April Status Update

A summary post of what happened last month fic-wise, and my plans for the forthcoming month, because I can’t hit a target, if I can’t see it.

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Works posted in March:

The Price We Pay
    – Belle saves the day
Across the Stars

Coming up definitely in April:
– Rumbelle Order in the Court fics (three already written)
– Monthly Rumbelling fics (two already written)
– Chapter Ten of Painting Layers of Love (I feel so incredibly guilty about this)

What I hope April might bring:
– Finish Under My Skin (or at least update it, I feel terrible)

Oh this month is just embarrassing. I didn’t even post this little on my very first status update. It’s sort of been a slow slide downwards for the last few months. Anyway, yeah the WIP’s didn’t happen and I feel terrible about that. I have half a dozen fics pre-written because of various events, so I can guarantee I’ll post more in April at least. I really do promise to do my absolute best on my WIP’s as well. I’m sorry last month was just not a good month.

April is Camp NaNo and hopefully, just like last July, that will give me the boost I need to get back into the writing zone. I really can’t take another month like March. I am so far behind it is crazy scary. I nearly didn’t make this post, because it’s so embarrassing, but I do it every single month and I didn’t think I deserved to skip it. After all it’s kinda like for the record. Anyway, yeah my two paragraph summary is now a lot longer than my list of posted fics /facepalm.