Painted Layers of Love Belle or Gold: Okay, you’ll have the art studio to yourselves and there will be sculpting involved. I think a reenactment from the scene in “Ghost” is in order. Okay, yeah, I know in “Ghost” she was doing pottery, but…you know where I’m going with this. ;)


Gold: *coughs* I would be lying if I said that idea didn’t hold an appeal, but I don’t think Belle would be comfortable. We agreed to just stay as friends and I’m going to honor that. I know I have a reputation at work but I assure you I’m not the type of man to pressure a lady for more than she is willing to give.

(OOC that was the prompt! That was the actual prompt, a reenactment of Ghost. I think if you’re hoping for that in chapter eleven you’ll be disappointed but there’s still a lot of story left. Maybe eventually…)