Watching this after 2×05 The Doctor, it makes so much more sense. She singled Jefferson out.

She abandoned him in Wonderland, when it would have been so easy to have taken a nameless knight and then just killed him. Alternatively her dad was in the box, he might not have counted according to the hat, she could have nabbed some food and restored him back in the Enchanted Forest and they all could have gone home.

Then when the curse hit Jefferson was taken to Storybrooke. He was forced to remember when no-one else in town did, and he was still separated from his daughter because she had no idea who he was.

However, Jefferson is the one that offered her the hope that Frankenstein could revive Daniel. He was the one that gave her the idea, and then did what was necessary for it to happen. He brought Frankenstein to her, that butcher, who failed and essentially made her relive Daniel’s death.

He made her a promise which he then broke.

He stripped Regina of the last of her hope, he was the face that tipped her over the edge into truly becoming the evil queen. In turn Regina then stripped Jefferson of what mattered most – his family.

Now Regina made her own choices but at this point in her life she blamed everyone else for everything. I don’t blame Jefferson at all, he was just working under orders from Rumple anyway.

I wonder if Regina ever discovered this particular manipulation of Rumplestiltskin’s? That could perhaps be the reason why they went from mentor/student to the enemies they were in Skin Deep. It’s too bad Sebastian Stan is now a bigtime Marvel movie star, because we could do with Jefferson back on the show.


Emilie said she thinks Rumple would be a pushover as a parent and we all know this is true thank you for the confirmation Emilie

Honestly does anybody think different? Rumple would dote on any child. The only time I can see him being strict is when it comes to a question of safety. He would definitely say “No” and be firm over anything that could possibly hurt them physically or emotionally. He would probably be very over-protective.


I was just re-watching OUaT 1×15, “Red-Handed,” and when Granny Lucas made the comment about paying a sorcerer a lot of money for Red’s magical cloak, it clicked and I realized that the sorcerer must have been Rumplestiltskin. And then I remembered his line to Belle, during their hamburger date in “Into the Deep.” Referring to Granny, he said, “I have a complicated relationship with her…” So something must have gone wrong during that deal, and now I’m wondering what it was. 

I feel a little silly that I’m bringing up stuff that the fandom probably discussed years ago, but I didn’t start watching OUaT till the S5 hiatus and I was woozy with a combination of a bad cold and cold medicines….so I’m just now making these connections on rewatch….it’s kinda cool. 

I didn’t start watching the show until last summer, when I binge watched the first four seasons on netflix, before season five started. I didn’t have anyone to discuss it with, I just wrote a lot of posts on my blog.

In regards to Rumple and Granny, I read a fanfic once (and I’ve read so many I can’t remember which one I’m sorry) which said that Granny didn’t like Rumple because he knew her secret. She didn’t want Red to know, and she definitely didn’t want the village to know, it was like her vulnerability and she hated that he had that power over her.

Plus I don’t think they got on as their cursed selves either. I think I’ve read several fanfics where they tussle over the rent because even cursed Granny didn’t back down for anyone.

After all Rumple does deals with “desperate souls” it only makes sense really that it makes relationships complicated, because he sees people on the worst day of their lives and has the gall to say he won’t work for free. Everything has it’s price and magic most of all.

for goodness sake



someone give me a first name for Mr. Gold

Tristan, Bartholomew, Donovan, Quinton, Jonathan, Terrence, Bertram, Carter, Lewis, Peter, Sylvester, Magnus, Trevor, Leslie, Phillip.


That’s my headcanon but then I am a huge Rush fan.

Although I do like the fics where people find a name that exists in this land like Rumford and then he can have the nickname of Rum.

#what’s in a name


Condiments are this worlds most powerful magic.

Rumplestiltskin (and me quoting him at dinner tonight. Nobody got the reference, my family should be ashamed heh)

#hamburger date was so sweet#I am a fan and proud of it

Are there any Rumbelle/Rumple/Belle fans who are also Regina fans?




I think there are quite a few actually. (I like Regina but not everything she does.)

Me! If you couldn’t tell that from my mix of avatar and blog header. Rumple is my fave character, Regina is my second favorite. I know that Regina has done some nasty stuff to Belle and I don’t like that, especially because I don’t think she even apologized. – Regina, Belle is not just a tool to use against Rumple, she is her own person and you should treat her better!

My favorite headcanon has Rumple and Regina teaming up, using their moral flexibility (doing what needs to be done) to be far more effective at saving the day from the villain of the week than the ‘heroes’.

I might have got my hopes up a bit for the finale and then it was dashed because Regina was just playing him. I doubt I will ever get to see this on screen really which is a shame. Unless of course in season six, Regina has to come to terms with her darkness and accept it, not just bury it and no-one is going to understand her better than Rumple. He was her mentor once, he could be again and her friend. Just so long as she apologizes to Belle first.

What is True Love?

When it comes to true love on the show, that is sometimes up for debate. I have always thought true love should mean true acceptance. How can you truly love someone if you don’t love all of them? This is why I struggle to understand how people can be true love, if they haven’t known each other all that long.

True love might just be ‘soul mates’, sort of a magical connection and that is there whether the couple know one another or not. However, if this was 100% true, then true loves kiss would work when people had lost their memories. The show proved more than once, that the person with amnesia needed to start feeling love again (Snow to Charming for example when she took the potion) before the kiss would work.

However, this post isn’t really about the definition of true love. It’s about Rumplestiltskin and Belle and a theory I have about what went wrong in their relationship. How did we get from the true loves kiss in Skin Deep, to how their relationship progressed once they were reunited in Storybrooke?

In the episode ‘Our Decay’ Rumple finally stood up for himself. He told Belle that she loved all of him and I don’t think he was wrong. It wouldn’t have been true love if she hadn’t loved him as he was – and she met him as the dark one – after all the subsequent suffering she lost sight of that.

I know I said I wasn’t going to question the nature of true love. However, this does lead into my theory. I have questioned a few times how they were true love, given her intent when she kissed him was to break the curse of the dark one. I mean what did she say to Regina – “I could love him but something evil has taken root in him” – which suggests that she loved the man she thought he was under the curse, not who he actually was. I suppose it depends what she thought breaking that curse would do. Did she know it would take his power away? As I said at the top, I sometimes struggle to understand how true love can happen without true acceptance.

Anyway, they are true love and that is a fact. Therefore I choose to believe that is because Belle had true acceptance once. Perhaps at the beginning in Skin Deep it wasn’t something she consciously admitted because you aren’t supposed to love someone who is “dark”. Maybe she would have come to accept that if she had been able to return – “I’m coming back Rumple” – she declared right before Regina captured her and then she was locked up for a long time.

Rumple and Belle have been apart far more than they have ever been together. Imagine somewhere you went as a young kid, or something you did, or something you saw etc. and for years and years all you had was the memory. You then go back to that place, watch it again or go through the same experience but it’s different – it’s not what you remember.

If it’s supposed to be a good memory, over the years the mind romanticizes certain parts, plays up the good and obscures the bad. We’ll paint ourselves in better lights, we’ll give ourselves more noble reasons, we’ll ascribe more meaning or knowledge to the situation that only hindsight gave us, not something we knew at the time.

I wonder if that’s not what happened with Belle. She remembered loving Rumple but they never had a life together, not as a couple, and so she created a fantasy which didn’t match reality. She turned her memory of him, into something that he never was and I don’t think she even realizes that she did that. She keeps saying that he was different back then – but he was the dark one. He hasn’t changed.

How the warped memory affects their relationship
I’ve always thought that Belle constantly demanding he change and emotionally blackmailing him, to try and force him was wrong. She did that from the very beginning of their ‘reconciliation’ back in season two. “I thought you changed.” and Rumple says “What in the hour you’ve known me.” or words to that effect. She walked out but then she came back. She’s said a couple of times in different ways “promise me and then we can be together”.

Now I get couples need to compromise, work together, make sacrifices etc. but using love against someone, threatening to withhold it if they don’t do what you want is bad. I’m hesitant to label it abuse but it certainly isn’t nice. I know when it comes to Rumple and Belle, the haters of their relationship always think that Rumple abuses Belle, but to be honest I’ve always thought it more the other way round.

Rumple does lie to Belle but only because he’s scared of her reaction. He has this belief that if he’s not perfect she’ll leave him – and that belief is just justified because that’s what she does, all the damn time.

Well finally he stood up for himself. – “But if you want me to be a different man… I’m sorry. This is who I am.” – Why is that wrong? If the situation was reversed and he demanded she change for him then everyone would be up in arms.

Loving someone is accepting them for who they are. Belle once told Neal she loved Rumple – “all of him, even the parts that belong to the darkness” – but those are just words. In actions, certainly in all their recent interactions, there has been no acceptance of the darkness.

I’ve never quite got why Belle kept saying he had to choose. Having power doesn’t mean he loves her any less. I think maybe she got scared about what that power could lead too. Given Regina, the curse, Lacey etc. it wouldn’t be unreasonable for her to have a fear of magic. She once saw magic kill Rumple, and then it killed Neal and then Rumple was never the same.

After he was free from Zelena, the darkness took over and Rumple lost control. He went after the hat because he thought that would save him. The dagger made him a slave, I can certainly understand the fear of being controlled. The first thing Zelena ordered him to do was kill Belle. He said in Our Decay that he “loved the dagger” but it’s the power the dagger represents.

Belle once used the gauntlet and she thought that power was what he loved most. I think it’s pretty much accepted in the Rumbelle fandom that the gauntlet showed his weakness not what he loved the most – Belle has always been his strength. I really don’t see why he can’t have both, his magic and Belle. She first fell in love with him as the dark one – a sorcerer – so why should he now have to be anything less than himself?

Rumple said that Belle would see that “he was right” and I certainly hope she does. I think he is right. She said that she couldn’t condone him being like this again – but why not? What exactly is she objecting to? Rumple never did anything ‘villainous’ until after Zelena had killed his son, tortured him for a year and the darkness took hold of his heart. Oh sure he was never a saint but was he such a danger to the town when he worked with them against Cora? allied with them in Neverland to find Henry? defeated Pan?

I have written before that I don’t think anyone is all good, or all evil – we are both. Life isn’t so black and white, it’s just all shades of grey. I’ve long thought so-called villains made the best heroes, precisely because they will do what is necessary to get the job done. They don’t have the hangups about ‘I can go this far, but not that far’ and so they are a lot more successful than people that hamstring themselves.

In ‘Her Handsome Hero’ Rumple basically talked so much sense. It was like he finally understood the truth about darkness and light, perhaps even found that prophesied balance. Belle on the other hand was pretty sanctimonious and then after the events with Gaston, rather than giving her a reality check it pushed her the other way.

I’m wondering if maybe this sleeping curse is a good thing because she is now trapped in the hall of mirrors. All she can do is reflect on her life and maybe a period of introspection will give her the time, and the space, that she needs to realize the truth of the matter. That Rumple is the same man now, that he has always been – her true love.

I firmly believe Rumple’s true loves kiss didn’t work in the underworld because he didn’t believe that it would. If he had faith in himself, in that Belle did actually love him, then it would have been fine. However, he’s taken too many knocks to have that certainty.

It’s like they are fighting between what they consciously try and think, and what they know deep down in their subconscious. I thought it was very telling that Belle kept correcting people that Rumple was her husband, that her first thought on arriving in the underworld was that Rumple needed her – that she went to look for him straight away.

Basically Rumbelle’s biggest problem is their failure to communicate. However, I have every faith that they can do it because they are true love. So long as they love one another, everything else should hopefully work out. That might be dangerously naive of me but if the canon on the show lets me down, there’s always fanfic.

Last Rites – Live Blog

I wrote my comments down while watching. The episode was about what I expected but it still stung.


I nearly killed myself laughing – Zelena is going to tell people not to worry, Hades has changed and is no longer a villain. Zelena! Erm when did she become trustworthy?

Wait when did Arthur get arrested? Those looked like handcuffs. I kinda don’t remember how that ended and what happened to him. It got forgotten with – Hook is a dark one. I’m confused.

Oh maybe Arthur’s arrest happened off screen. That makes sense but still they should show that kind of thing or at least explain it. I’m relatively good at remembering everything and forming a consistent timeline of events in my mind. The average viewer not so much. I used to watch this with mum and she quit as she got too confused.

How come kids have unfinished business? That’s kinda sad. I mean I get they didn’t get to grow up but kids should be innocent enough not to have regrets.

Wait when did Zelena fall for Hades so hard? I mean one minute she’s saying she can’t trust him, she’s not sure whether she can believe in their love and boom now she’s a sycophant. I don’t get it.

Oh yes! Robin finally confronting Regina about this ridiculous Zelena insta-redemption. Oh no Regina 🙁 she looks shocked and a bit offended at his words. Don’t be like that Robin is right.

The Rumple scene. I confess I had seen a lot of gifs of this and there was obviously one made up gif. “I have good news and bad news. Belles pregnant and I’m the father” “what’s the good news?” I thought that was real but the actual scene was epic anyway. I loved Rumple going “and why should I help you? It’s your fault.” because it so is and about time the so called heroes get called on their hypocrisy.

At least everyone now seems to be realising how unstable Emma is.

Wait so Zelena has given up all plans? She just wants a house with a picket fence, her kid and her man.

Oh eeek Rumple and Hades phone convo! I freaking love how badass Rumple is right now.

Wait? What? Zelena is owed another chance? But then I suppose as much as I love Regina she was the evil queen and did Zelena really do anything much worse than what Regina did in the past? I guess we have to be even handed about this redemption thing but I haven’t seen Zelena even apologise or do anything really to warrant redemption. Regina had season two and three as a journey back to the light.

Seriously Hook you hesitated? There was no reason to at the time, it didn’t seem like the book was in danger.

Why is Zelena suddenly adverse to fighting for what she wants?

Seriously Hades didn’t look behind him? They were just against the wall.

Ok why didn’t Regina try and blast Hades with magic or something. They just stood there but oh wow Robin, he saved her, he jumped in front of it. He died for her that is just wow. What a guy. That was heartbreaking.

Regina’s glare at Hades reminds me of when Cora fell and she looks up at Snow. “You did this.” – Evil Queen activated.

That shard is a terrible prop. It looks like the plastic mold it is.

Regina’s speech on love. That was actually very good. Now why can’t the writers read their own words and realise CaptainSwan doesn’t have that, not anymore at least, if they ever did. Their love is toxic, poisoning everything it touches just like Zelena and Hades. Love is Rumbelle, is Snowing and hell though I’ve never shipped it before I think I’ve come round to OutlawQueen.

Wait I thought Zeus was Hades ‘older brother’. Also did I blink and I miss it? How was Hook responsible for what happened? Regina and Robin confronted Hades, Hades used the crystal on Robin, Zelena then chose to kill Hades and not Regina. The interlude with Emma outside, and the pages, told Zelena nothing that she didn’t already think – that the ‘heroes’ wanted to kill Hades. Really if anything it made it less likely that Zelena would side with Regina. The fact that she did has everything to do with Regina and nothing to do with Emma. Nothing Hook did had any effect on the outcome.

Awww the funeral. They are putting arrows on his coffin 🙁 I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Ugh they named her Robin. There are no words as to how wrong that is. Even if we are to accept Zelena’s ‘redemption’. Some things can’t be undone and pretending like it was something it wasn’t. No for true redemption you need to own your crimes.

Ok and the prize for the biggest lie goes to – Snow! You know that is the second time she has come out with a whopper like that. First time was saying everyone chose to make the trip to the underworld (conveniently forgetting about blackmailing Rumple) and now this. “I know what you are thinking and it’s not your fault” – well who’s fault is it then? There is a direct causal link between Emma’s actions and Robin’s death. I know Emma is your daughter Snow but taking responsibility for her actions is something you should teach her to do, not shield her from!

I do love how they get the same actors back. Little John for example.

They are literally making out at Robin’s grave. There are again no words.

It’s ok everyone crisis averted. Rumple’s sheer awesomeness coming straight after took my mind off the travesty to human decency. No wait I’m still pissed. Hook did nothing to help and gets rewarded by being returned to life? One of my biggest complaints about the underworld arc was “why should Hook get special treatment?”

Everyone has lost someone. Why is Hook worthy of being brought back? Why not Daniel (you know Regina’s first love that she spent years trying to find a way to bring back), or Belle’s mum, or Charming’s mum, either of Snow’s parents, Neal for crying out loud – but “magic can do much but not that. Dead is dead.” – at least right up until it’s Hook.

I would have thought Neal’s act was far more helpful and heroic than Hook’s.

Seriously writers I get the real life reasons. You want to keep Hook on the show – then it was really not a good plan to kill him off! Seriously who thought that was a good plan?You want to keep Zelena on the show and not in jail hence the personality transplant, instant redemption nonsense. The actress who plays Belle needed maternity leave hence the sleeping curse. You wanted to write Robin out hence his heartbreaking pointless death. I understand why but there are other ways, it all could have been handled differently and so much better.


That’s the live blog done. You know it wasn’t the worst episode of the season by a long stretch. Rumple was epic, Robin was heartbreaking and said some sensible stuff.

Double bill finale next week. I’ve seen the promo pics 🙂 I’m trying not to get my hopes up but Regina and Rumple! On screen together! Not fighting! Please let them be teaming up. Now that would be a finale worth watching.

what would your favorite ending be for rumple? villain, hero, with or without magic?


Personally my favourite Rumple is morally!grey!Rumple. I like Rumple as the DO, I like his darkness just as much as his capacity to do great things for the people he loves. I want him to be… an anti-hero. Best case scenario Gold ends up still the DO, but he’s shown the ability to use his powers for good (mainly when it’s for the good of those he loves). Sometimes he’s cooperative with the heroes, sometimes not and he always calls them out on their bullshit (mainly how they run to him for help and yet treat him like the plague).

He and Belle reconcile, which takes hard work and a lot of soul-searching. He develops an actual relationship with Henry. He remains frenemies with Regina (after hashing some things out) and grows close to Maleficent (I liked how they bonded over lost children, I thought it was crazy that after Rumple gave her the answers she wanted she turned against him to help Regina, who did nothing for her).

When Belle reaches fifty Gold has made a decision: he’s found a way to sever his immortality. He wants to grow old with her, does not want to live to see his children die, and then their children. That way he gets to keep his powers AND destroy the darkness at the same time (thus he proves he does not love power more than Belle or his family and sort of fulfils Merlin’s prophecy, becoming a man capable of wield the darkness instead of being controlled by it). It involves a complicated spell and TLK.

People still don’t like him but kids think he’s super cool. When people try to warn them to stay away they start up with nosey questions like “But didn’t he save the town from Pan?” and “Didn’t he pull Excalibur out of the rock?” “I heard he once defeated a bear. With no magic.”

I’m also kinda in favour of a super!dark!Rumple conquers all but that’s something I’d rather read about in fic.

Oh wow this is just how I see Rumple! You have put words to the picture in my head. Can this be canon please? This is what I have hoped for all along and thus far been disappointed in the show.

I have said a few times that I think Rumple is a bit like Professor X in the X-Men movies. Prof X always had to get taken out early before the battle because he was too powerful and could have just frozen everybody – instant win – if he was around. I mean he froze a whole museum at the start of X2.

Well every time stuff happens I think Rumple’s going to be awesome, like when he went off alone in Neverland, or declared to Emma that “none of the heroes were him” and then boom nothing happens. I reckon that is because Rumple could just take care of the crisis and then it would be done in an episode, so they have to drag it out.

Also, he’s not the ‘hero’ so he can’t save the day, even though he’s capable. Rather than come up with a reasonable explanation they just make Rumple disappear, like wandering around Neverland for no reason (he is not that dumb). I mean this is the guy that manipulated the whole Enchanted Forest to put everything into motion years in advance. He knows how to take care of business. Can they let him? Nope because he’s not a Charming.

I’ve always said villains make the best heroes, because they are pragmatic and they are willing to do what it takes. About the one thing I found awesome in 5B (aside from just Rumple generally) were his lines about dark and light and morality. I really wish that they would show that as fact in actions, and not just with Rumple talking.