You know when I watched Star Wars a few years back the main point that stuck with me was how I didn’t agree with the Jedi that love was bad. I read a fair bit of “Anakin didn’t go dark but grey” fanfic. I like the idea of love being strength, of giving reason to the fight. Loving someone might make a person vulnerable but corruption isn’t mandatory. People can care and still do the right thing.

Watching Attack of the Clones tonight I’m cringing at how I could ever have sympathised with Anakin. He is creepy, arrogant, entitled. I can see how some of it was caused by the rigidity of the Jedi (I think taking young kids from their families and expecting them to cut all ties is awful) but Obi-Wan seems like a good role model. Perhaps not as tough as he should be he just reprimands Anakin, but still there’s no excuse really for Anakin’s behaviour. I know Palpatine has been whispering in his ear but that doesn’t excuse Anakin’s personality.

I think I have to join the club of people who wonder why Padme fell for Anakin. Seriously she starts the movie with “Don’t look at me like that it makes me uncomfortable” and he doesn’t stop. How do they go from that to marriage? Plus Anakin out and out says he thinks a dictatorship is best. Although with that Padme thought he was joking :/

Makes me wonder if there’s a middle ground, a way to humanise the Jedi without excusing Anakin for his gross behaviour. I mean seriously “you are in my very soul tormenting me” yuck.

Although I can’t forget that from this pairing (which I am coming close to declaring a Notp) comes the legend of Leia.

Can’t give that up 🙂