Tumblr has failed me. I can’t believe there isn’t a parallel gifset of Carol and Maria as Captain Marvel (that I can find). I searched the tag but there’s just a lot of stuff about Shazam? Like why? That’s not even Marvel I don’t think?

I know the answer is to do it myself but I am having spoon issues atm. June was an epic fail. It’s like I have passed my threshold of overwhelm. Or in other words re: fork theory I am stabbed with too many mini-tridents right now.

Endless waiting sucks 🙁

little-inkstone said:  Aww, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling! *hugs* Fun fact, the Captain Marvel tag is filled with Shazam because his original name was Captain Marvel, Fawcett comics made the character but DC sued because he was “too much” like Superman. Fawcett lost and stopped printing him, and then when they went bankrupt DC bought most of their characters, including Captain Marvel, but in that time period Timely Comics had become Marvel Comics and made their own Captain Marvel.

galactic-pirates said:  @little-inkstone that IS a fun fact! I can’t really be annoyed then because he had the name first 😂 anyway long time no speak. We should catch up soon 😘