Extended ask meme: Painting Layers of Love – 2, 5, 9. :)

2) One secret the PoV character doesn’t know.
Secret implies deceit and I’m struggling to think of anything that Belle and Gold are purposefully keeping hidden. These two actually talk, unusual for Rumbelle I know, so if they don’t know anything then it’s likely just because it hasn’t come up. Sorry that’s probably a cop-out answer.

5) What will things be like for the characters 10 years after the main events.
I am extremely grateful to get these asks. Seriously, there’s nothing quite like seeing I have a new message. Nobody likes screaming into the void. However, this ask meme /facepalm maybe I should have restricted it to completed fics because I don’t want to spoil the ending. However, I suppose it’s not a spoiler that I promise a happy ending, or as close to one as reality allows.

Belle and Gold will have been married for a few years. Emma and Neal will have had another child, probably a little sister for Henry. Neal will have been working for a few years having graduated. Henry will be in high school. That kind of thing 🙂

9) What a non-PoV character is thinking in a certain scene.

You know I used to head-hop and I miss it sometimes. So I have a terrible habit of when I swap to the next POV, I have that character think about what they were thinking previously. I just scrolled through the story and the first scene that works for this question is when Gold gets called back into work unexpectedly.

Regina is surprised at Gold’s annoyance, having thought he’d have jumped at the chance to return. She’s also scared because the Midas deal started falling through on her watch and she doesn’t want to get blamed for it. Then when Gold insists he’s leaving again her curiosity goes into overdrive. The mention of ‘plans’ is like blood in the water to a shark, she has to know this juicy information of what could entice Nicholas Gold to want to stay away from work.

Not because she wants the information as leverage or anything mean like that, it’s purely for teasing purposes, and also so she can protect him if needed. I mean it must be concerning that one minute Gold doesn’t have anyone, and the next he’s head over heels for his neighbor. Given how much Gold is worth, anyone who didn’t know Belle, might be concerned that Belle only wanted Gold’s money.