WIP Wednesday

OMG I nearly forgot again!

I super want to do this because I’m hoping I can pump myself up, you know get pumped! Because I want to do all the things but just bleugh heh, the old fake it until you make it right? 🙂

So let’s do this thing!!!!

Ok friends, what shall I talk about this week? I mean it’s super tempting to blather on about everything that I really really hope is upcoming but hey let’s not split the focus too much, let’s bring it down.


Ok there you go, that’s my thing, that’s what I’m going to try and get pumped about this week, whoop whoop!

Guys, guys, guys, I can’t say it’s been 84 years because it’s been 2 years or longer, quite frankly I have lost track at this point but but there has been movement. End of October I planned out probably around the next 5 chapters I think I reckoned. Then beginning of THIS month I wrote the first half of the next chapter.

Yup that’s right, there is half a chapter after 2 years *rolls eyes at self*

No, no, no negativity self, glass half full and all that, half a chapter is better than no chapter. So what’s upcoming? Let’s try and get excited! But without spoilers! Yeah this is hard.

Ok so we left things with a looming trip to an art studio. Actually considering it’s been so long should I do more of a recap? Hmm ok. The story – Neal made a deal with Gold that if his dad took a 3 month sabbatical off work, then he would go back to college and finish his degree and let his dad pay for it. So Gold moves into the cottage next door to Belle in the picturesque countryside of an indeterminate location (there are lavender fields and that’s kinda it, pick your country of choice *cough*).

Belle was in a car accident a couple of years ago, she lost her mother and her eyesight. Her dad was driving and couldn’t take the guilt and she hasn’t seen him since shortly afterwards as he can’t face her. She vacationed in the cottage as a kid and moved in and basically never left. She spends her days painting and reading, in a nice little bubble where nothing upsets the controlled environment she has created for herself – but then Gold arrives.

Gold’s arrival makes Belle confront issues she had been avoiding, and she in turn makes Gold take the sabbatical more seriously. He had just been doing it to pacify Neal but he starts to realize that maybe Neal had a point. Anyway change is hard, there are arguments and meltdowns and lots of tears and tea. Both Belle and Gold decide that they want to try to face what scares them and personal growth. Hence Belle’s decision to take Gold up on his offer to go to this art studio, which is where we left things in Chapter 10.

As for what happens next? Shall I try and do an episode tagline thingy because #NoSpoilers. Erm ok – next time on Painting Layers of Love Belle’s world threatens to shrink even further, Gold calls Doctor Hopper and makes a mistake which will echo out for the next few chapters probably (I have a sort of arc planned).

So yeah this is still a thing. Coming ‘soon’ TM, to a screen near you 🙂