OMG 😱🫣 my usual “open tumblr in incognito mode” to send anons for gift exchange doesn’t work anymore! It says I have to login. Oh man. The paranoia is going to be so real 😬

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@purlturtle thanks for the tag ❤️

Last Song: Currently playing Empress by Snow Patrol, and before that so the technical ‘last song’ was Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan (I have iTunes on shuffle). The last song I specifically selected was probably Keeping Secrets off the Star Trek musical soundtrack.

Currently watching: Erm oh so many things. My watchlist is stupid. I have 13 shows that I just watch during the two evenings a week mum visits. I have a ton more that I am attempting to watch by myself. I finished The Mandalorian Season 3 last night and I’m counting down to Ahsoka next Wednesday.

Seriously it’s the sheer length of my watchlist which is why it’s been like 6 years and I’ve still not watched all of Star Trek. The shows are in various stages and it bugs me as I love to rewatch. Like Voyager I want to rewatch episodes but I haven’t gone all the way through yet /sigh. I think I need to start targeting TV the way I have shifted to targeting video games. I was notorious for starting and never finishing. So I am making myself play one game (and only one) and getting 100%/Platinum/near enough before I can play anything else.

Current obsession: Hmm interesting. Two schools of thought on this. One is fandom in which case I think my brain is currently kinda split between Star Trek and Star Wars. I am bouncing between SNW’s crew (and that infuriating cliffhanger finale), Seven, Raffi, B’elanna, Kira, Jadzia etc. Then Star Wars – my beloved Rebels, the Ghost crew. Sabine, Hera and of course Ahsoka. That’s not to say my other fandom obsessions have gone. I will forever love say Bering and Wells 😉 but while I can think about more than one thing at once, thinking about obsessions is usually how I keep it to two or maybe even one! thought to try and quiet my otherwise crazy mind. Hence my obsession focus takes turns.

Buuuuut I said there were two schools of thought. The other one is my deep and eternal love for story and my desire to improve my skills in telling it. Everyday I want to work on writing and on art. A lot of the time health doesn’t permit but I am always thinking about it (obsessing about it). I have my dream of where I want my skills to be one day. It’s always a good day if I feel like I made some kind of micro-step towards progress. A lot of days even if I do work on art/writing I feel demoralised like I am getting nowhere, or nowhere fast enough. But everyday I dream and I hope. It’s been the driving force of my life. You are the one that said “small steppy is better than no steppy” to me, and I repeat that to myself daily in the hope my recalcitrant brain will get the message. I am trying, and I am trying to make that enough.

Tagging is scary which is dumb because I really like it when people tag me. Maybe a couple of people. @tinknevertalks@little-inkstone@thisgirlshouldbeworking@urban-trek-thru-middle-earth only if you want. No pressure just fun.

My likes are such a mess. When I eventually manage to get back onto a PC sorting my queue out is going to be a bitch.

Ok so I mostly like stuff on mobile and then batch tag and reblog when I am on the PC. This is because I’m lazy, and because I can’t remember my tags. That’s ok because auto-fill is there….

… except it’s not.

Apparently no tags are remembered AT ALL anymore and I do not know why.

So consistency of tagging? I miss you. Seriously it’s the kind of thing that bothers me. I just do not have the spoons right now to fix it.

Why am I being targeted by the pr0n bots? One of them just @ me on someone else’s (not a person I know!) horny post. Like why? Stop spamming my replies. Stop trying to follow me. I don’t deserve it 🙁

Tumblr has failed me. I can’t believe there isn’t a parallel gifset of Carol and Maria as Captain Marvel (that I can find). I searched the tag but there’s just a lot of stuff about Shazam? Like why? That’s not even Marvel I don’t think?

I know the answer is to do it myself but I am having spoon issues atm. June was an epic fail. It’s like I have passed my threshold of overwhelm. Or in other words re: fork theory I am stabbed with too many mini-tridents right now.

Endless waiting sucks 🙁

little-inkstone said:  Aww, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling! *hugs* Fun fact, the Captain Marvel tag is filled with Shazam because his original name was Captain Marvel, Fawcett comics made the character but DC sued because he was “too much” like Superman. Fawcett lost and stopped printing him, and then when they went bankrupt DC bought most of their characters, including Captain Marvel, but in that time period Timely Comics had become Marvel Comics and made their own Captain Marvel.

galactic-pirates said:  @little-inkstone that IS a fun fact! I can’t really be annoyed then because he had the name first 😂 anyway long time no speak. We should catch up soon 😘 

*clicks on my blog*


Also far more annoyingly (at the moment) tumblr seem to have broken image sizes. Sometimes I like to put a little additional gif at the bottom as an image, rather than in the photoset, and have it be smaller than full width. It looks like that in the editor but when I click “save” it goes full width.

Please tumblr stop breaking things *begs*

#in which they do stuff that nobody asked for and it wasn’t broken and now it is and where is the logic?#please just stop well stop after making it how it was

I know I probably just did a bad tumblr etiquette thing. I do feel a little bad. We’ll see if that translates into feeling so bad I delete it. That may happen. I have a very big problem with guilt.

#in which I second guess myself forever#I just want to be a good person and yup fear of being yelled at is definitely kicking in

Is it just me or is tumblr doing some weird shit?

I keep seeing really old posts of mine at the top of my dashboard which is freaking me out (first time I thought I’d been hacked).

When it first happened there was no tag, but now I’m seeing “Look at this post you made!” above it.

Now just appeared “Check out this post!” and this random post is there.

Please tell me there’s going to be an off button?


My Warehouse 13 gifset isn’t appearing in the tags???

It’s not been flagged. I know other people can see it because 1 person has liked it (thank you friend), so I don’t get it.

Tumblr why are you so weird?

Ok I take it back


Excuse me but that is some high level bullshit right there. I didn’t even notice until just now. Seriously????


So it’s in the tags just not obviously because of this shit. Why would tumblr even do that? Oh I know why. But ugh!

Sorry for the swearing but this is just pissing me off a lot right now.