2022: Fandom Year in Review

So this year was a ride due to moving. Let’s see what I actually did 🙂

Fanfics written/posted: 4
Fanfics started: More than 4 haha
Fandoms written in: 4
Number of fanfic words written: 134,636
Fanart completed: 2
Gifsets posted: 27

Most Popular Fic = Dancing on Broken Glass (with a whopping 44 more kudos than the next closest fic)

Most Popular Gifset = – How it started vs how it’s going (Star Trek: Picard, Seven/Raffi) – 340 notes, 34 more than the next highest which was also Trek 🙂

Most Popular Fanart = Winter Advent 22 (Amanda Tapping, Stargate and Sanctuary mixed media) – 59 notes, so a 54 note difference

Links and rambling on everything under the cut 🙂

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I think I might suspend fandom Fridays for a while on account of the fact I am very tired.

I’m trying to do a lot more on a regular basis and the tank is hitting empty a lot. I dig deep but there’s only so much determination before I run out.

I still have sets I want to make and I think doing them regularly is a good idea, as it actually makes me do them rather than time getting away from me. But yeah I’m tired and something has to give and unfortunately it’s this.

Fanfic will remain posted twice a week for the foreseeable future though. I have a lot left to post.

I just realised I forgot to say, I mean I mooted the possibility in my “end of fandom year” post but I didn’t actually say.

So here an announcement! (of sorts)

It is my sincere intention to do what I’m tentatively calling – Fandom Friday – where I post a new gifset every Friday.

You see I have over 50 on my list, so that’s more than a years worth already, so I really need to try and consistently get them done, if I actually want to make them which I do. I know tumblr is a dumpster fire with the tags and stuff right now but ehhh my love for my shows/ships never dies.

I’m pondering running another couple of appreciation weeks this year. My only hesitation is last time that didn’t take sets off my list (it added a couple dozen more). But I’m thinking about it anyway. We could all use a little more love for the things we love in our lives, especially now.

This could be an epic embarrassment if I don’t actually do this, but I think I’m relatively safe for a week or two as I already have tomorrow’s made haha. So we shall see 🙂

2021: Fandom Year in Review

I haven’t done one of these in years, mostly because I really didn’t do anything for a long time. I’m not finishing this year on a particularly strong note as I sort of spluttered and shuddered to a halt in October and haven’t managed to restart the old engine 🙁

Anyway here’s a detailed breakdown and some mini statistics.

Fanfics written/posted: 14
Fanfics started: 17
Fandoms written in: 3
Number of fanfic words written: 211,726 (including WIPs)
Fanart completed: 4 (or 5 if I count that sketch which I don’t really)
Gifsets posted: 32

Most Popular Fic = and the Brighter Side of Life (with a whopping 52 more kudos than the next closest fic)

Most Popular Gifset = Car Stealing Etiquette (Black Widow / Cap: Winter Soldier Parallel) – 672 notes, a whopping 488 more than the next highest, thanks Marvel 🙂

Most Popular Fanart = The Proposal Part Two (Warehouse 13, Bering and Wells exchange) – 51 notes, so a 42 note difference there.

Links and rambling on everything under the cut 🙂

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My Warehouse 13 gifset isn’t appearing in the tags???

It’s not been flagged. I know other people can see it because 1 person has liked it (thank you friend), so I don’t get it.

Tumblr why are you so weird?

Ok I take it back


Excuse me but that is some high level bullshit right there. I didn’t even notice until just now. Seriously????


So it’s in the tags just not obviously because of this shit. Why would tumblr even do that? Oh I know why. But ugh!

Sorry for the swearing but this is just pissing me off a lot right now.

So I decided to change the colours on this gifset to match the bi flag and oops suddenly had to redo a lot of work /headdesk.

I swear this is going to be like my magnum opus gifset. It is ridiculous. How do people colour gifs so fast? I think I must be doing it a stupid way but I can’t see how else to do it…

Whoo finally went back to doing that gifset.

It’s taking me the craziest most ridiculous length of time buuuuuut it’s starting to come together and it’s matching the design I’m feeling.

So I’m taking that as a win.

It’s still not done, not even close, but I think now I have the design nailed the next part should hopefully come a bit quicker.

I want to make an artistic gifset but my lack of art talent is rearing it’s head again.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow /sigh

I’m definitely making this gifset someway, somehow. Whether it’ll be at all true to the vision in my head… who knows!

I am absolutely living for the comments I’m getting on this gifset I made a few weeks ago. I don’t know how it’s going round but I’m loving it.

I wish tumblr had a way for me to unobtrusively go “I see that and you are sweet and afdksjfs” because <— it me right now.

The comments aren’t even aimed at me, it’s flailing over the angst (because that ship is made of pain) and it’s still making my day. Something I made is having an impact on people, even for just a few seconds.

Most of tumblrs updates are not improvements but adding tags to the activity window was amazing *chefs kiss* (not that I didn’t click on each reblog and check manually anyway because ahem of course I did).


Aaaaand just deleted that gifset. I’m going to rework it to express the dual dynamic between cursed/not cursed as otherwise it is a bit of a headscratcher as to why James isn’t Person C.

aka I thought about it too much

Ok reworked and reposted. I’m happier with that now I’ve made the distinction between Oxford during simpler times and after John was cursed.

It’s a complicated dynamic that’s for sure!