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OMG I nearly forgot again!

I super want to do this because I’m hoping I can pump myself up, you know get pumped! Because I want to do all the things but just bleugh heh, the old fake it until you make it right? 🙂

So let’s do this thing!!!!

Ok friends, what shall I talk about this week? I mean it’s super tempting to blather on about everything that I really really hope is upcoming but hey let’s not split the focus too much, let’s bring it down.


Ok there you go, that’s my thing, that’s what I’m going to try and get pumped about this week, whoop whoop!

Guys, guys, guys, I can’t say it’s been 84 years because it’s been 2 years or longer, quite frankly I have lost track at this point but but there has been movement. End of October I planned out probably around the next 5 chapters I think I reckoned. Then beginning of THIS month I wrote the first half of the next chapter.

Yup that’s right, there is half a chapter after 2 years *rolls eyes at self*

No, no, no negativity self, glass half full and all that, half a chapter is better than no chapter. So what’s upcoming? Let’s try and get excited! But without spoilers! Yeah this is hard.

Ok so we left things with a looming trip to an art studio. Actually considering it’s been so long should I do more of a recap? Hmm ok. The story – Neal made a deal with Gold that if his dad took a 3 month sabbatical off work, then he would go back to college and finish his degree and let his dad pay for it. So Gold moves into the cottage next door to Belle in the picturesque countryside of an indeterminate location (there are lavender fields and that’s kinda it, pick your country of choice *cough*).

Belle was in a car accident a couple of years ago, she lost her mother and her eyesight. Her dad was driving and couldn’t take the guilt and she hasn’t seen him since shortly afterwards as he can’t face her. She vacationed in the cottage as a kid and moved in and basically never left. She spends her days painting and reading, in a nice little bubble where nothing upsets the controlled environment she has created for herself – but then Gold arrives.

Gold’s arrival makes Belle confront issues she had been avoiding, and she in turn makes Gold take the sabbatical more seriously. He had just been doing it to pacify Neal but he starts to realize that maybe Neal had a point. Anyway change is hard, there are arguments and meltdowns and lots of tears and tea. Both Belle and Gold decide that they want to try to face what scares them and personal growth. Hence Belle’s decision to take Gold up on his offer to go to this art studio, which is where we left things in Chapter 10.

As for what happens next? Shall I try and do an episode tagline thingy because #NoSpoilers. Erm ok – next time on Painting Layers of Love Belle’s world threatens to shrink even further, Gold calls Doctor Hopper and makes a mistake which will echo out for the next few chapters probably (I have a sort of arc planned).

So yeah this is still a thing. Coming ‘soon’ TM, to a screen near you 🙂


I am totally pants at estimating length BUT I just outlined from Day Twenty-Two (where we left off) to Day Thirty-Nine of Panting Layers of Love. Yes that is right

Painting Layers of Love has the start of a plan!

I’m thinking I might put a bit of a time-skip in after Day 39 but I’m not sure because I have to go out! I have to stop! Honestly stopping once something is flowing is the most annoying thing in the world I swear. I’m terrified that I’ll lose momentum and get stuck again

buuuut even leaving aside that I have no clue on length (because I suck) there are 15 scenes I just planned – that’s 4 and a bit chapters comparing to previous chapter scene allocations.

So I think it’s safe to say that I know what’s coming next for a little bit 🙂





Painting Layers of Love | Rumbelle | by @galactic-pirates

It had been two years since the accident.

@galactic-pirates​, my darling, I will wake from a coma, rise from my coffin, return from the afterlife when this fic updates.


erm same?

Honestly I feel like Nov16 a meteor hit my life, like the one that hit the world and wiped out the dinosaurs. Nothing has been the same since. I had hoped (and as always famous last words) that this summer would be the start of getting back on track but just when I was thinking that might happen I got thrown a gigantic curveball. I know excuses, excuses.

This art cover aesthetic thing is still one of my favourite things ever that I can’t thank you enough for btw – I could admire IT forever *hugs*



VALENSOLE Lavender Fields (June 2018)

@galactic-pirates you know what I’m thinking of?

Yes I do

I’m been thinking about it every single day lately. It’s Camp NaNo this month so you never know 🙂

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There, there, no shame intended! Just wanted you to know I was thinking of your fic. If it speaks to you, that’d be wonderful, but if not, I’ll remember it fondly anyway.

Oh merlin I hope it won’t remain just a fond memory! I’ve had an eventful year to put it mildly. I know intentions are meaningless but both back then and now – it’s always on my mind to write.

I avoided stating it earlier but you know what I’m going to risk it. Cast iron guarantee right here, etched in stone etc. there WILL be an update before the end of the month.

or at least I hope not urk heh

PLL OF COURSE because it’s so near and dear to my heart forever and always, and you do such a fantastic job with their mutual issues and Belle’s disability and anxiety. Probably Transposing Digits next. It’s such a cute verse, very fluffy and wonderful, with bonus Bae.


Thank you! Your support with PLL means everything to me. I’m always scared I’m not going to do it justice and then you comment with the beta read and well I couldn’t do it without you *hugs*

What is your favorite fic of mine?

Fav Fic Ask: You probably know that I have a soft spot for Painting Layers of Love. Well, more than a soft spot; its my favorite of yours. There aren’t many agoraphobic characters out there and her and Gold’s relationship is so sweet. <3

Thank you! Belle and Gold care about each other a lot, it’s slow burn friends to lovers really, so sweet and loving is what I was aiming at 🙂


What is your favorite fic of mine?

Painted Layers of Love Belle or Gold: Okay, you’ll have the art studio to yourselves and there will be sculpting involved. I think a reenactment from the scene in “Ghost” is in order. Okay, yeah, I know in “Ghost” she was doing pottery, but…you know where I’m going with this. ;)


Gold: *coughs* I would be lying if I said that idea didn’t hold an appeal, but I don’t think Belle would be comfortable. We agreed to just stay as friends and I’m going to honor that. I know I have a reputation at work but I assure you I’m not the type of man to pressure a lady for more than she is willing to give.

(OOC that was the prompt! That was the actual prompt, a reenactment of Ghost. I think if you’re hoping for that in chapter eleven you’ll be disappointed but there’s still a lot of story left. Maybe eventually…)

Painting Layers of Love (Chapter Ten)




Synopsis: Belle French lives alone and she likes it that way. She’s lived alone ever since the terrible car accident which killed her mother and claimed her eyesight. Belle spends her days painting, in complete solitude, until one day she wakes up and hears movement outside. Somebody has moved into the cottage next door. She had grown comfortable in her solitary existence until Mr Gold crashes into her life. Now her future is uncertain, like a blank canvas, waiting for her to apply the paint and decide what kind of story she is creating.

Note: Banner by the awesomely amazing @rowofstars who has very kindly and patiently beta read this chapter. Thank you so much! I am really, really sorry for the wait on this chapter. I had a really bad March and didn’t write much of anything. It’s Camp NaNo this month though and that seems to have kickstarted the old writing engine again. This chapter involves the start of a prompt from @betsypaige22. I hope that despite the delay you all still enjoy this chapter 🙂

Warning: Deals with depression and anxiety.

On Tumblr: Chapters One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

AO3 Link

The next day
Gold woke up bright and early to drive into the city. He’d been planning on his
visit to Neal being a surprise but Belle had counseled him against that.
Instead he’d called and asked if it would be convenient, and they’d arranged
that he would get to their apartment just after lunch. That would give him more
than enough time to make the drive, stop off at the toy store and see about
something for Belle.

Belle liked
books, but that seemed a risky purchase, she had talked with him about a lot of
books but he knew she had read hundreds more. He really didn’t want to buy her
a book that she already had. Besides, a book wasn’t something they could do
together. They were limited on activities they could do within the boundaries
of the four walls of a cottage. His instinct was to buy tickets to something,
but that had disaster stamped all over it. Belle wasn’t ready for that, may
never be ready for that, and pushing would only make it worse.

Alone in his
car, as the powerful sedan ate up the miles, Gold ruminated on the
possibilities. Belle had two passions, reading and art, and he wanted whatever
he gave her to be personalized. He didn’t want to just get a generic gift
because he went to the city, he wanted her to know that he’d really thought
about it. It was quite the conundrum and when he reached the city outskirts,
and had to slow down through the suburbs, he was no closer to a solution.
Unfortunately, the toy store wasn’t exactly conducive to thinking.

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Oh, Belle. You always leap before you look. I’m sure Nick will be there for her to help catch her when she falls.

The disconnect between Gold and Neal is very interesting. Neal has this idea of his father that’s probably only half true. He really thinks that Gold working so much and whatever else, meant that in some way he wasn’t paying attention and that he didn’t love him. When Gold was always paying attention and always loved him and in his mind did everything for Neal. It’s a bridge they’ll have to cross together.

Thank you! In my experience kids and adults see things differently about stuff that happened growing up. Adults assume that kids understand their motivations and they don’t. I’m hoping time and communication will fix this for Gold and Neal. Though it’s one thing to know something to be true and another for the subconscious to accept it.

So even if Neal does grow to completely understand what happened, it might still take time for him to really believe it. I’m really glad you liked the chapter! Thank you again for all your support and help. You are the best! 🙂


Aww, that was so sweet!!! I loved Gold’s interaction with Anna; it was hilarious. He was far more patient than I would have been. His playtime with Henry and the reminiscing, very precious. And then his gift…don’t want to give too much away, but that was beautiful. I can’t get enough of this verse; its one of my favorites. Wonderful job as always!

Thank you! 🙂 I think Gold was pretty stunned by Anna to be honest, plus he needed her help. If they’d met under different circumstances then a stinging insult probably would have ensued. I confess I do have a soft spot for Anna. I’m thrilled that you liked it!


I’m so glad that Belle has made the brave choice, but at the same time I’m kind of worried that something’s going to go terribly wrong…

It’s kind of heartbreaking seeing the disconnect between Neal and Gold, almost as if Neal’s determined to think badly of his father but then kind of gets tripped up and neither of them really know what to do with it, so I hope that they can continue to get closer as time goes on. I think Emma and Henry will do a lot to bring them together again.

Looking forward (although with a little trepidation) to seeing how the sculpture date goes!

Heh thank you! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I felt bad for Gold in that visit scene to be honest. He came close to a revelation about himself and he completely missed it. That’s something that will be built on later. You might be right to be worried but don’t worry I have a golden rule – I break them, I fix them. So it’ll all come right eventually I promise 🙂

Painting Layers Belle: I know that you’re probably nervous about venturing out to the art studio, but its going to be all right. It’ll be an adventure, one that you can share with Nick. Now, what do you plan to sculpt first?


I … I don’t know. I’m trying not to think about it. Tomorrow is so soon, it rather feels like an oncoming freight train and I’m tied to the tracks. Besides I’ve never worked with clay before, I would probably just make an awful indistinguishable mess no matter what I intend.

Extended ask meme: Painting Layers of Love – 2, 5, 9. :)

2) One secret the PoV character doesn’t know.
Secret implies deceit and I’m struggling to think of anything that Belle and Gold are purposefully keeping hidden. These two actually talk, unusual for Rumbelle I know, so if they don’t know anything then it’s likely just because it hasn’t come up. Sorry that’s probably a cop-out answer.

5) What will things be like for the characters 10 years after the main events.
I am extremely grateful to get these asks. Seriously, there’s nothing quite like seeing I have a new message. Nobody likes screaming into the void. However, this ask meme /facepalm maybe I should have restricted it to completed fics because I don’t want to spoil the ending. However, I suppose it’s not a spoiler that I promise a happy ending, or as close to one as reality allows.

Belle and Gold will have been married for a few years. Emma and Neal will have had another child, probably a little sister for Henry. Neal will have been working for a few years having graduated. Henry will be in high school. That kind of thing 🙂

9) What a non-PoV character is thinking in a certain scene.

You know I used to head-hop and I miss it sometimes. So I have a terrible habit of when I swap to the next POV, I have that character think about what they were thinking previously. I just scrolled through the story and the first scene that works for this question is when Gold gets called back into work unexpectedly.

Regina is surprised at Gold’s annoyance, having thought he’d have jumped at the chance to return. She’s also scared because the Midas deal started falling through on her watch and she doesn’t want to get blamed for it. Then when Gold insists he’s leaving again her curiosity goes into overdrive. The mention of ‘plans’ is like blood in the water to a shark, she has to know this juicy information of what could entice Nicholas Gold to want to stay away from work.

Not because she wants the information as leverage or anything mean like that, it’s purely for teasing purposes, and also so she can protect him if needed. I mean it must be concerning that one minute Gold doesn’t have anyone, and the next he’s head over heels for his neighbor. Given how much Gold is worth, anyone who didn’t know Belle, might be concerned that Belle only wanted Gold’s money.