the Star Wars/OUAT fusion – what will things be like for the characters in 10 years?

No Spoilers? I know, that’s a terrible answer. It’s just I’m pretty certain that I’m going to add to this verse at some point, I already have a prompt, and I don’t want to ruin all suspense. However, I guess I can be vague.

Belle and Gold are going to be married, or basically married even if it’s not registered throughout the galaxy. I can’t decide whether they have children of their own or not but they are definitely going to be parents.

At some point within those 10 years: Regina will discover a part of herself she thought she’d lost forever, Emma will fulfill her destiny in a surprising way, Bae’s going to develop a personal interest in cybernetics.

After 10 years? Well it’s not much of a spoiler to say that the Republic will be back in control of the galaxy, and the Sith Lord is defeated. I don’t particularly want to say where they are/what they are doing because spoilers. However, I will say that Henry has quite a following on the Holonet for his truthful accurate reporting. He could have followed in the footsteps of one of his three parents but he chose his own, weaving words to touch the hearts of billions.

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*blink* Okay Now I’m curious as to how/why Henry has three parents in this world. I love that you’ll continue this, can’t wait!

And yay for we-think-we’re-married-and-that’s-enough Rumbelle. *grins*

Henry has three parents because Bae + Emma + Regina make three. Yeah I could have just gone for Swanfire but Regina is such an important part of Henry’s life, she is his mom and it seems wrong to erase that if I can make it work within the AU.

Regina helped Emma hide her pregnancy, Bae was like the stay at home dad because as Jedi Emma and Regina couldn’t be there a lot of the time. Whenever Emma went to see Henry, then Regina was at her side. So Regina was very much part of the family and while she could have just been an Aunt, or mommy’s friend, I think Henry probably innocently called her mom once when he was a toddler, not really understanding.

I mean think about it, from Henry’s perspective two women showed up every now and then. They loved him, they took care of him, and so if Emma was his mom, then so was Regina in child logic. I know it’s probably too fluffy for words, but I think that much to Regina’s surprise, Bae and Emma agreed that was accurate. Maybe I’ll have to fic it heh 🙂