A Tshirt Nicholas Rush would love to own.

Somebody fic it! *checks AMR prompts* yeah I’m sure that could be worked in somewhere 🙂 I definitely think it would be a shirt that he would protest against, claim he’d been forced to wear but secretly actually quite like. I mean perish the thought that anyone realizes he has a sense of humor heh.



I just know if I continue to hang around this fandom much longer I will wind up attempting to write smut. I haven’t tried in eight years because the response was laughter. I’ve been too self conscious to try again since.

Go for it, luv. You know us, we love smut in any form. You’re also 8 years older, so more maturity, more reading you’ve made. Go for it, darling !

Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 one day when I’m feeling particularly brave I’ll give it a go. Hell knowing me and my lack of patience it will be soon heh. Hopefully someone will agree to read it over before I post. That way if it is awful I won’t have to humiliate myself publicly.

I mean I’m a writer, it’s just honing a different aspect of my craft, adding another tool to the kit. If I never try, then I won’t get any feedback and I won’t improve. So for the sake of writing I should give it a try.

Thank you!

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I volunteer to beta it !!


I will personally vouch for Ripper’s smut beta-ing skills; she beta’d all my first smut fics.

And, you know, the world can never have too much smut.




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I had never considered Sam/Rush o.o that is actually quite interesting. Maybe in a world where Jack wasn’t around somehow? My first OTP was Jack/Sam, I feel overly protective of those two dorks <3

If anyone wrote SamRush let me know! I’d love to give it a try!!


@still-searching47 is probably gonna do it 🙂

I actually have to write this now don’t I? 🙂

No I am definitely going to oneshot it and don’t worry it will be respectful to Jack/Sam. There were all manner of feelings but it’s sort of canon that they didn’t get together until the end of season 8 because of regs. Well they never explicitly say that they get together but there was that deleted scene from SGA where Carter says she’s dating a guy in Washington, and Carter also tells that NID guy she is with someone. It was going to get properly confirmed in the third Stargate movie, which got cancelled.

Anyway, there were canon relationships otherwise (icky stalker Pete and erm, that CIA lady for Jack) so if I set it earlier then it might not be happy ever after for Rush/Carter, but that would just clear Rush to wind up on Destiny one day. I’m thinking late season four/five time perhaps. I’ll have to think about exactly what direction I take this in. I might do happy ever after for them, sort of an alternate reality where unfortunately the timing was never right for Jack and Sam to become a couple. I mean sometimes these things don’t work out. There are options.

Thanks I’ll probably, definitely take you up on that offer Ripper.






I’m watching Stargate SG1 and I have major Rush/Carter feels.

Cuz they’d be so great together. Scientists, one military, one not…, both hard headed and both stubborn like mules, I can already hear them shouting at each other.

My OTPs are still Sam/Jack and RushBelle but damn Rush and Carter would be cute together.

I liked it, you reblogged it heh. I should have reblogged it rather than just liking it but I wasn’t sure what the tumblr etiquette was with a post that old.

I went googling for some fanfic of Rush/Carter and all I found was your post. Why is there no fanfic of this? The pairing would be very different even from Rush and military!Belle because Belle and Sam are well .. different people. Although it would depend on when in the timeline Rush and Carter met.

Early Carter would have more in common with Belle, her idealism for one. Carter in later seasons was a bit more end justifies the means, plus Carter has always worshiped authority whereas Belle is more “nobody chooses my fate but me”. Belle is softer and more inquisitive about people. Carter is more science and knowledge for it’s own sake and she was quite bad at reading people, especially early on. Carter did get better with people and increasingly practical in later seasons, and even better at thinking outside the box, far more willing to take risks etc.

I think Rush with Belle, is a bit like Gold with Belle, she’d make him stronger, with her he would reaffirm his connection to humanity. She would be his reason for being better. He’d still be his sarcastic self, intolerant of idiocy but I think he would take his time a little more, maybe explain things rather than just expect people to accept his actions. Belle would support his choices, let him follow his heart, with her Rush would accept Icarus if it was what he was passionate about. Early season Carter would be right there with him with this existential stuff, later season Carter would bring him home, back to reality and life and death stuff because unfortunately that had to take precedence.

Rush with Carter would be more cerebral. Belle would pull him away from his work but Carter would dive in there with him. Depending on when they met (if it was pre-Destiny or not) their relationship might have more of a knock-on effect for his assignments. Why would Rush accept Icarus when the Ori were doing their best to kill his girlfriend? He certainly wouldn’t take it if Carter was in Pegasus. I could see Rush maybe stepping up in self-defense terms a little more, maybe even taking a position on an SG team so that when SG1 got into trouble, he could help bail them out. Either that or if it was O’Neill days on SG1, he would become the one scientist (that wasn’t Carter) at the SGC Jack trusted not to blow things up.

I can’t hear Sam shouting, I think she would just storm out or ignore him. However, the debates they would have would be glorious. I can just see them being a bit like the Castle and Beckett of science, with the whole finishing each others sentences thing.

Ugh I really want to oneshot this now but I have too many things to write already.

Edit: Feel free to disagree with my headcanons. I would love to hear what you or anyone else thinks. I love a good character debate and I could be very wrong 🙂

I haven’t watched SG1 in ages so I can’t really debate on Carter. What I remember of her is her never afraid of fighting for what she believed in.

They would be arguing if they had different opinions, because they’d think they’d both be in the right, so they would stand their ground and debate and argue and fuck over the desk because angry sex. Of course the minute they realize the solution is a mix of their opinion, they’d both start working in sync and perfect understanding. 

Heh I’m fairly obsessed with all manner of Stargate.

Yeah you are right actually, Sam always did stand her ground. I think I was drawing too heavily on her interactions with Jack and Daniel, I should have been thinking more McKay or Lee etc. She never did like to admit she was wrong.

Ugh I really wish I could write smut because I would read the hell out of what you just described 🙂

One of my fave episode is at the very start of the serie  when they arrive in this horribly sexist world and Sam kicks the sexist’s ass.

I wish I could write Sam because I can write smut

I just know if I continue to hang around this fandom much longer I will wind up attempting to write smut. I haven’t tried in eight years because the response was laughter. I’ve been too self conscious to try again since.

Heh I’m trying to put in that Rumbelle reaction gif “we can smut anything” but I can’t make it work on mobile.

Just a couple more thoughts on SGU, because I’m still not over the feels it gave me


– I just love how 2×15 is structured. I love how it constantly goes from Young/TJ/Eli worrying about Rush, getting pissed at him and wondering how to get him off the chair, to Rush happily not caring about the ship and being a lovesick puppy with Mandy. 

– There’s a scene, I believe it was in 2×16, when Rush tells Volker that every person has a predestined role, and Volker is destined to always be the “good friend”. Every bit of that speech makes me feel that was Rush was thinking was “and my role is that of the widowed, the one who keeps losing everyone he cares about”. 

Also the misunderstood brilliant scientist, who everyone loves to hate, right up to the moment they need him to save their lives – again. He really is the one everyone likes to blame for everything wrong on Destiny, so not fair.


SGU Rush/Mandy Theories

Ok I said I wasn’t going to post this until @sarashouldbestudying had finished watching the show because of spoilers. However, I can’t take the sadness. So just, you know, don’t read it until you have watched Gauntlet. Oh and @violetfaust you said you wanted in on the theories, so here they are 🙂

I have said a few times I’m not a Rush/Mandy shipper but I can still think of several happy ending’s for them. I’m just going to throw these theories out there and you can pick one/all/none for a fix-it for canon if you want to do that.

Right so my theories of how they can still be together and be happy …

1) Stasis pods
There was this episode of Stargate Atlantis, season 2, episode 9 ‘Aurora’ where the team found an Ancient ship drifting in space. On board they found the entire crew in stasis pods.

McKay found that if they entered a stasis pod then they could interact with the crew. All the pods were linked to a sort of simulation and the crew actually weren’t even aware that they were in stasis, they weren’t aware of how much time had passed, they were just happily living out their lives.

Destiny has already shown that the technology has this capability. Young experienced the simulation feature in the season 2, episode 6 ‘Trial and Error’ when he wasn’t even hooked up to anything. Mandy and Rush have already interacted via the chairs. I know that Eli locked up Mandy’s program on the mainframe but I think Destiny is self-aware and can undo whatever it likes.

When they go into stasis in Gauntlet (and yes this is where spoilers come in so please read at your own risk) they hope that they will be in stasis for three years. However, if Destiny drops out of FTL before reaching the next galaxy and just drifts there, it could be a thousand years. Rush and Mandy could live out a hundred simulated lifetimes.

2) Cloning technology
Mandy’s consciousness is stored on Destiny’s computer. In the season 6, episode 3 ‘Descent’ of SG1 the team are on a crashed Ha’tak. To cut a long story short they basically rescue a server shard before the ship explodes, which contains the consciousness of Thor, one of the Asgard, previously presumed dead after the events of the season five finale.

A few episodes later Thor re-appears in a new body. That was how the Asgard lived, they transferred consciousness between clones. Well Ba’al had the cloning technology. There is nothing to stop them from finding his facility, taking Mandy’s DNA (and DNA can survive centuries after death) and creating a new body for her and then downloading her consciousness from Destiny into the new body.

They don’t actually even need to use Ba’al’s tech either. They ran into clones on Atlantis. Carson Beckett was brought back to life thanks to a clone. In the season 3, episode 2 ‘Misbegotten’ Beckett is temporarily captured by Michael (one of the wraith) but he’s rescued and nobody thought anything of it. Until Beckett gets killed in the season 3, episode 17 ‘Sunday’ and then in season 4, episode 18 ‘The Kindred’ they raid one of Michael’s facilities and find Beckett! He says that he has been a prisoner for 2 years and basically “why didn’t you come find me?” and then they discover that he’s a clone.

He didn’t even realize he was a clone. He is still alive, still working for the Atlantis expedition. He was even the one that piloted Atlantis home from Pegasus in the series finale, so he’s trusted as well. No idea what they told his family, like “yeah we told you he was dead, that he had been blown up, had a funeral but yeah sort of not completely dead” or maybe Beckett just had to deal with being dead on Earth and not able to call his mom or anything. Ok, that’s sad. They were really close and everything.

The technology is out there.

3) Replicator technology
This is similar to the above theory but with a different example backing it up. That of Dr Elizabeth Weir. On Atlantis eventually there evolved two different forms of human-form replicator. One form was the standard replicator, and the other was basically flesh and blood but with healing nanites.

The cloning theory relies on them finding a facility that they don’t have, or potentially might have already been destroyed by someone. It is also a bit of a leap as if they did that for Mandy, then what’s to stop that from doing that for a ton of people? Slippery slope etc.

However, they have already taken Elizabeth Weir’s consciousness from the Atlantis computer and put it into a human-form replicator body. McKay did it and everyone yelled at him because he wasn’t supposed to and actually this didn’t end happily because Weir is drifting in space, effectively in suspended animation because they didn’t trust the replicators she had with her. So they tricked them into walking through a space gate and being in the atmosphere freezes them, rendering them harmless.

The rules on Atlantis are fairly fluid though and it’s not like Rush has ever been one to play by the rules. If he went ahead and did it, bringing Mandy to life, what are they going to do then? They won’t kill her, they might contain her for a bit but I mean these are the people that took a first prime (Teal’c) and put him on the frontline team. They didn’t let him leave the base unaccompanied, or live off base, until season 8 but he was allowed to live his life otherwise.

The same could be true for Mandy. She would have to live on Atlantis with Rush perhaps but would either of them argue about that? The IOA would think it a punishment and they would both secretly be laughing because best assignment ever!

4) The Chair
Mandy existed in Chloe’s mind, so did Ginn and they sort of traded control. Until they sucked the other two into the computer, giving Chloe her body back. What if they come across another colony of their descendants? Mandy is a very gifted scientist, that’s why Camille traded places with her for a month when they needed to fix the FTL drive back in season 1, episode 16 ‘Sabotage’ and would arguably be a very useful person to have.

In a greater good type scenario, somebody could volunteer to swap with her. Their mind would live within Destiny’s computer and Mandy could download into their body and have it for her own. Now, there is a ton of moral problems with this and I hesitate to list it as a theory. I really do not like it at all, I have the same distaste as I do with the stones. The whole body swap thing really creeps me out.

However, they have the technology and it is feasibly possible so it goes on the list.

5) Planet Builder Aliens
They didn’t really get bodies, they only managed a temporary fix of the crew left behind. However, they had power and it’s possible that maybe they could craft some kind of body for Mandy. I mean we so little about them, about their capabilities, about what their goals are. Who were they? Where did they come from? What is their history? etc.

We just don’t know enough about them but I list them as a possibility because they were advanced. They were also clearly curious about Destiny or they never would have sent the crew back. Joseph Mallozzi on his blog said that they intended to do more with them if the show hadn’t been cancelled. I also think that they would never have brought Mandy and Ginn back via Destiny’s computer if they didn’t intend to do something with them.

6) Alternate reality
Alternate realities are sometimes linked to time travel. For instance take the season 1, episode 8 ‘Time’. The reality that is the ‘home’ reality for our crew was the third one. The first happened and everyone died, the second (the one the episode followed) was influenced by the events of the first. Then the final reality, was influenced by the second.

I always found it quite sad that I expect everyone celebrated that they lived, that they ‘finally got it right’. I mean Rush actually says something along the lines of “next time we might not be so lucky as to get three attempts” or something like that, which glosses over the truth of what happened. They didn’t get three attempts. Those previous two realities – they happened, and those versions of them died. They were just as real, they had the same lives, the same hopes and the same dreams. They were just unfortunate to be reality one and two, not the final reality three.

However, alternate realities don’t have to be linked to time travel. I mean it’s the multiverse theory. For every decision made, go right or go left, a new branch of reality is created and then events unfold from that point. It’s the very basis of ‘what if’ fanfic. It takes a point in time and then creates an alternate reality from that point.

With time travel in the season 2, episode 12 ‘Twin Destinies’ we saw time travel again impact upon our reality, maybe us reality four or possibly five on the list (depending on if you count going back 2000 years, and going back 12 hours as merging into the same reality). Anyway, I’m still a little bitter that we didn’t get to keep double Rush for more than an episode because double Rush! What’s not to like? However, Telford came back to life via this method. His alternate self made it to Earth, where his current self got killed on alternate Destiny. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

The problem with time travel though is ok say Mandy went forward and not back, she wouldn’t have died and instead would have disappeared on her trip forward. Just like Sheppard did in the season 4, episode 20 ‘The Last Man’ when he went forward thousands of years into the future. She can’t go back and into our reality either because she’s dead. It’s a bit like what Rumple says ‘Dead is dead’.

With alternate realities she wouldn’t be exactly the same person. A bit like how there was alternate geeky Carter and Daniel in the season 8, episode 19/20 ‘Moebius’ of SG1. At the core they were the same people but they had been shaped by different experiences. In this example Carter had never joined the military but she was still brilliant, still brave and still very attracted to one Jack O’Neill.

There are many different ways of travelling between realities. Carter did it in season 10, episode 13 ‘The Road Not Taken’ of SG1 using an Ancient device built by Merlin. That device wasn’t supposed to do that, it was an accident during an experiment. Also on SG1 there was the quantum mirror first discovered in the season 1, episode 19 ‘There but for the grace of god’ and of course my personal favorite the alternate reality drive built by our very own SGC. McKay claimed credit for it in the season 5, episode 4 ‘The Daedalus Variations’.

Imagine this, an alternate reality, has the alternate reality drive and thinks that they are back in their reality. They gate to Destiny. I have several theories as to how there could be relatively easy travel between Earth and Destiny but that’s for another post. Anyway, but after they get to Destiny they realize ooops – not their reality. Rush is very surprised to see the Destiny gate spit out Mandy and of course then they are trapped because Destiny can’t dial back out – not enough power.

She could still be the same person inside but her reality is a bit different for some reason, I mean obviously something would be different or they wouldn’t have the alternate reality tech.

I have some issues with this theory too because aren’t you just replacing someone then with a copy of them? Isn’t that a bit wrong somehow? Not sure.


Actually that’s all I can think of right now. I thought I had more theories but I’d never actually written them down. Besides I think I’ve rambled on long enough, especially about alternate realities and time travel. They are very complex plot devices but used correctly they can be awesome.

I mean – double Rush, what’s not to like?

So yeah anyway, this is kinda off the top of my head. There may be more ways but none I can think of right this second.

There is hope.

Just something I forgot to say


So apparently Rush doesn’t love Mandy?

I refuse to believe that. Like, if the way Nicholas looks at her it’s not love, then I don’t know what Love is.

We’re talking about the man who spent one whole year working himself into exhaustion to make the ship work, to understand and control its systems, yet the moment he has a chance to spend some quality time *wink wink* with Mandy he drops everything and goes like “Fuck the ship. Or, rather, I’ll fuck Mandy”. 

Seriously, that’s love. 

This is from a non-shipper perspective but I don’t think the problem was ever that Rush didn’t love Mandy. Even as a non-shipper I’m certain that he did love her and that he loved her a great deal. They were a canon ship for all that I didn’t ship it, if that makes sense. Rush did love her.

However, he didn’t love her the same way that she loved him. That doesn’t mean that he loved her any less than she loved him, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t love her, it just means his love was different.

I believe that how we love someone is mixed up with why we love them and of course they are different people. So the traits that Mandy admired and loved in Rush, would be different from the ones that he loved about her. Plus Rush still loves Gloria, he will always love his wife and I don’t think that is wrong. She’s dead, love doesn’t stop with death. That doesn’t mean he can’t move on and love someone else, but part of his heart will always belong to Gloria.

Mandy made a mistake, she used her love for Rush as the template. He didn’t love her exactly how she loved him. That doesn’t mean he didn’t love her. He did love her.

Just saw 1×16


OMG NICK AND MANDY, MY PRECIOUS SCIENCE BABIES! The way they look at each other kills me. 
But no matter what show Carlyle is in, he keeps getting cockblocked. It’s a curse XD. 

Best scene ever: Mandy thinking that Eli finds it strage for a disabled person to fall in love, while what he’s actually saying is: “Rush? Are you sure? Girl, you can do better than him”.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks that’s really creepy that thanks to the communication stones people can kiss/have sex with their loved ones using someone else’s body? 

Oh, and I definitely think that it’s dumb to work out and go jogging when you’re stuck on the ship with the very real possibility that you could be starving soon. 

The stones creep me out full stop.

I bet if they ever ran into an ancient scientist and told them about the stones, the ancient would fall over in shock.

“They worked for you!?! That’s fascinating but they are not supposed to work like that!!”

Because some ancients had telepathy so I headcanon that the stones were supposed to be like cerebro in enhancing that telepathy, which meant they could place really long distance mind calls. So suddenly you would have someone talking to you in your head. Do talking was all they could do, not so different from a cellphone, loads less creepy than swapping bodies.

Yeah the body swap thing is just ick because I don’t care whether people give permission for you to use their body, it’s still wrong.

Yeah Eli being like that about Rush annoys he. I have never understood why Eli is such a Young fanboy. He should have been on Rush’s side but never has been. Besides Eli, there is no one better than Rush, Amanda has excellent taste.