Re: Killjoys I can explain away most seeming plot holes when I think hard enough but there is one from the finale which I can’t resolve.

“We of the nine are taught to fear the hullen from the cradle”

Buuuuut Pawter was of the nine, she was Sayah Simms for a hot minute, so if the nine were taught of the old enemy from an early age then Pawter would have known, and would therefore have said something?

The hullen did get easier to kill, more like paper soldiers, over time which also bothered me.

You know I’m thinking maybe I should do a rewatch just in case I’m remembering wrong and Pawter didn’t know that is what they were facing. If she hadn’t been brought in on that then it does add an extra element to Kendry stabbing her, as Pawter would have told Johnny everything.

Don’t mind me, my brain just likes thinking about these things and what ifs 🙂

OMG ok watched the Killjoys finale

I want to post about it in detail as I have thoughts!! But I also know how tired I am and that it is the kinda thing that I probably won’t get round to so short version!

Incredibly well executed and it was as a perfect happy ending as they could make it. So TV execs take note this is what made it so good:

– ZERO character deaths

– hints at the adventures the characters will continue to have even though we aren’t watching

– sooooo many callbacks, they really tried to make sure nobody was forgotten

– our heroes won the day so there is a feeling of victory

The smile on my face might be bittersweet because I am genuinely sad that there will be no more Killjoys episodes but the smile is most definitely there.

It would have been so easy for them to have killed off one of the big 3 to prove the cost of war. Usually TV people think if they don’t kill someone off then the stakes won’t feel high – rubbish! This is TV, I can believe in the stakes without my heart being shattered.

Well with Killjoys my heart was safe. Sure there are things I wish they had explored more, and the whole Pippin resurrection thing was very fast, but I forgive them that because it made Zeph happy – it meant no character was left out of the happy ending. I mean Johnny didn’t get Pawter back 🙁 but he’s got Lucy and Clara and a life which is something.

I don’t know. I just thought it was really good.

Ok I’m going to do it, I’m going to watch the last two episodes of Killjoys.

I am so sad that such a great show is coming to an end but I am grateful that the producers et al had plenty of notice so the finale should hopefully be good.

I’m too tired really for this but I don’t know when I’m not going to be tired and I can’t avoid spoilers forever.

/sighs I haven’t even watched it yet and I’m already missing this show.

Damn it! The latest Killjoys with all the Kendry mom stuff “ahhhhhh!”

I wanted to hate her forever for killing Pawter.

But now I can’t, although truthfully I haven’t been able to for sometime. I mean she’s still a cold, cruel, evil lady but there’s more to her than that and depth and layers always appeals to me in characters.

Why does this show have to be so good? So three-dimensional? Oh wait…

/facepalm that’s hardly a bad thing is it? :p

5 episodes left 🙁 I’m going to miss this show so much.

I know I can rewatch but 50 episodes isn’t that many, it’s going to wind up like Leverage and The Librarians I know it is, I’ll know each episode inside out and watch it anyway because the familiarity is comforting rather than boring. I’ll still yearn for more content though because when something is that good, it’s very hard to say when is enough.


Sooooooo much screaming!!!

Finally got my eyeballs on Killjoys 5×01 and 02 and I’m glad my excited screaming was silent because I didn’t want to miss a second.

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

I am sad this is the last season but oh boy is it electric. The feelings! The banter! It’s self aware and heart breaking and funny and I have so many questions!

Honestly I wasn’t expecting them to bring Kline back but the green opened the door. Also I guess as the outsider friend to team awesome force he shares the same spot that Aneela would in the fight against the lady which means Hannah John-Karmen doesn’t have to pull double duty again. Although she was amazing at that dual role, you could really tell which character she was even if she was pretending otherwise, master class in acting.

Anyway I digress. 47 days doesn’t seem long enough for Pree to have grown his hair out and I’m not sure how Delle Sayah visited the salon while on the run but :p no complaints. I kinda like it, a little visual reminder of the changes they have gone through.

I wonder if it was Aneela who left the red box for Dutch. I can’t think that it would have been anyone else because Kline was dead, so it’s not like he could have put any contingency plans into place before the lady arrived. I wonder how she got out. Explains Kline saying not to underestimate his ‘girls’ emphasis on plural.

Weirdly the synopsis for episode 3 kinda picks up after the team clearly escape from the cliffhanger (way to ruin the moment there Amazon) But then again this show is always fast-paced so no big surprise.


OMG only 8 more episodes. I don’t know how to deal. Eeeeek!

Oh!!! Nearly forgot. Zeph and her crush on Dutch hehe. All I can say is

“Same Zeph. Same”


Killjoys Season 5 is now available as a season pass on Amazon!! (UK)

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Not like I’ve been checking everyday or anything *cough* …

This show is so good I can’t wait to find out how they wrap everything up because man I have questions!

Because I just rambled misery and I hate spreading that have some positivity!

Killjoys season four is on amazon instant video!!!! Only the first episode so far but they’ll hopefully add it weekly? I don’t actually know but I’m psyched because I didn’t think I’d get to watch it until next March, which is when they added season three.

Yeah I watched it and I’m confused as hell but I don’t care because the entire episode was about how strong Dutch and Johnny’s friendship is! Her North Star indeed 🙂 seriously that is one of the things I love most about this show that the most important relationship isn’t romantic.

Duchess —-> Dutch. Love it! 🙂

I’m having to unfollow the Killjoys blogs I found 🙁

I won’t be able to get hold of season 4 to watch it probably until next March/April time and I don’t want to be completely spoiled.

Honestly for the millionth time – in the days of the internet why is there such a time lag in distributing media around the world?!?! It’s not like they have to load reels of film onto steam ships or anything.

Everything in the world should be on netflix, they put things up just a couple of days later, now that’s a time lag I can accept!

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What show/movie is this? I need to know. I also need to know if this is Aaron or Shawn Ashmore (I love them both but for…

It’s Killjoys, one of the best damn shows on TV right now imo. I love it so much! Shall I link to IMDB or Wiki, I don’t know argh hehe. Anyway, it’s bounty hunters IN SPACE! Seriously, what’s not to love? My mobile/dash header image is of Team AwesomeForce (aka the Killjoys team).

It’s Aaron Ashmore.

Anyway, there will be a metric ton more of Killjoys being reblogged by me. I added I think 80? gifsets to the queue recently. Thank merlin for the auto-tagger is what I say. I’m trying to spread them out so as not to spam non-Killjoys fans (though if you aren’t watching, I would sooooo totally recommend watching).

I so love that I can type “team awesome force” into the gif finder and it knows which awesome team I mean 🙂

Syfy renews Killjoys for two final seasons, but cancels Dark Matter

Syfy renews Killjoys for two final seasons, but cancels Dark Matter