I just realised I forgot to say, I mean I mooted the possibility in my “end of fandom year” post but I didn’t actually say.

So here an announcement! (of sorts)

It is my sincere intention to do what I’m tentatively calling – Fandom Friday – where I post a new gifset every Friday.

You see I have over 50 on my list, so that’s more than a years worth already, so I really need to try and consistently get them done, if I actually want to make them which I do. I know tumblr is a dumpster fire with the tags and stuff right now but ehhh my love for my shows/ships never dies.

I’m pondering running another couple of appreciation weeks this year. My only hesitation is last time that didn’t take sets off my list (it added a couple dozen more). But I’m thinking about it anyway. We could all use a little more love for the things we love in our lives, especially now.

This could be an epic embarrassment if I don’t actually do this, but I think I’m relatively safe for a week or two as I already have tomorrow’s made haha. So we shall see 🙂