Breanna really is the best part of Leverage: Redemption. I mean I like Harry, great addition, but Breanna owns my soul.

Watched the “Work Study Job” on Thursday. It had been a baaaad depression day and seeing Breanna be brilliant was just a balm. I loved how she sort of blinked and we all panicked when that professor asked her a question and then she came out with super intelligent stuff. That wasn’t the con baby that was all Breanna.

I rewatched the “Train Job” after because Leverage was making me smile and I needed that. It’s another great Breanna episode where she is brilliant and soft and sweet and watching her blue screen with Emily was adorable.

I now have a major need to see more of Breanna’s brilliance. Like Hardison was epic as the teams hacker but look at what he is doing now – out saving the world in space. I think Breanna could similarly do anything they wanted. Geniuses, the both of them.

Although when Breanna said about library cards being free I pouted a little. My frustration with my library is most of the books aren’t there. They are at the big library in town (or occasionally other branches in the county but mostly in the city) and I can’t go to that city library. It is the most unfriendly place for anyone with sensory issues. The entrance is at the back of this huge glass building and the massive lobby area has stalls in it a lot of the time, the crowds are unbelievable and the noise is horrific. Now I can ask for books to be sent to my local library but that isn’t free. True it is only 60p per book but for researching anything that adds up super fast. So I don’t use the library.

Back on the topic of Breanna and higher education. She said it was a racket and I don’t entirely disagree but I do miss my university library. I guess with Breanna’s skills she could make herself a student ID and gain access.

Maybe I will watch the “Card Game Job” later (I think it’s called that? the one with Spirit Ruse) as it’s another great Breanna episode. I could use a pick-me-up today :/

This morning I was obsessed by the idea that Pete’s ex-wife was called “Amanda Martin” and Rebecca and Jack’s boss was called “Charlie Martin” and I was imagining that she was his daughter. Then I realised that I’d misread the wiki and Martin was her new married name and so that idea went in the bin.

Now I can’t stop thinking about “what if Valda and Sterling are actually the same person?” The Regents are all regular people, with regular jobs and so why couldn’t Valda be an insurance investigator, turned Interpol agent? It would explain how he had agent-like skills.

Of course that would cross Leverage into Warehouse 13. The most notable casting clash is of course Artie who was Dubinech in Leverage (a bad guy). There are probably others. Still that can be ignored, in a planet of billions some people are going to look a bit alike. What can’t be so easy ignored is Parker in a world of artifacts… I’m scared. Plus can you imagine Hardison? Word of God said that Eliot was part of the Stargate program, so he’s used to secret conspiracies. The other two *shudder*

Anyway, I’m not feeling an itch to do anything about it. Just my brain throwing things at me rather than working on my fic /sigh

OMG thanks to a kind person in the US I just saw the first episode of Leverage: Redemption.

I’m supposed to be writing but how can I concentrate on my fic after that? I’m practically vibrating in place that I got to see it.

Just Ahhhhhhhh all the screaming. It was SO good.

All the callbacks, all the references, the fact that they didn’t just forget Nate, they didn’t derail anyone’s happy ending. They made it realistic what happened. It’s sad but it fits.

The banter, the in-jokes, how comfortable Eliot, Parker and Hardison are together. Hardison’s speech! About redemption being a process and Sophie referring to him as Nate’s son/legacy. Plan M, and Lucille and just everything. I can’t even be coherent.

This first episode was like the biggest love letter in the world to Leverage. This isn’t a reboot, it’s a continuation and I’m in love.

Harry, Harry, oh Harry. Honestly I thought it would be weird because it’s Flynn from the Librarians (oh and I loved the Libris reference as to his former employer hehe) but it actually wasn’t. I didn’t feel like I was watching Flynn and Jacob Stone. I could clearly see it was Eliot and the ‘new guy’. I don’t know how Christian Kane does that, does he hold himself differently or something?

Oh the gloat! The gloat! They did the gloat 🙂 gotta love that!

I feel like I should be saying more stuff but I just have all the feels, all of them. I’m on like a happy cloud of “OMG I just watched a new episode and ahhhhh” is about as coherent as I’m getting. Oh I loved it, I loved it.

The only problem is watching it how I did I now can’t immediately watch it again haha. Oh man I can’t wait until the UK gets this properly so I can watch the shit out of it. I want to support it officially. I want to scream so loudly about how good this is so maybe, just maybe, we might get even more.

The world needs more Leverage. This was a damn excellent start 🙂

I’m going to watch Black Widow later *dances* 🙂 🙂

Best part is I get to watch it at home. Like sure there is something to be said for the cinema experience of the big screen but there are people there. Home is better. I’m kinda bummed that this is the only marvel movie that is getting home release. So I probably won’t get to see the others until they release on DVD/Disney+ 🙁 The Marvel movies and Star Wars used to be the ones I made the effort to go out for, but it’s a bit beyond me now.

Anyway, this is no way makes up for the fact that there is no Leverage: Redemption in the UK

BIG sad face 🙁

I mean I originally planned to see Black Widow for my birthday last year, so that’s been a long time coming (I’ve had another birthday since then) but Leverage is special.

I think some fans are doing some streaming so I might be able to watch it (not sure yet) but I want to support it properly.


I mean the louder we shout the more Leverage we might get right? I can only dream.

A couple of things really stood out to me in that Leverage: Redemption trailer.

1) was that Sophie’s Lady Macbeth outfit (from the shows premiere and finale) that I spied?

2) the callback to “just one job, no encores” which obviously they can never stick to haha

3) the possibility of the in-universe reason why Hardison isn’t always around is because he is managing Leverage International (and that’s a good reason!)

4) idk about anyone else but I was a bit worried they would just replace Nate with Harry and sideline Parker. But Parker moving to stop him from triggering the alarm and Sophie going “he needs to learn” just underscores how new he is so I have a lot more hope now.

I’m just so psyched for this. When is the UK airdate guys? I can’t wait!

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💘 Leverage

I wish commenting on stuff was allowed sometimes. I mean I get why it isn’t but it’s harder to make commentary.

Anyway – this Leverage gifset – needs talking about.

It shows a scene from 4×15: The Lonely Hearts Job, which I actually watched the other day so perfect timing for it to show up on my dash. In the one I have linked it’s a scene which wraps up what happened earlier. You see Nate asked Parker to “start a fight” and so she started a fight – she punched the person in question, knocked them to the ground and then Hardison pulled her away. Sophie went “Parker he meant start an argument not a fight!” Then in this scene, Nate promises that next time he’ll use the word ‘argument’.

So why is this so important to me?

a) because Parker took Nate literally. He said fight and so she started a fight, that kind of literal thinking is one of the many traits that makes me headcanon Parker as autistic.

b) nobody is cross with her. They go variants of “oh man that’s not what he meant!” but nobody says Parker is stupid for misunderstanding, nobody says that she should have understood and express credulousness at her mistake. Instead there’s acceptance and a promise to try and be more accommodating in the future. I suppose what I’m getting at is they all support Parker and accept her as she is.

Leverage is a show that has a palpable feeling of home. I watch it to comfort me sometimes because it is a comforting show. That is true for a lot of reasons but this is one example of why – that unconditional love and support for a character who isn’t neurotypical. I just sorry for getting on my soapbox but seeing the gifset felt like a sign, and so I’m just letting my feelings out.

Go watch Leverage y’all!


Ok, so we’ve got best of eliot and parker, now how about best of hardison?

Basically anytime he mentions his nana? So the orphan job when he says she was his foster mom, the high school job with the flashback to Iceland paying her medical bills, the low low price job when he says buying from that chain store was the only way nana could feed them all. Oh and the Juror job when he says about how he was taught to talk to people

I like the interactions with Chaos too so “I have the cameras” “now I have the cameras and motion sensors” etc. The pilot when he put the office together – actually it’s always Hardison that finds them the base isn’t it? “For the horde” on that airline job when he didn’t even work there but had a birthday party and pretended to get fired and nobody realised he was only there a day.

Erm what else? Oh definitely the job when they were split and it was just the three of them and he says about the NSA “did they give me a cool nickname?” – oh man I could go on. That’s the thing with Leverage to be honest. EVERY  episode is “best of” for pretty much every character. There’s so many wonderful moments.


So I know this blog is fuckyeaheliotspencer, but I was thinking about making a list of best episodes for each character. For now, what are your favorite Parker episodes?

Omg I love Parker.

Erm the one with the psychic, which also has the awesome Eliot moment when Parker says something like “Can we kill him?” and Eliot is like “yeah I could arrange that” because dammit nobody upsets Parker.

The Broken Wing job in season 5 obviously with Parker’s broken leg.

The one where we meet Archie and go after that wheat company “no but it’s what we do”

Oh and the Girls Night Out Job! Where Parker asks Sophie for advice and says it would have been more fun with Hardison. Plus how caring she is with “Alice’s friend” which reminds me ofc of The Juror Job which started the whole thing.

Oooh the chocolate episode when she is hyper on chocolate, talks crazy fast, and has it all round her mouth and grins at the camera.

The Christmas episodes! Man Parker and Christmas. There is the scenes with Santa, and the one where she thinks Hardison can make it snow, the one where she gets money for a gift. I forget whether this was all one episode or more than one.

Oh and I definitely have to mention the one where she gets to jump off a building which is like 10 buildings stacked on top of one another.

I could go on all day.

I just scrolled down my own feed and saw that Leverage gifset I reblogged (The Rundown Job) and a great swell of … not exactly bitterness but just “ugh why?” overtook me.

Leverage was fantastic throughout it’s entire run but season 5 had some particularly awesome episodes. I liked the two split ones (the aforementioned Rundown Job, and also the Frame-Up Job). I just feel like the show had a lot of mileage left in it. Plus they never did full seasons so even though it’s an American show, and had five seasons, there are still only 77 episodes. I have watched them all so many times. It wasn’t enough.

Plus if “the rich and powerful take what they want, we steal it back for you” was on point for 2008-2012 I would argue that it is even more relevant today.

We need Leverage IRL

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