I feel amazing kinship with this person I’m following. I wish I could tell them but I’ve never spoken to them before and so I think it would be weird. Their tags on Dark Matter gifsets are like they come from my brain. Example:

#FUCK YOU SYFY#this show was amazing#and i will never be able to watch more than a couple of specific episodes again#because i’m always gonna be angry#siiiiiigh#i’m with five

Because ^^ this all of this!!

1) the show was awesome
2) the cliffhanger is so damn painful!
3) now we’re never going to know what happens!!! (and no fic can’t 100% fill that void)

Although I think I might have to disagree with the rewatch part because dammit if three seasons is all I get, then I’m gonna have to rewatch it all over and over for forever for my fix.

and damn gifsearch just kicked back this amazing gif. Excuse me must reblog properly!

Dark Matter aka I’m screaming

Seriously epic big temper tantrum!!! I just can’t freaking believe it!


There has been one constant with Dark Matter, the season finales have been fast-paced, heart-stopping, face-clutching and leave me screaming at the TV because urk I need to know what’s going to happen so bad!!!!

I knew that the show had been cancelled and there was no season four since last autumn. I knew that the show ended on a cliffhanger.


Seriously?!?!?! How could they do this? How? How? How?

This aired last August so no spoilers when I ask:
– How do they get the alien out of Two?
– Is Three going to be ok with alt!Portia? What is alt!Boone going to say?
– How many ships did Ryo lose? Is Teku dead?
– How do they get the alien out of Two?
– Is Six dead?
– Given Alicia Reynaud knew Five’s real name, is she such a monster not to realise the obvious approach? Aka “I’m the adopted mother of your sister let me help you” kinda thing. What kind of mother to Five’s sister will that have made her if it didn’t even occur to her?
– How old is Two’s kid? Who is Krydon? How did Two know she could trust them?
– Does alt!Portia want to go back to her reality for her kid? That would explain why they kept going after the blink drive. Could lead to bonding between her and Three because Three has a big heart (though he tries to hide it).
– Is Six dead?
– Oh let’s not forget the big alien ships that invaded aka The Black Ships, which doesn’t sound menacing at all
– What universe/reality do these aliens come from?

But leaving aside all the cliffhangers … the seriously big question is if there had been a Season Four because they crossed over with Stargate as was proposed how the hell would that have worked?????

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Dark Matter’s going to be my new Almost Human. I haven’t seen Season 3 because I live in the UK, and I didn’t want to spoil myself, but some careful peeking has confirmed it ends on a cliffhanger with lots of unanswered questions. I don’t think that should be allowed!

Honestly it’s like reading a book and discovering the last chapter is missing.


I get they don’t think it’s financially viable to make anymore but I just want the questions answered. I suppose it’s possible Mallozzi will put up a blog post but I’m still holding a grudge because of Stargate Universe. I’ll never forget his answer when people said “but what happened???” and his answer was “your guess is as good as mine” because they’d written the cliffhanger without deciding how it would resolve. He did suggest half a dozen theories but that’s not the same as answers. I know that means we can decide what happened but ugh it’s just not same you know?

I tried to be careful with Dark Matter as well. I remembered Almost Human and I wouldn’t let myself watch season one until it had been renewed for season two. I figured it would be fine after that but actually it’s not. It seems it’s just as irritating even a couple of seasons in, and now I’m frothing up remembering other cliffhanger endings. Oh how I ranted about Agent Carter.

Would it kill the studios to think a little further in advance so things could be wrapped up and questions answered? Probably because I mean they have to write and film things a long time before they air, and it’s only after they air that the studios get ratings information and then decide the shows fate. So logic tells me that it’s not the studios fault but ugh, I’m still bitter.

Syfy renews Killjoys for two final seasons, but cancels Dark Matter

Syfy renews Killjoys for two final seasons, but cancels Dark Matter