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Last Song: Currently playing Empress by Snow Patrol, and before that so the technical ‘last song’ was Shelter from the Storm by Bob Dylan (I have iTunes on shuffle). The last song I specifically selected was probably Keeping Secrets off the Star Trek musical soundtrack.

Currently watching: Erm oh so many things. My watchlist is stupid. I have 13 shows that I just watch during the two evenings a week mum visits. I have a ton more that I am attempting to watch by myself. I finished The Mandalorian Season 3 last night and I’m counting down to Ahsoka next Wednesday.

Seriously it’s the sheer length of my watchlist which is why it’s been like 6 years and I’ve still not watched all of Star Trek. The shows are in various stages and it bugs me as I love to rewatch. Like Voyager I want to rewatch episodes but I haven’t gone all the way through yet /sigh. I think I need to start targeting TV the way I have shifted to targeting video games. I was notorious for starting and never finishing. So I am making myself play one game (and only one) and getting 100%/Platinum/near enough before I can play anything else.

Current obsession: Hmm interesting. Two schools of thought on this. One is fandom in which case I think my brain is currently kinda split between Star Trek and Star Wars. I am bouncing between SNW’s crew (and that infuriating cliffhanger finale), Seven, Raffi, B’elanna, Kira, Jadzia etc. Then Star Wars – my beloved Rebels, the Ghost crew. Sabine, Hera and of course Ahsoka. That’s not to say my other fandom obsessions have gone. I will forever love say Bering and Wells 😉 but while I can think about more than one thing at once, thinking about obsessions is usually how I keep it to two or maybe even one! thought to try and quiet my otherwise crazy mind. Hence my obsession focus takes turns.

Buuuuut I said there were two schools of thought. The other one is my deep and eternal love for story and my desire to improve my skills in telling it. Everyday I want to work on writing and on art. A lot of the time health doesn’t permit but I am always thinking about it (obsessing about it). I have my dream of where I want my skills to be one day. It’s always a good day if I feel like I made some kind of micro-step towards progress. A lot of days even if I do work on art/writing I feel demoralised like I am getting nowhere, or nowhere fast enough. But everyday I dream and I hope. It’s been the driving force of my life. You are the one that said “small steppy is better than no steppy” to me, and I repeat that to myself daily in the hope my recalcitrant brain will get the message. I am trying, and I am trying to make that enough.

Tagging is scary which is dumb because I really like it when people tag me. Maybe a couple of people. @tinknevertalks@little-inkstone@thisgirlshouldbeworking@urban-trek-thru-middle-earth only if you want. No pressure just fun.