In other rambling type news today is the 10th anniversary of me falling in love with Stargate.

I had watched the first 3 episodes 11 years ago last month, but I had decided I didn’t like it as I was so mad about Kawalsky. Then we got Prime Video ‘for free’ (as we already had Prime) and I wanted to test it out. Stargate was the only thing I recognised so I stuck it on and the rest is history.

It’s shaped a lot of my life actually. Sam Carter such a role model. But the whole Ancients thing, the portal to other worlds – Atlantis, the whole team exploring and fighting aliens. I actually have developed an original novel series picking up some of these concepts (it’s also super fun for fanfic crossovers). I’m not the only one either. One of my favourite novel series (Dragon Gate) the author is open about Stargate being an inspiration.

Anyway I remember very specifically that it was February 26th because I watched 2 episodes, and was partway into a third when I went “oh shit” as I was supposed to raid Siege of Orgrimmar (Warcraft Mists expansion) and I hadn’t left enough time to get my dinner. It was going to be a case of eating with one hand when clearing trash. I had just got it out of the oven when mum came home, and the phone rang, and it was the care home to say my Grandpa had died.

So yes sorry for just dropping that in there, but today is 10 years since my Grandpa passed. Possibly why I am being quite so introspective and maudlin because how has it been 10 years? It doesn’t feel real. He had dementia and so he was gone a long time before he was gone, but I still miss him 🙁

Obviously I didn’t raid that night (or eat dinner). I went with mum to the care home to tell Grandma and to deal with everything. To this day I can’t eat oven fish or wedges (what I had cooked for dinner). The very smell of it just takes me back there. It’s quite good that Stargate didn’t suffer the same fate. Instead I watched it fairly obsessively. I think I finished all 10 seasons by that summer and got them all on DVD (thank you eBay) so they could always be mine.

I don’t know if it’s coincidence or my subconscious but I started a bit of a Stargate rewatch end of last month.

10 years. Hard to believe.

I have written two fanfics with sort of a background crossover with Stargate. Using Stargate lore rather than characters. Basically it’s the Ancients they make it too easy. I suppose it’s basically a precursor cliche and that is present in other media too. Like Assassin’s Creed has the Isu.

Anyway my current amusement is my pet headcanon that the Q Continuum are Ascended Ancients. I don’t think I have rambled about this before but I might have.

My ‘evidence’ is that they don’t exist on our plane of existence – check. They can’t do anything helpful – check. You see ascended ancients aren’t supposed to interfere. Now obviously Q interferes the whole time but 1) only for his own amusement, 2) he puts everything back mostly how he finds it, 3) when he doesn’t the ‘others’ punish him. This suggests to me there are rules.

Trek aliens are varied. There is random life out there. Just as there was occasionally seen on Stargate. But a lot of Trek aliens are basically human in appearance. Obviously differences are beyond skin deep as Spock has green blood and his liver I think is in a different place? BUT crucially a lot of the races are genetically compatibly enough to reproduce. We have half-Vulcans, half-Klingons etc. That could mean that it’s one design, just iterated on. In Stargate the Ancients seeded life, using the machine on Dakara. What if in the Trek reality they went further and seeded a lot of life, in various permutations? They were scientists, treating the Galaxy like a Petri dish experiment.

I said the other day when I was rambling about the Synths and the sentient killer robots and the warning left behind by altering a solar system to say “hey look, something important here”, that it amused me to think of the Ancients warning about the Replicators/Asurans but hey why not? It fits. When I first learned about Dax and the symbiote I laughed about the Tok’ra (because goa’uld don’t share).

Now there are no Stargates in this universe so the ‘divergence’ would have had to have taken place a very long time ago. Or the Ancients removed the gates in the Milky Way for some reason.

Anyway I don’t know this is amusing me 🙂

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OR . . . in your universe, the Gates were never “discovered” by humanity. When the series (movie?) started, there were two Gates on Earth: one inside one of the pyramids in Giza, and one buried in Antarctica. And they only found the Antarctica one by accident. So if the Giza gate had been put further west, near an oasis, and then buried in hundreds of meters of sand when the oasis dried up, Earth humanity wouldn’t have found the Gates. 

And Ancient Precursors are canon in Star Trek: the episode The Paradise Syndrome makes that clear. So you’re good to go! 

violetfaust said:  I don’t know a lot about either the Stargate or ST extended universes, but wasn’t that time portal in the TOS episode City on the Edge of Forever quite similar to a stargate? 

anneelliotscat said:  It definitely could have been. Also the time machine that Mr. Atoz ran in “All Our Yesterdays” . 

galactic-pirates said:  @violetfaust I haven’t seen that one yet as I have only seen the beginning of season one of TOS. I will have to try and push through to get to that. Sounds interesting 🙂 

@anneelliotscat the stargates on earth not being found makes sense. It was them not being known/used in the rest of the Trek galaxy that made me think they probably didn’t exist in the Trek reality like they do in Stargate. But I like the thought and I remember that Discovery episode! I remember going “Brass!” and then “Stargate!” 😂 You guys have made my day replying to my Trek rambles today. Thank you so much ❤️ 

It’s a day ending in Y so I am musing about Star Trek as is my thing at the moment.

The Delta Quadrant was an unknown when Voyager got stranded there.

Now I was a Stargate fan first and they have hyperdrive in that, not Warp Drive. Near as I can tell from google maximum Warp is 2-3 light years travelled per day. For a Stargate regular Asgard-Earth hyperdrive (as seen on the Daedalus) they can do more like 143,000 a day. If they pair it with a ZPM it’s 750,000. Now hyperdrive speeds do vary. The Goa’uld pre-Apophis (probably reverse engineered Asgard stolen) would have taken a year to make the trip to Earth. In the Season 1 finale they did it in a couple of days. Wraith hyperdrives are also slower and they have to stop (a bit like Warp) as the engines/ships take damage and need to rest. But regardless hyperdrive is ridiculously much faster than Warp Drive.

All alien races in Trek seem to use some iteration of Warp Drive. I mean achieving Warp is when a race is considered ready for first contact right? Well it’s FTL not Warp and as I understand it because Warp has to set a course around everything, they are still in normal space. It’s basically just like really fast, with some kind of something so that there isn’t a temporal issue. Which is a bit how Destiny worked in Stargate (which pre-dates every other ship seen). So it could be said that Warp is like “early development” when it comes to FTL but due to first contact, and then the federation, they never broke from it. They just kept going like with a mental block. Sort of an echo chamber thing due to working together the second any race started down FTL.

Anyway so Delta Quadrant is far away in terms of Trek travel times. Not really far enough but work with me. What if races here had developed something akin to hyperdrive?

This is a very long way of musing about what such a development could do to the federation. They have the Prime Directive right because introducing advanced tech to people who aren’t ready for it – they could destroy themselves. Fear leads to jealousy, leads to divisions, leads to fighting and boom it’s war. So if they encountered a race with hyperdrive how would Voyager feel being on the ‘other side’ of the Prime Directive? Knowing this race had a way to get them home but they were refusing for Voyager/the Federations own longterm good.

Or alternately what if they did agree to share? What would the Federation suddenly having such tech do? Comparing 2-3 light years per day with hundreds of thousands times more, is like some guy who has only ever walked anywhere, suddenly getting a supersonic jet. What would that do to the power relations/politics of the federation? Would it help areas that StarFleet had given up on as it could increase their reach as ships could move around more easily? Or would it increase the inequality? If the Federation had the tech but they wouldn’t share with say the Romulans, would that lead to a first strike war as the Romulans afraid of what the Federation could do, sought to weaken them preemptively and then of course the Federation would what? Expand with imperialism. As the Klingons in Discovery said the most dangerous of words “we come in peace”?

I don’t know. My mind is chewing on it.

Remembered something I forgot.

The blocking in that table scene in Picard’s last episode.

From lots of angles Worf was hidden.

It was really noticeable and weird. I kept wondering if maybe he actually wasn’t there/it was a stunt double or something on retakes. It felt like it had to have been done on purpose.

As a Stargate fan it cracks me up how close everything is in Trek. Like Voyager was looking at 70 years to cross less than half the Galaxy but they used to pop halfway into Pegasus in a few weeks 😂

Not gonna lie I can’t encounter the line “it’s time for Plan B” without immediately hearing “we have a Plan B?” “No but it’s time for one” and then that little huh head nod.

From Stargate but totally fits everything. Our beloved heroes do love to fly by the seat of their pants.

Dark Matter aka I’m screaming

Seriously epic big temper tantrum!!! I just can’t freaking believe it!


There has been one constant with Dark Matter, the season finales have been fast-paced, heart-stopping, face-clutching and leave me screaming at the TV because urk I need to know what’s going to happen so bad!!!!

I knew that the show had been cancelled and there was no season four since last autumn. I knew that the show ended on a cliffhanger.


Seriously?!?!?! How could they do this? How? How? How?

This aired last August so no spoilers when I ask:
– How do they get the alien out of Two?
– Is Three going to be ok with alt!Portia? What is alt!Boone going to say?
– How many ships did Ryo lose? Is Teku dead?
– How do they get the alien out of Two?
– Is Six dead?
– Given Alicia Reynaud knew Five’s real name, is she such a monster not to realise the obvious approach? Aka “I’m the adopted mother of your sister let me help you” kinda thing. What kind of mother to Five’s sister will that have made her if it didn’t even occur to her?
– How old is Two’s kid? Who is Krydon? How did Two know she could trust them?
– Does alt!Portia want to go back to her reality for her kid? That would explain why they kept going after the blink drive. Could lead to bonding between her and Three because Three has a big heart (though he tries to hide it).
– Is Six dead?
– Oh let’s not forget the big alien ships that invaded aka The Black Ships, which doesn’t sound menacing at all
– What universe/reality do these aliens come from?

But leaving aside all the cliffhangers … the seriously big question is if there had been a Season Four because they crossed over with Stargate as was proposed how the hell would that have worked?????

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Make me choose: Prodigy or Proving Ground

↳Requested by: @tastethismoment

I love this episode. Sam was amazing and gorgeous as always, she was also wise and it was lovely seeing her as a mentor. I loved the glimpse of the academy, it made me want to write fics about when Sam was there, or Sam going back to teach. Plus it brought in Lt. Hailey and I was disappointed she was only seen in two episodes because that was a future of the franchise option.

I wanted to write fics of Hailey on an SG team. Sam in casual dress blues giving a lecture was awesome. I loved the quote about how Jack had to go now because no matter who was right it was about leadership. If he went then he risked his life but if he waited, he risked everyone’s and he couldn’t do that.

#role model


The Tok’ra of SG1

↳ Requested by @nonpossumplurascribere

The Tok’ra really were as arrogant as the Goa’uld in many respects. I found them fascinating, and actually calling them arrogant is probably arrogant in itself because I can see it from their point of view. I think it would have been interesting if they had done an episode or even a mini-series from the point of view of a race like the Tok’ra. We are always the heroes in our own stories but what do the other aliens think of the Tau’ri?

I really liked Jacob/Selmak and cheered everytime he was on screen. The other Tok’ra not so much, I wasn’t fond of Martouf but I did actually have respect for Malek. They are extremely interesting regardless and their outfits definitely improved in later seasons.

Stargate Atlantis

Nah | haven’t seen yet | didn’t like/gave up | like it | love it | highly recommend.


Why?: It’s Stargate! Ok I’m going to try and not write an essay about how much I love this show – keyword being try 🙂 I mean SG1 will always be my favorite of the three (sorry Rush) but Atlantis gave us well ^^ Atlantis! Oh I love that city so much, and the jumpers, and all the lore about the Ancients. Oh the unwritten fic I have spinning in my mind – so many stories! The theme music is incredible (seriously whoever did the music for Stargate is a genius) and I love the new characters.

I mean the show isn’t perfect, I’m slightly bitter even now that Elizabeth Weir was recast for the show, Sam Carter didn’t have enough screentime during season four, there were some dodgy storylines and initially they overfocused on the wraith. Oh yeah I said I wasn’t going to write an essay about this show … basically it’s brilliant! Not perfect but very enjoyable and a great part of the Stargate franchise, which is my favorite TV show of all time.

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Stargate Atlantis: Michael

Stargate asking the tough questions. I do ponder the moral implications sometimes, like is eradicating the wraith right because they are a species? They feed on humans because they have to, and saying they can’t is putting humans above them. There is no obvious solution because to change their nature would be to change them and that doesn’t seem right either. It’s an interesting dilemma and I’m not sure what the right answer is.