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Regina Mills

10. Could you be best friends with this character?

12. What’s a headcanon you have for this character?

15. What’s your favorite ship for this character? (Doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not.)

23. Favorite picture of this character?

Thank you so much for the ask!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

10) Could I be best friends with Regina?

No I’m not cool enough haha.

Honestly as much as I love Regina and I see that her prickliness comes from pain, I would find her so intimidating in person. I scare easily.

12) What’s a headcanon I have for her?

Ah my usual dilemma of what is canon and what is headcanon 😂

Somewhat complicated by the fact that it’s been a few years since I have seen this show now. Where does time go?

Oh man this is such a good question and my brain is a total blank. Ok ok, I’m just going to have to go with the first thing that comes to mind.

I started to write a whole thing about how Regina can be her own worst enemy and I scrapped it because I wasn’t being clear. So lets be specific – season 1 finale. My headcanon is that if Regina had tried to TLK Henry awake from the sleeping curse then it would have worked. I don’t think it would have broken the dark curse as well so that could go down one hell of a canon-divergent rabbit hole so put in a pin that. Regina didn’t even try and kiss him. She knew what he needed, she clearly thought about it, but she didn’t want to know as she assumed it wouldn’t work. “Too evil, too broken, he hates me, evil can’t love etc.” it’s an insecurity.

Now I don’t want to get into Regina’s crimes because that’s another rabbit hole. The salient point is how Regina thinks of herself and this is one of the few inconsistencies in the show I don’t mind. Mental health/self-acceptance isn’t a linear battle. Sometimes she can be at peace with it, other times she judges herself. Season 1/season 2 was a very low point for her. Some of which was nothing to do with all the magical crazy, and just the very real true life that her sons bio mom has shown up, and she feels ‘lesser’ (she’s not obviously).

But I’ve never doubted how much Regina loved Henry. I like that she did get her own TLK with him later on. But yes my headcanon is that it would have worked at the season 1 finale.

15) What’s my favourite ship for her?

I said this the other day but ultimately it’s “Regina x Happiness” and I did like that her story ‘end’ meant it didn’t come from a man. I like that Regina forged her own family, that she broke the cycle and didn’t repeat her mother’s mistakes.

There wasn’t really anyone on the show that clicked for me and that I thought was right for her.

Now as a lighter more joking answer I don’t sleep well and I run stories in my mind. These stories are allowed to be full of OC’s and cliches and be the sort of thing that fandom ridicules because it is just me telling the story to myself. I do confess I have fixed her up in my head with an OC. I may have written about 10k of fanfic towards it once but for the most part that has died a death on my HD (aside from the odd question like this where I was like hey why not it’s just a bit of fun).

I hope you don’t mind the question, but I see you really like Regina, and I was wondering what you’d think of a theory from season one/two that I used to see get talked about. It was the idea that while the Dark Curse was in effect Regina couldn’t love anyone, due to the wording of the curse and because no one could be happy. So she was desperately trying to connect with Henry and love him, but couldn’t until Emma broke the curse. Thoughts? (Sorry this is so random! :P)

Hey! I never mind any questions and I particularly love questions like this. So you’ve just made my day 🙂 Yes I do love Regina! She’s my second favorite character on Once. I really love her layers and could talk about her all day. Anyway, you asked about something specific!

Got to be honest not heard this theory before, but I do like it. All magic comes with a price and the price of the Dark Curse was a “hole in her heart” which nothing would be able to fill. Regina tried to fill the hole with Henry but you are right, they weren’t happy. Rumple said it myself “no more happy endings” and villains don’t get happy endings, why would the dark curse be any different?

However, also more honesty, I don’t actually agree.

It’s a good theory, backed up by the show and everything. Just personally I think magic gets blamed for a lot whereas I think the truth is a lot more complicated and closer to reality. It starts with 18 years. Regina cast the curse, and then there was a bit of excitement with Greg and his dad after that just 18 years of something similar to Groundhog Day.

We see in 3.09 – Save Henry I think it is a tiny glimpse of how that started to take it’s toll on Regina. In the beginning watching cursed!Snow tend to comatose!David was thrilling – she had her revenge, she had won “for once”. Then as time ticked on, her smile turned forced. Nobody remembered anything, or even knew how long it had been – she was the only one awake in a world where everyone was basically sleep walking. Well aside from Jefferson which is a whole other post, as is the nonsensical nature of the dark curse. I’m trying not to get off topic.

So point one, 18 years of living life on repeat. Point two, Regina really did love Henry. She couldn’t give him up despite knowing who his mother was, despite knowing the danger that was to the dark curse. She took a memory potion to forget her worry because she had no-one else to share it with, but she kept Henry. If she hadn’t then Emma would never have come to Storybrooke and would never have broken the dark curse. Regina would have got what she said she wanted but she put Henry above all that. She chose Henry.

I suppose given what I just said about 18 years, having somebody not bound to the curse, somebody to be different would certainly be helpful for sanity. That wouldn’t require loving him but Regina could have handed him back and got a different kid. She could have left town and kidnapped anyone she pleased. She didn’t, she kept the one child who could be her undoing.

Which comes to the question of connecting with Henry, which I’ve separated from loving him. Loving him was easy, knowing how to love him well and connecting with him was a completely different story. It all comes back to Cora. We are all products of our environment. Regina never wanted to turn into her mother but it was difficult because as much as Regina hated her, she also craved her approval. Now Regina wasn’t doomed to repeat Cora’s mistakes, she could choose to raise Henry differently and I think she tried but she was alone – “the pain of being alone.”

How could Regina break old habits if she wasn’t confronted by anyone? People can’t change in a vacuum. Season two was Regina’s lowest point. She lost absolutely everything and she had to face some hard truths about herself, and about the choices that she’d made. That was when she changed. The breaking of the dark curse did start the process because that changed everything, it was a catalyst for a lot of things but I don’t think it was to blame for Regina not being able to love very well.

Thank you for the question! I hope that was an ok answer 🙂

Reflection by Christina Aguilera
Regina Mills Song…

If I wear a mask
I can fool the world
But I cannot fool my heart

So many layers to her, so much depth. Seriously if I still made fanvids, I would totally make a fanvid with this.


Requested by @still-searching47

Regina: Everything comes at a price with you. What do you want for this?
Mr. Gold: For a house call? You couldn’t afford it. But this is for Henry. This one’s on me.

I love this scene so much. They didn’t know they were Grandpa and Grandson at the time, which makes it even better, a real testament to who the characters were and what was important to them.

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Watching this after 2×05 The Doctor, it makes so much more sense. She singled Jefferson out.

She abandoned him in Wonderland, when it would have been so easy to have taken a nameless knight and then just killed him. Alternatively her dad was in the box, he might not have counted according to the hat, she could have nabbed some food and restored him back in the Enchanted Forest and they all could have gone home.

Then when the curse hit Jefferson was taken to Storybrooke. He was forced to remember when no-one else in town did, and he was still separated from his daughter because she had no idea who he was.

However, Jefferson is the one that offered her the hope that Frankenstein could revive Daniel. He was the one that gave her the idea, and then did what was necessary for it to happen. He brought Frankenstein to her, that butcher, who failed and essentially made her relive Daniel’s death.

He made her a promise which he then broke.

He stripped Regina of the last of her hope, he was the face that tipped her over the edge into truly becoming the evil queen. In turn Regina then stripped Jefferson of what mattered most – his family.

Now Regina made her own choices but at this point in her life she blamed everyone else for everything. I don’t blame Jefferson at all, he was just working under orders from Rumple anyway.

I wonder if Regina ever discovered this particular manipulation of Rumplestiltskin’s? That could perhaps be the reason why they went from mentor/student to the enemies they were in Skin Deep. It’s too bad Sebastian Stan is now a bigtime Marvel movie star, because we could do with Jefferson back on the show.


Regina Mills is one of the greatest magical practitioners of her age.  Famous for using a sleeping curse.  She knows what he needs.  She leans forward… but stops herself.  Because while she may love him she’s certain he doesn’t love her.  After all how could he.  She’s the Evil Queen, rotten to the core, and she’s never been good enough for any of the people she’s loved.  Never been good enough to save them.  Never been good enough to save herself.

Urk, oh wow I’d not noticed that before but – so true! Oh man Regina’s expression is killing me, talk about heartbreaking. This makes so much sense. It fits with her character and yeah, wow. The OP really hit the nail on the head, so on point and really insightful.

It’s like one of those pivotal moments isn’t it? The sort that spawn the ‘what if?’ questions. What if she had pushed aside her fear and her self-loathing for just one second and tried true loves kiss on Henry?

Would the result have been failure because deep down she didn’t believe in herself? Would the result have been failure because her self-loathing was right and at this point Henry didn’t love her? (I don’t believe this one, she’s his mother and Henry always loved her even if they weren’t always close). Or what if the result had been success and it had woken him? What would the consequences of that have been?

A true loves kiss between Regina and Henry in the season one finale wouldn’t have broken the dark curse. However, Emma had her revelation and now believed. So the next challenge would have been trying to work out how to break the curse. What would that have meant for Rumple and amnesiac Belle? What would that have meant for dragon Maleficent and the vial of true love potion? What would that have meant for David attempting to leave town? (no-one can leave town – bad things happen).

Also to bring this back to Regina, as this is a Regina post, what would that have meant for her and Henry? She would have had indisputable proof in the strength of their mother/son bond. Henry would also have had the same confidence boost, he doubted that Regina truly loved him at this point. Would he have gone back closer to his adopted mother? After all, in the show he moved in with the Charmings and I don’t think he returned to live with Regina full time until 5A when Emma was the dark one.

Has there been any fics about this? Because I really don’t need another canon divergent what if WIP …


once upon a wardrobe appreciation: 114/???

My heart broke for Regina in this episode.

“Neither of us belongs in the palace and neither of us can leave the palace.”

It’s the unintentional slights that hurt the deepest. Regina was left alone, ignored, nobody noticed or cared when she left the party. Her husband waxed on poetic about his previous wife, yes she was Snow’s mother and I’m not saying that he shouldn’t compare Snow to her mum, just that how it was done must have hurt Regina. It wasn’t done spitefully, it wasn’t done to hurt her on purpose. I don’t blame them for it, it was just a messed up situation but man her expression was heartbreaking.

I know she was manipulating the genie/mirror/Sydney but all good lies have an element of truth. Regina was trapped in that palace, in a life she never wanted – “I don’t want her life, I want a life of my own” and she was trapped there for years. Long enough for young Snow to become adult Snow.

And yeah Regina does have the best outfits. This show does wardrobe incredibly well.

Her expression kills me.

Are there any Rumbelle/Rumple/Belle fans who are also Regina fans?




I think there are quite a few actually. (I like Regina but not everything she does.)

Me! If you couldn’t tell that from my mix of avatar and blog header. Rumple is my fave character, Regina is my second favorite. I know that Regina has done some nasty stuff to Belle and I don’t like that, especially because I don’t think she even apologized. – Regina, Belle is not just a tool to use against Rumple, she is her own person and you should treat her better!

My favorite headcanon has Rumple and Regina teaming up, using their moral flexibility (doing what needs to be done) to be far more effective at saving the day from the villain of the week than the ‘heroes’.

I might have got my hopes up a bit for the finale and then it was dashed because Regina was just playing him. I doubt I will ever get to see this on screen really which is a shame. Unless of course in season six, Regina has to come to terms with her darkness and accept it, not just bury it and no-one is going to understand her better than Rumple. He was her mentor once, he could be again and her friend. Just so long as she apologizes to Belle first.

I do hope they explain why crushing her heart didn’t kill her. How do you think she survived? Also, the heart Regina crushed should have an impact on her, but well…



While the show has certainly not earned faith when it comes to explaining the fantastic, since that question will absolutely be brought up, perhaps we should wait before assuming we will hate the answer. My guess is it will either be something big picture like evil is necessary for balance and thus can’t ever be fully eradicated simply controlled and harnessed or it’ll he related to magic being different in the real world or something like that.

In season 4, there was a deleted scene of Rumple finding the dust left by Elsa’s urn and explaining to everyone that magic can never be destroyed, just change forms. The scene was cut so they later had Rumple give a truncated version of that speech to the Snow Queen when he used that dust to neutralize her. It’s why the idea of destroying the Dark One never made much sense to me. It seems like the magic would always exist, you could just maybe change it somehow. I wondered if the Evil Queen’s resurrection had something to do with that. Of course, it’s probably silly of me to think the show remembers a line of dialogue from season 4. 

When I saw the Evil Queen crumbling to dust, then ‘returning’ to life I had two thoughts:

1) We saw Zelena surviving being killed by transforming before. She turned into a statue before Rumple stabbed her and then she somehow went in an energy stream to her magic locket before respawning.

I usually try not to think about it because I never liked her coming back to life like that. It felt like such a retcon because watching 4A, knowing Zelena is Marion just doesn’t seem right. She nearly died from the Snow Queen icing her heart – I can’t imagine Zelena not fighting back over that. Anyway, I digress. My point is they have faked us out with a transformation death like that before – it has precedence.

2) Two sides to the coin, two halves of the same soul. Regina and the Evil Queen aren’t two people, they are the same, magic has just split them into two bodies. Therefore, given that they are still connected (being the same person) I would think that you couldn’t kill one without killing both.

Regina crushed the Evil Queen’s heart, but that was using magic to destroy a magical construct. That wasn’t really a heart, because Regina’s heart is still in her chest, so crushing it isn’t going to do anything.The Evil Queen can’t be killed, not physically anyway, not unless Regina dies too because she is both.

I read a fanfic once, I forgot what it was so I can’t link it sorry but Belle accidentally released a genie who was under instructions to kill Regina – it was an unfilled wish. They got it ‘completed’ for him by saying that Regina wasn’t the Evil Queen any longer. That the Queen was dead and Regina herself had killed her by changing. I rather suspect that the show will wind up doing something similar, and the Evil Queen will be ‘killed’ by acceptance.