So Captain Marvel is on my dash and idk I think there is a new movie coming at some point? I don’t have the spoons, not seen the trailer.

But once again I am sad about the tragedy of Carol/Maria. And also in that I never found a gifset of Maria as Captain from Multiverse of Madness next to Carol as Captain. tumblr failed me, and I never summoned the spoons to make one.

Like Maria is not even old and they wrote her out 🙁 so we totally have to headcanon it was a faked death so they are married in space right?

Immortal/mortal ships with amnesia and years apart and just totally doomed for reasons. Like please excuse me I am sad. I just want them to be happy dammit.

Tumblr has failed me. I can’t believe there isn’t a parallel gifset of Carol and Maria as Captain Marvel (that I can find). I searched the tag but there’s just a lot of stuff about Shazam? Like why? That’s not even Marvel I don’t think?

I know the answer is to do it myself but I am having spoon issues atm. June was an epic fail. It’s like I have passed my threshold of overwhelm. Or in other words re: fork theory I am stabbed with too many mini-tridents right now.

Endless waiting sucks 🙁

little-inkstone said:  Aww, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling! *hugs* Fun fact, the Captain Marvel tag is filled with Shazam because his original name was Captain Marvel, Fawcett comics made the character but DC sued because he was “too much” like Superman. Fawcett lost and stopped printing him, and then when they went bankrupt DC bought most of their characters, including Captain Marvel, but in that time period Timely Comics had become Marvel Comics and made their own Captain Marvel.

galactic-pirates said:  @little-inkstone that IS a fun fact! I can’t really be annoyed then because he had the name first 😂 anyway long time no speak. We should catch up soon 😘 

Dammit. I was thinking of skipping the next Doctor Strange movie. First marvel movie I was intentionally going to skip.

1) it’s been billed as a horror movie and I’m the biggest wuss in the world

2) personally I just really don’t like Doctor Strange. I’m annoyed he’s in the Spiderman movie (which I haven’t seen, waiting for Disney+)

buuuuut if Patrick Stewart is in it, even for a cameo, and Professor X and the X-Men are going to be a thing… they can be on screen for 5 seconds and I’ll still sit through the whole damn movie.

Guess I kinda have to watch it now huh.

jackabelle73 said:  I saw the new Spider-Man movie last week, and enjoyed it more than I expected. Dr. Strange is definitely a part of the movie, but not its focus, FWIW.

galactic-pirates said:  @jackabelle73 oh good to know thanks! 🙂 

Wow ok so the Eternals wasn’t at all what I expected. Those trailers can super lie huh?

I can kinda see why I have heard it got bad reviews. It was a bit all over the place. It did get a bit confusing. 10 main characters getting their origin story all at once was a bit much. I mean the Avengers movies had a ton of characters but they were mostly introduced first in other movies. This was just throw a lot of new stuff all at once. I don’t think anyone got the development they really deserved.

That explains why there was character death – got to get those numbers down! But man I hate that. You get attached, start to like the character and boom gone forever.

And I think I’ve managed to keep this spoiler free. Not that probably matters anymore. I have totally lost track. Did this ever come out at the cinema? I just watched it on Disney+ and I know it has been up a week or two (I think, what is time?).

Anyway yeah. Big meh. Phastos and Gilgamesh were definitely the best part, followed by the speedster (I’m not sure I ever got her name?) and then after that Druig. Apart from them it was pretty forgettable.


Marvel really had Captain Carter say “I want to go back to the time Steve is in” and then after the Watcher told her no she looked at Natasha, smiled and came back to her own time. Nat and Peggy is one hell of a crackship, but I am here for it

At the same time, the post credit scene heavily implies that Steve, aka Peggy’s canon love interest, is somehow back in her time. Now, in the main timeline, who is the person from Steve’s past that gets brought back? Bucky. Interesting… 

Honestly Marvel’s What If? take on Captain Carter is healing so many wounds. I did not like what happened in Endgame with Steve going back in time. That was wrong. He left Bucky, he left Sam, he left all the Avengers and the life he’d made over what a decade? To go and mess up the life that Peggy had made for herself and (presumably) branching a new timeline because I refuse to believe that he could just sit and watch history play out. Just do nothing as Hydra infiltrated Shield and Bucky was tortured. I hate it. It erases a decade of character growth and what about Bucky?!? What had they got to the end of the line? No, just no.

Anyway, in What If? the dynamic between Peggy and Steve is just what it should be, and I don’t mind that Peggy expressed a wish to go back to her time – because this was pre-Winter Soldier events! She was yanked out of the timeline by the watcher when she was on the boat (which happened at the start of that movie) so she’s still very much in the adjustment period. Even then though it was a fleeting pang and she went back willingly – like you said she thought of her friend/possibly something more with Natasha.

I’m very much there for Peggy and Natasha too. Can I offer OTP: sword and shield, or CaptainAgent as suggestions? I don’t know what other people are using. Perhaps Peggy in her world needs to get her Natasha a red shield, as she saw how effective it was with last-survivor!Natasha. Then they could just be SHIELD haha.

I’m kinda bummed we didn’t get a Red Shield carrying Lego Marvel Black Widow minifig now in the collection of 12.

Personally I’d have replaced the gross zombie!Cap with her *shudder* but then I am very anti-zombies because I’m the worlds biggest wimp. Anyway considering the gold Gamora was only in the last episode, and didn’t say much, I do feel that badass last-woman standing shield-carrying Natasha Romanov would have been a better choice.

Natasha is one of my favourite characters though so I am probably pre-disposed to think that. Don’t get me wrong I do like Gamora it’s just I have feelings about last-survivor Natasha.

I should see if there is fanfic to read…

I spent a good chunk of the Black Widow movie going “ooooh ouch that looked like it hurt” because ouch. How did they walk away from that? Wowzer.

I’m sure somebody has already done it but unless I see it I may make a gifset tomorrow about Natasha and stealing cars because I laughed at that callback. Maybe also one with the “thank you for your cooperation” interrogation style. Totally badass.

I wasn’t expecting that twist on Taskmaster. That’s not the story I am familiar with. I remembered the line from Loki in the first Avengers movie about Dreykov’s daughter so that was another good callback. Also finally we now know about Budapest!

It was a good movie. Typical high octane action. Some real moments of feeling. I loved how Natasha downloaded all the data, I got vibes from when she did that on the ship in Winter Soldier. The action was a bit unbelievable. I swear that is getting worse in these movies. Like Natasha is awesome but she has no special powers apart from being awesome and the close calls and all that midair fighting and stuff was a bit much. Lot of flash, some substance.

I am still very bitter they killed Natasha off. I like that she made peace with her sister first and that Yelena had a grave for her. That makes me feel slightly better about how there was no send-off in Endgame for her.

Anyway typical marvel movie. I liked it. I think it suffered a bit from the hype of over a year of waiting which is unfortunate. I’m glad I finally got to see it though. Shame that they aren’t releasing any other marvel movies concurrently at home :/



Bucky needs a new superhero name as he’s not the winter soldier anymore.

I don’t quite know what as he doesn’t have any other aliases (apart from when he took his turn as Cap) so it would be new canon (not drawn from the comics) but I still feel strongly that he should have another name.

I suppose so long as they don’t refer to him as the winter soldier in universe maybe it’s alright. I just feel like that was who he was brainwashed to be – that wasn’t a choice he made. Bucky chose to be a hero as a howling commando, he chose to follow Steve. I just feel like he should be known for his choices not for the “villain” he never actually was. He didn’t want to be that guy.

He’s the White Wolf (the name they gave him in Wakanda).


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier should have become

Captain America and the White Wolf.

Marvel you missed a trick.

They made me like fake Captain America how dare!

Seriously he looked so smarmy at his introduction last week and I was all set to hate him. Then his wife/girlfriend came into the locker and he had humility, he wants to do the best he can, he has a long history of service etc.

Sam is still my Captain America but that John Walker guy doesn’t seem all that bad which sucks a little bit as I did really want to hate him. I think Steve might have liked him too. I mean they were deliberately drawing parallels with the “you can’t punch your way out of this one” and how he threw the shield to protect his friend when he fell off the lorry.

He got a bit heavy handed with getting Bucky out of jail and saying that “they’d be working together” when Bucky had already said no. Then there was the warning to “stay out of my way” which wasn’t very friendly. On the other hand with the repeated refusals what else could he say? Would Steve “I’m not asking permission” have been any different?

I’m trying to be fair to Walker I guess. I 110% side with Sam and Bucky but I’m trying to see both sides. Even the bad guys came off a bit sympathetic in this episode. It was quite well done.