Breanna really is the best part of Leverage: Redemption. I mean I like Harry, great addition, but Breanna owns my soul.

Watched the “Work Study Job” on Thursday. It had been a baaaad depression day and seeing Breanna be brilliant was just a balm. I loved how she sort of blinked and we all panicked when that professor asked her a question and then she came out with super intelligent stuff. That wasn’t the con baby that was all Breanna.

I rewatched the “Train Job” after because Leverage was making me smile and I needed that. It’s another great Breanna episode where she is brilliant and soft and sweet and watching her blue screen with Emily was adorable.

I now have a major need to see more of Breanna’s brilliance. Like Hardison was epic as the teams hacker but look at what he is doing now – out saving the world in space. I think Breanna could similarly do anything they wanted. Geniuses, the both of them.

Although when Breanna said about library cards being free I pouted a little. My frustration with my library is most of the books aren’t there. They are at the big library in town (or occasionally other branches in the county but mostly in the city) and I can’t go to that city library. It is the most unfriendly place for anyone with sensory issues. The entrance is at the back of this huge glass building and the massive lobby area has stalls in it a lot of the time, the crowds are unbelievable and the noise is horrific. Now I can ask for books to be sent to my local library but that isn’t free. True it is only 60p per book but for researching anything that adds up super fast. So I don’t use the library.

Back on the topic of Breanna and higher education. She said it was a racket and I don’t entirely disagree but I do miss my university library. I guess with Breanna’s skills she could make herself a student ID and gain access.

Maybe I will watch the “Card Game Job” later (I think it’s called that? the one with Spirit Ruse) as it’s another great Breanna episode. I could use a pick-me-up today :/