It’s the Zookeeper again, hi! Juuust having a minor panic attack because I have one more month to finish your gift…*glances at it*…aaaand it occurred to me we didn’t talk about Gloria. Or Mandy. I haven’t seen SGU so I’m just kinda ignore Mandy. Gloria I’m going to probably have unfortunately passed for a few years, enough that Rush isn’t doing that replacement thing you see sometimes. Thoughts? Suggestions? This is still in the works so I’d like some input, please.

Heya *waves*

Awww if it helps at all then I’m in the same boat, panicking away because how did it get to be April!?!?! Yeah I’m perfectly happy for you to ignore Mandy. I never shipped her and Rush, they were canon but I’d read too much Rushbelle by that point haha 🙂 As for Gloria I confess sometimes I ignore her as well.

I think you’re just doing a complete AU and not setting this within the Stargate verse right? So you won’t have this problem. If I write a Rushbelle fic which predates Destiny, then especially depending on how far I go back, Gloria then can’t ever have been in the picture otherwise they’d still be married – timeline problems. I guess what you do with Gloria might depend on how you want to characterize Rush.

My headcanon is that pre-Gloria (or pre-her death) Rush was still the same sarcastic bastard that we know and love. However, he was a bit softer, more willing to trust, didn’t have quite so many sharp edges. That’s not to say Rush isn’t always sweet with those he cares about because he is. I guess it would just give Rush a different set of concerns before starting a new relationship.

So whatever you choose is fine by me. I think your plan of ignoring Mandy, and having Gloria unfortunately passed away for several years, is a good one! 🙂