Make me choose: Prodigy or Proving Ground

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I love this episode. Sam was amazing and gorgeous as always, she was also wise and it was lovely seeing her as a mentor. I loved the glimpse of the academy, it made me want to write fics about when Sam was there, or Sam going back to teach. Plus it brought in Lt. Hailey and I was disappointed she was only seen in two episodes because that was a future of the franchise option.

I wanted to write fics of Hailey on an SG team. Sam in casual dress blues giving a lecture was awesome. I loved the quote about how Jack had to go now because no matter who was right it was about leadership. If he went then he risked his life but if he waited, he risked everyone’s and he couldn’t do that.

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I just know if I continue to hang around this fandom much longer I will wind up attempting to write smut. I haven’t tried in eight years because the response was laughter. I’ve been too self conscious to try again since.

Go for it, luv. You know us, we love smut in any form. You’re also 8 years older, so more maturity, more reading you’ve made. Go for it, darling !

Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 one day when I’m feeling particularly brave I’ll give it a go. Hell knowing me and my lack of patience it will be soon heh. Hopefully someone will agree to read it over before I post. That way if it is awful I won’t have to humiliate myself publicly.

I mean I’m a writer, it’s just honing a different aspect of my craft, adding another tool to the kit. If I never try, then I won’t get any feedback and I won’t improve. So for the sake of writing I should give it a try.

Thank you!

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I volunteer to beta it !!


I will personally vouch for Ripper’s smut beta-ing skills; she beta’d all my first smut fics.

And, you know, the world can never have too much smut.




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I had never considered Sam/Rush o.o that is actually quite interesting. Maybe in a world where Jack wasn’t around somehow? My first OTP was Jack/Sam, I feel overly protective of those two dorks <3

If anyone wrote SamRush let me know! I’d love to give it a try!!


@still-searching47 is probably gonna do it 🙂

I actually have to write this now don’t I? 🙂

No I am definitely going to oneshot it and don’t worry it will be respectful to Jack/Sam. There were all manner of feelings but it’s sort of canon that they didn’t get together until the end of season 8 because of regs. Well they never explicitly say that they get together but there was that deleted scene from SGA where Carter says she’s dating a guy in Washington, and Carter also tells that NID guy she is with someone. It was going to get properly confirmed in the third Stargate movie, which got cancelled.

Anyway, there were canon relationships otherwise (icky stalker Pete and erm, that CIA lady for Jack) so if I set it earlier then it might not be happy ever after for Rush/Carter, but that would just clear Rush to wind up on Destiny one day. I’m thinking late season four/five time perhaps. I’ll have to think about exactly what direction I take this in. I might do happy ever after for them, sort of an alternate reality where unfortunately the timing was never right for Jack and Sam to become a couple. I mean sometimes these things don’t work out. There are options.

Thanks I’ll probably, definitely take you up on that offer Ripper.






I’m watching Stargate SG1 and I have major Rush/Carter feels.

Cuz they’d be so great together. Scientists, one military, one not…, both hard headed and both stubborn like mules, I can already hear them shouting at each other.

My OTPs are still Sam/Jack and RushBelle but damn Rush and Carter would be cute together.

I liked it, you reblogged it heh. I should have reblogged it rather than just liking it but I wasn’t sure what the tumblr etiquette was with a post that old.

I went googling for some fanfic of Rush/Carter and all I found was your post. Why is there no fanfic of this? The pairing would be very different even from Rush and military!Belle because Belle and Sam are well .. different people. Although it would depend on when in the timeline Rush and Carter met.

Early Carter would have more in common with Belle, her idealism for one. Carter in later seasons was a bit more end justifies the means, plus Carter has always worshiped authority whereas Belle is more “nobody chooses my fate but me”. Belle is softer and more inquisitive about people. Carter is more science and knowledge for it’s own sake and she was quite bad at reading people, especially early on. Carter did get better with people and increasingly practical in later seasons, and even better at thinking outside the box, far more willing to take risks etc.

I think Rush with Belle, is a bit like Gold with Belle, she’d make him stronger, with her he would reaffirm his connection to humanity. She would be his reason for being better. He’d still be his sarcastic self, intolerant of idiocy but I think he would take his time a little more, maybe explain things rather than just expect people to accept his actions. Belle would support his choices, let him follow his heart, with her Rush would accept Icarus if it was what he was passionate about. Early season Carter would be right there with him with this existential stuff, later season Carter would bring him home, back to reality and life and death stuff because unfortunately that had to take precedence.

Rush with Carter would be more cerebral. Belle would pull him away from his work but Carter would dive in there with him. Depending on when they met (if it was pre-Destiny or not) their relationship might have more of a knock-on effect for his assignments. Why would Rush accept Icarus when the Ori were doing their best to kill his girlfriend? He certainly wouldn’t take it if Carter was in Pegasus. I could see Rush maybe stepping up in self-defense terms a little more, maybe even taking a position on an SG team so that when SG1 got into trouble, he could help bail them out. Either that or if it was O’Neill days on SG1, he would become the one scientist (that wasn’t Carter) at the SGC Jack trusted not to blow things up.

I can’t hear Sam shouting, I think she would just storm out or ignore him. However, the debates they would have would be glorious. I can just see them being a bit like the Castle and Beckett of science, with the whole finishing each others sentences thing.

Ugh I really want to oneshot this now but I have too many things to write already.

Edit: Feel free to disagree with my headcanons. I would love to hear what you or anyone else thinks. I love a good character debate and I could be very wrong 🙂

I haven’t watched SG1 in ages so I can’t really debate on Carter. What I remember of her is her never afraid of fighting for what she believed in.

They would be arguing if they had different opinions, because they’d think they’d both be in the right, so they would stand their ground and debate and argue and fuck over the desk because angry sex. Of course the minute they realize the solution is a mix of their opinion, they’d both start working in sync and perfect understanding. 

Heh I’m fairly obsessed with all manner of Stargate.

Yeah you are right actually, Sam always did stand her ground. I think I was drawing too heavily on her interactions with Jack and Daniel, I should have been thinking more McKay or Lee etc. She never did like to admit she was wrong.

Ugh I really wish I could write smut because I would read the hell out of what you just described 🙂

One of my fave episode is at the very start of the serie  when they arrive in this horribly sexist world and Sam kicks the sexist’s ass.

I wish I could write Sam because I can write smut

I just know if I continue to hang around this fandom much longer I will wind up attempting to write smut. I haven’t tried in eight years because the response was laughter. I’ve been too self conscious to try again since.

Heh I’m trying to put in that Rumbelle reaction gif “we can smut anything” but I can’t make it work on mobile.