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7 and 17 for the fandom ask game, for your choice of Myka Bering, Helena Wells, or both!

7) Is there a piece of clothing you think Myka is particularly fond of/that you imagine them wearing a lot or like to draw them in?

I like their Warehouse 2 outfit (combats and t-shirt). It’s a good middle ground between more professional attire (often a t-shirt but tailored slacks) and the mission leather from episode 3 was it? The one with the guillotine. Anyway the combats and t-shirt look comfortable and are practical.

I suppose this is why I like it for them. But I do also think Myka would like it. I think she likes her more ‘traditional’ federal agent outfit as kind of armor? Like she puts it on and she’s at work. The more casual mission outfit doesn’t have that but then the Warehouse is more of a family/place to call home than just a job. I think it fits her personality. Like maybe a callback to some awkward teenage years kind of comfort. I think Myka has grown more comfortable with her femininity as she has got older but I think she still likes to be judged as a person, not on her looks. I don’t know if that makes sense?

17) What’s a book, movie, or show you think Myka would like?

Myka is obviously all about the books. I mean it’s pretty canon that she likes the classics but I also feel like she likes to read widely so she’ll hit up the bestseller lists etc.

That’s a pretty boring answer though. I don’t think she gets a lot of time to watch TV/movies because what time she has, she would usually choose to read a book. However she has to have at least one ‘guilty pleasure’ show. Given that she knew Pete’s redshirt reference and her age, and also the awkwardness I headcanon for her teenage years. I feel like Star Trek is something she wouldn’t admit to watching, but would find comfort in. Like before the warehouse, it was a world that imagined a future where being different was ok. So I guess in some ways why I like Trek 😛

7) Is there a piece of clothing you think Helena is particularly fond of/that you imagine them wearing a lot or like to draw them in?

I think Helena would appreciate a lot of ‘modern fashion’ because of how free it is in comparison to the 19th century. She wore trousers back then but not all the time. I feel like she would like to deliberately do the different thing now. Like wear a suit to a fancy party rather than a dress (you can see this if you look up Hustle photos btw, Jaime wore a tux once and a suit a couple of times). But obviously Helena is very comfortable with her feminine wiles and more than happy to make them work for her, so there tends to be a subtle sexuality to all her outfits it feels.

Anyway I think her favourite might be the painted on jeans, and loose cotton shirt, as she has worn variations of that quite a lot.

17) What’s a book, movie, or show you think Helena would like?

I feel like Helena isn’t much of a media fan. I just can’t see her sitting still long enough to really get into anything. She likes to do. Attention span is short unless she is hyper focused on an invention/case. I think she would definitely want to watch the big cultural heavy hitters – like Star Wars movies and the like. And I think she would be impressed by the special effects. I can see her wanting to have a go herself and maybe making a short 5 minute film or something. (Also maybe she would want to make a lightsaber, and Claudia is definitely not helping).

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Myka Bering, 1, 2, and 3 please!

1) Why do you like or dislike this character?

Well to start with the cliche I love her passion for books. I like how smart she is (and I often feel she should be allowed to show her smarts more often than she is).

Then… you see this is why I struggle with “headcanon vs canon” because it’s my read of the character – I am looking at what is there. So is canon merely what is stated unequivocally? Or can it also be what is implied? At what point does implied become interpretation and therefore potentially not true? I struggle to know where to draw that line.

There’s also the fact that basically I am circling around the word – relatable. How much is me projecting? How much is me seeing a flash of something familiar and then my brain twisting what is implied to be like “yeah I feel that”. But I would be remiss not to say that the way I interpret Myka as demi (I’m ace) and the awkwardness she has socially, doesn’t hit home with me a little bit.

There is more I am sure but I think I have rambled enough 🙂

2) Favorite canon thing about this character?

Her brains. I love how smart she is. A close second is her heart. She is just so genuine.

3) Least favorite canon thing about this character?

The way she calls “Peeeeete” it is just a bit too close to whiny for my ears. And yes I know that’s petty but I guess that’s how much I like Myka – there’s very little to complain about.

Well very little that is her fault. Some of the writing… there are many times that I think Myka should have got the win (but for non logical reasons it went to Pete) and let’s not mention the illogical mess that came in season 4/5.

Ok buckle up it’s story time. I’ve been musing on the whole Jack Crusher thing on Picard and I have joked (as I have seen others do as well) being a fanfic OC, coming in and making everything be about him. Not to put shade on fanfic OC’s at all but what is fun in fanfic hits a little different on screen in canon. But anyway I am getting off topic and possibly digging myself a hole I don’t mean. So moving on!

It made me remember Warehouse 13 because for reason beyond all understanding they suddenly gave Artie a son in the show finale. A son that he hadn’t known about, and I can’t quite recall how old the son was when he learned. The implication seemed to be that they had one adventure snagging an artifact and there had been pretty much no contact before or since which I guess explained why this phantom son had never been mentioned before??? Except not really because damn Artie makes you look seriously bad. I suppose it was “oh the warehouse is dangerous” but ugh anyway I was more annoyed that this plot thread had just been dropped in the finale! Like why? Can’t do anything with that. It was so weird to come up with something so huge and then show ended, nothing to see here.

So obviously my fanfic writer brain started chewing on this and wondering how to make it interesting. So yeah true fanfic OC time because why the hell not? It is undeniably fun. Also I never wrote this so it exists only in my brain for my own amusement, and now potentially yours by summary if I ever get to the point.

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🤮 I am watching TNG Hollow Pursuits and was this incel before that became a thing? It is so so so so so gross!

Like I am really weirded out that he can create this holodeck program with real people and have Troi kiss him. Be attracted to his gross behaviour.

And it gets worse! I googled and read “this was thought by the actor to represent a Trek fan onboard” 🤢 and worse! He doesn’t get the punishment he deserves as he becomes a recurring 😭 I hate it. Why is this ok?

I mean that was a thing in a DS9 episode where some gross guy wanted a program with Kira and asked Quark to make it happen. At least that didn’t exist! But it struck me then how wrong the holodeck could be


He doesn’t know how to navigate social interactions, and instead plays out his fantasies on the holodeck. It’s disgusting, but I think it’s also understandable in the context of having holodecks available unchecked. To me, if we stay inside the narrative, the only major issue i have is how he got to his position in Starfleet without anyone realizing his behavioral problems. Even with being shuffled around and whatnot, did they not have a single psych eval in the academy?

You would think so given they are purported to only take the “best and brightest” and that most applicants don’t get in.

Anyway the next episode has a young Artie in it (Warehouse 13). he’s actually in the preview thumbnail on Paramount+ 😂 hopefully will be fun.


Oh that’s a fun one! A lot has been written about Kivas Fatjo (sp?) and Artie and similarities and whatnot.

I didn’t know what this meant but now I do!

How… serendipitous? I mean what are the odds right? Such a coincidence a young Artie playing a collector before he was Artie.

Makes me wonder tbh about if Warehouse 13 existed in the Trek universe. What would have happened with the warehouse and the wars? What artifacts did the wars create? Could artifacts work off world or is it some kind of special Earth thing? Do other planets create artifacts of their own?

Fun thought experiment 🙂

This morning I was obsessed by the idea that Pete’s ex-wife was called “Amanda Martin” and Rebecca and Jack’s boss was called “Charlie Martin” and I was imagining that she was his daughter. Then I realised that I’d misread the wiki and Martin was her new married name and so that idea went in the bin.

Now I can’t stop thinking about “what if Valda and Sterling are actually the same person?” The Regents are all regular people, with regular jobs and so why couldn’t Valda be an insurance investigator, turned Interpol agent? It would explain how he had agent-like skills.

Of course that would cross Leverage into Warehouse 13. The most notable casting clash is of course Artie who was Dubinech in Leverage (a bad guy). There are probably others. Still that can be ignored, in a planet of billions some people are going to look a bit alike. What can’t be so easy ignored is Parker in a world of artifacts… I’m scared. Plus can you imagine Hardison? Word of God said that Eliot was part of the Stargate program, so he’s used to secret conspiracies. The other two *shudder*

Anyway, I’m not feeling an itch to do anything about it. Just my brain throwing things at me rather than working on my fic /sigh

I’m watching Warehouse 13. I’ve watched it a few times now.

At the end of season one this time through I got vibes between Artie and McPherson. “This was to be our house. I didn’t want you gone, I wanted you back” like that’s fairly obvious right?

Anyway I’m now on the episode ‘Where and When’ aka the time travel one and usually this is when I am grumpy with Artie for hating on HG. However, this time I saw it a bit different. Artie said something like you have to “be able to trust the agent next to you and I couldn’t trust McPherson” and Myka has swapped to ‘Helena’ and I suddenly wondered if Artie saw the sparks between Myka and HG. Can he see that Myka is falling for her and thinks of his own heartbreak with McPherson and that is what he is reacting to?

I mean I know HG was crazy thanks to the isolation of the bronzing making her marinate in her pain, and she was kinda plotting to destroy the world. So yeah I get Artie’s mistrust wasn’t actually misplaced but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t also have been more to it. Maybe he even doubted himself and wondered if he was seeing what wasn’t there, and then he felt even worse when he was proven ‘right’.

I kinda want to fic it now 😂

You know if Warehouse season four was erm… not so great then season five? Well thank merlin there was only six episodes.

I never thought I would be one to say “oh what a shame Warehouse 13 got cancelled after season three and on such a cliffhanger too” “but I thought there were five seasons?” “No only three!!”

It’s just the show went off the rails. It always had an outlandish edge but that had been tempered before, there was a magic balance which made it work and that was just gone. I mean sure some stuff was ok, Claudia and Jinksy really but otherwise total train wreck.

Seriously the continuity issues alone. I mean the big thing in the penultimate episode was the compass moving the warehouse. If they could do it like that then pirates wouldn’t have been able to steal a shipment travelling from England and warehouse 12, only half a dozen episodes ago.

Sorry this is a lot more negative than I would like but it’s just like they just tossed in a bunch of new “hey that’s cool” stuff with zero regard for anything that came before. Anyway Warehouse 13 might be over (after the third season with some stealing because Jinksy isn’t dead) BUT

Bering and Wells is forever!


This is my new phone case and (as I have no idea when I’ll ever be able to afford to upgrade again) I’m expecting it to be with me for at least five years, probably longer, my old phone is going on seven now. Yeah I don’t doubt my love.

You know most shows I headcanon my way around plotlines which don’t work for me. I am generally more accepting and don’t just wholesale pretend entire seasons don’t exist. With this I just… the entire thing was just wrong and not in the salvagable kind. Maybe I’ll feel more positive when I rewatch it but really aside from the odd scene here and there of character cool (so not plot) there was just nothing that worked for me.

#anti-warehouse 13 #I really don’t like that tag it makes me sad but it needed to be said #now I’m all caught up

I can’t believe the show did that.

I am not ok with this.

True I find the word itself triggering. It makes for very very uncomfortable viewing. But it also just seems unnecessary. Why go there? Yes I’m touchy, I know I am but it’s a sore subject. I’m too sad even for a sad face.

To attempt to be positive I did like Myka’s “did you have to ask?” about whether she could remember the coordinates. I do like it when she shows competence.

I do also love a good treasure hunt but who builds these ‘secret’ lairs? Someone has to but then how are they still secret?

“HG wasn’t a baddie” – I do love how Myka instinctively defends HG.

Oh and I haven’t said this but it needs to be said Jinksy is underrated. I like him. Aaron Ashmore was epic as Johnny Jaqobis in Killjoys, same sort of dependable friend too.

Anyway I’m sorry I just hate it. I flinch everytime that word is said. I get storylines are important for visibility and stuff but I choose my TV carefully. The real world is hard enough. Give me fantasy battles of multiple vying caretakers not… that.

I kinda wish they hadn’t killed Charlotte. That plot thread didn’t lead where I thought but she still had potential.

One more episode left in the season. I got to say this season hasn’t been as good as I hoped. There has been some awesome obviously but /shrug I don’t know, maybe all shows eventually wind up better in my head.

#anti a certain plot which I can’t bear to name #got to be honest right now Claudia and Jinksy are saving it

So season 4 of Warehouse 13 isn’t engaging me like the first three I have to admit. Pete seems even dumber and more annoying (sorry Pete fans).

Now I have got to the Emily Lake episode.

The highlight was “Rock on ladies” because that was cool 🙂 Also Myka and HG were both pretty badass at times. HG’s takedown of Briggs both times “I did warn you detective”. Pete saying “no killing Myka will be super pissed” and HG’s eyeroll reminded me of the good times.

and then yeah :/

Myka was blunt about HG’s potential reasons and as a Bering and Wells shipper I want to believe Myka was right buuuut I think that might be unfair suggesting that HG can’t have real feelings. I mean all the talk of a “normal life” was well less than romantic to put it nicely. That being said people choose lives and relationships for a variety of reasons. I mean love can be all consuming but imo it can also be a choice because of what people need. Is that fair to their partner? I don’t know. It comes down to honesty I guess because everyone has the right to choose.

I did kinda like Myka deciding to take care of it on her own, sort of protective Myka on the case vibe. I don’t think Myka would take that kind of risk for just anyone, I did get shipper feeling vibes.

I liked how HG’s first question was “Myka are you ok?” and then HG gave Myka her tesla and sure it was just in my head but I remembered the grappler and I take what connections I can get ok?

HG’s expression when she saw the empty chair with the undone rope was so proud and actually kinda heart wrenching. They never did a flashback really of HG interacting with Christina (Buried hallucination aside) and I think it is so accurate that such a strong woman would raise a girl who saves herself, no damsel in distress here. It’s a glimpse of HG as a mother and ouch my feels.

Claudia smelling apples oh my. The warehouse secret sign of liking someone and I’m going to cry 🙁 actually while on Claudia I do love her generally but particularly good episode for her. My only question really is whether she appreciates what the immortality aspect will be like as she is not good at letting people go. Relatable :/ I feel for her a lot.

“You will never lose this friend”

Yikes. First casting them as friends… I get that the show didn’t explicitly go there prior but that whole conversation just struck me as a) awkward and b) a thinly veiled ‘fuck you’ to Bering and Wells shippers with a large side of gay panic. Ugh ok being semi-reasonable I liked that Myka put HG first and said what she thought HG needed to hear and was very supportive. Ugh I don’t know, not exactly my ships finest hour and this was the first time they were on screen together this season.

“Maybe just coffee next time” “Or save the world see what happens”

Can I just pretend the context was different? Because this exchange is gold. If I was actually writing still I would totally use this over and over. I live for their banter.

So HG finally made it back to Warehouse 13 after that premiere, finally. Seriously I was beginning to think she wasn’t going to show up and I was missing her badly.

and thoughts! HG did the right thing in informing Mrs Frederick – very responsible 🙂

The eye flicker with “don’t talk to anyone, don’t trust anyone” spoke to my shipper heart because I bet HG was thinking of Myka and not wanting to cut off communication, needing to at least tell her why vs. her renewed dedication to doing ‘the right thing’ which is what Myka would want but in between now and eventual problem solved is a lot of miscommunication and potential heartache.

Also having HG appear in two episodes with zero Myka interaction is not cool. It was extremely awesome to see her again though and I love that she was the secret agent Artie called about the dagger. Plus I really like how Mrs Frederick trusted her, maybe she would claim she just trusted her self-interest but ehh still a good moment.