hope. So I find it realistic that there were survivors, I like it as a story, but I hate it because they decided that Luke had to be the only Jedi from A New Hope on which puts an unfair expiration date on all the other characters that we care about.

Personally I don’t see why they had to go in that direction. The rebellion was more than one cell. It always was. So yeah there weren’t any other Jedi alongside Luke for the three original trilogy movies. Didn’t mean they weren’t out there – could just have meant they were doing other things. The first Death Star mission got laid on fast, the second they had time so it’s a little more suspect they wouldn’t have called back any other Jedi to help, but then again they didn’t need them. Just people blew up the second Death Star, just people dealt with the ground force. Luke’s mission was more personal than anything and yeah a great distraction and ensured the Emperor ‘died’ but that was hardly the main goal.

Anyway I want Ezra to have made friends in Wild Space, connected with more awesome cool creatures. To have a lot of stories to tell his family when they find him, and it can all be warm and loving because they didn’t doubt one another. And he has that solid certainty of a Jedi that he really came to own in season 4, and he protects his family and tells Jacen all about his dad. Just Ezra being grown but still himself and still family.

Maybe it’s a cheat to say “just because we didn’t see it doesn’t mean it wasn’t always there”. But why not? Adding new material is at its core filling in blanks. If some of those blanks include more Jedi being alive for longer then I am ok with that.

I just don’t want to see Ezra all twisted and agonised, and have to witness Hera and Sabine grapple with him being lost, and all the anguish of having to fight their family. Just no. Been there, done that, bored with it. Give me supportive family instead, thank you.