2022: Fandom Year in Review

So this year was a ride due to moving. Let’s see what I actually did 🙂

Fanfics written/posted: 4
Fanfics started: More than 4 haha
Fandoms written in: 4
Number of fanfic words written: 134,636
Fanart completed: 2
Gifsets posted: 27

Most Popular Fic = Dancing on Broken Glass (with a whopping 44 more kudos than the next closest fic)

Most Popular Gifset = – How it started vs how it’s going (Star Trek: Picard, Seven/Raffi) – 340 notes, 34 more than the next highest which was also Trek 🙂

Most Popular Fanart = Winter Advent 22 (Amanda Tapping, Stargate and Sanctuary mixed media) – 59 notes, so a 54 note difference

Links and rambling on everything under the cut 🙂

Intentions vs Result
– I started the year intending to do ‘fandom friday’ (aka a gifset every friday) and I missed a couple of weeks around April and then I just quit completely and haven’t made a gifset since May. I got tired, I got busy, I moved house and the year disappeared. I did get a fair few sets done though and I feel like I got a lot of my system (even if I still have ideas for sets on my list).

– Mid-April I declared my intention to quit fanfic and I said “my mission if I choose to accept it” was to spend the rest of the year writing every idea on my list. However, due to the aforementioned moving house I fell off the writing wagon completely thanks to the stress. Then once I had moved house that felt like a clean break and so I just decided to stop with the fanfic. I have WIPs on my HD but I had posted all my current fic, so it’s not like I left anything exactly, but I am still sad. All those ideas that I love that will now never become reality.

– Art is my old nemesis. As always I wanted to do so much more but with the whole moving thing, I am probably lucky I did anything. I am intending to do a LOT more next year so cross fingers on that.

2022 Fanfic
– Dancing on Broken Glass (2,266 words, Star Trek: Picard Seven/Raffi)
aka the ‘oh no’ fic because oops I entered another fandom. I just reached this episode and I hit peak shipper level and just had to go for it. It wouldn’t leave me alone. I have feelings about these two. Even though I haven’t created much for them due to life, they live rent free in my head.

– Odyssey: Future’s Legacy (84,274 words, Sanctuary/Warehouse 13 crossover)
I have to be honest this was the fic that made me question what I was doing with my life. 84k – that’s a novel. Now don’t get me wrong I am a huge supporter of fanfic. It has kept me sane, it has kept me writing, it has given me so much. But I have dreams and sort of realised that I wouldn’t get to the life I wanted to live writing fics like this – however much I genuinely enjoyed writing it. Crossovers are basically self-indulgent. I am my own reader and yeah it was fun 🙂

– We Belong to the Future (4,837 words, The Librarians)
Written for prompt month. I intended to do so much more but this was middle of house buying, and I basically shutdown from the stress. This was the only fic/thing I did for prompt month this year. I am sad about that, especially because this fic is unbearably sad. I made myself cry. Clearly I was in a morose mood, I apologise.

– Time Will Tell (43,259 words, Sanctuary James/John/Helen)
aka the Soulmate AU. I didn’t know this would be my last fic with them, I have so many more ideas. Still I do like this one, I even indulged myself with an epilogue of the changed future. I do like my happy endings 🙂

2022 Fanart
– Dancing in a Galaxy of their own
Seven and Raffi, Star Trek: Picard. I guess this could be a companion to the fic I wrote as it’s basically the same scene. I will be forever bitter that Seven and Raffi didn’t dance at the gala in season two – so I made it happen in fic and in art. This is a digital drawing and it’s terrible but it was driven by passion for the ship. I just had to make it exist.

– Winter Advent 22
The Amanda Tapping discord server did a “12 days of Advent fan-mas” kind of thing and I signed up for the 21st. This was my entry. Total mixed media project. Done primarily with watercolour and regular coloured pencils but a few markers were thrown in here and there. I’m moving over to traditional art thanks to the whole depressing AI art thing. I’ve been trying to get better at drawing for years and now a computer comes along and does it 10x better than me and in an instant? Maybe with a pencil I will remain relevant for a little while longer – I hope. Anyway, it’s not great but I tried.

2022 Gifsets
300 Notes Club
– How it started vs how it’s going (Star Trek: Picard, Seven/Raffi) 340
– You owe me a ship Picard (Star Trek: Picard, Seven & Picard) 306

200 Notes Club
– I’m here, it’s alright (Star Trek: Picard, Seven, Elnor & Raffi) 258
– AU in which HG Wells catches John instead of Helen (Sanctuary/Warehouse 13 crossover) 219

100 Notes Club
– Have you ever been in love? (Warehouse 13, Bering and Wells exchange) 158
– Female Power, Helen Magnus (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day One) 150
– What is stronger than the human heart? (Sanctuary, Helen Magnus) 146
– Who tells your story? (Sanctuary, The Five) 102

50 Notes Club
– The world should have protected you (Sanctuary, Helen Magnus) 71
– There are no happy endings (Sanctuary OT3) 68
– Can we keep our bearing straight? (Sanctuary, The Five) 66
– Abnormals (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day One) 62
– Let me die the moment my love dies (Sanctuary OT3) 62
– I’m sensing a pattern (Sanctuary OT3) 62
– The last time (Sanctuary OT3) 56
– Matching jackets (Sanctuary, John/Helen) 55
– Touch, OT3 (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day Two) 50

And the rest
– That’s my OT3 (Sanctuary OT3) 45
– The real favourite is all five (Sanctuary, Nikola Tesla) 43
– Universe fights (Sanctuary OT3) 42
– The family Magnus (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day Four) 41
– Have you ever been in love? (Sanctuary OT3) 39
– Good looks, Nikola Tesla (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day Three) 38
– Galaxies Collide (Sanctuary OT3) 31
– Monster, John Druitt (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day One) 27
– The ones you love the most (Sanctuary, John/Helen) 19
– Everyday Superhero (Sanctuary Appreciation Week, Day Seven) 18