So I was just trying to decide what comics to read as there are so many and I thought “I know I will look and see if there is one about how Satine and Obi-Wan met” and no I don’t know why that popped into my head first.

Anyway I now have 3 Star Wars novels on hold at the library.

You see I discovered the “appearances” tab on the Star Wars wiki and so obviously I checked out Hera to make sure I had seen everything. Apparently there’s a New Republic Squadrons series with “General Syndulla”. All the respect for Hera yay.

Also found some comics. A few editions of the just titled Star Wars run, and Doctor Aphra. Looking up Ahsoka says I should also prioritise Darth Vader. So mission accomplished.

Sadly though google says nothing covers how Hera came to have the Ghost and I really want to know. I mean ships aren’t so common, especially tricked out ships like that, there has to be a story there.