So I know this blog is fuckyeaheliotspencer, but I was thinking about making a list of best episodes for each character. For now, what are your favorite Parker episodes?

Omg I love Parker.

Erm the one with the psychic, which also has the awesome Eliot moment when Parker says something like “Can we kill him?” and Eliot is like “yeah I could arrange that” because dammit nobody upsets Parker.

The Broken Wing job in season 5 obviously with Parker’s broken leg.

The one where we meet Archie and go after that wheat company “no but it’s what we do”

Oh and the Girls Night Out Job! Where Parker asks Sophie for advice and says it would have been more fun with Hardison. Plus how caring she is with “Alice’s friend” which reminds me ofc of The Juror Job which started the whole thing.

Oooh the chocolate episode when she is hyper on chocolate, talks crazy fast, and has it all round her mouth and grins at the camera.

The Christmas episodes! Man Parker and Christmas. There is the scenes with Santa, and the one where she thinks Hardison can make it snow, the one where she gets money for a gift. I forget whether this was all one episode or more than one.

Oh and I definitely have to mention the one where she gets to jump off a building which is like 10 buildings stacked on top of one another.

I could go on all day.