kira-nerys-rocks asked:

Regina Mills

10. Could you be best friends with this character?

12. What’s a headcanon you have for this character?

15. What’s your favorite ship for this character? (Doesn’t matter if it’s canon or not.)

23. Favorite picture of this character?

Thank you so much for the ask!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

10) Could I be best friends with Regina?

No I’m not cool enough haha.

Honestly as much as I love Regina and I see that her prickliness comes from pain, I would find her so intimidating in person. I scare easily.

12) What’s a headcanon I have for her?

Ah my usual dilemma of what is canon and what is headcanon 😂

Somewhat complicated by the fact that it’s been a few years since I have seen this show now. Where does time go?

Oh man this is such a good question and my brain is a total blank. Ok ok, I’m just going to have to go with the first thing that comes to mind.

I started to write a whole thing about how Regina can be her own worst enemy and I scrapped it because I wasn’t being clear. So lets be specific – season 1 finale. My headcanon is that if Regina had tried to TLK Henry awake from the sleeping curse then it would have worked. I don’t think it would have broken the dark curse as well so that could go down one hell of a canon-divergent rabbit hole so put in a pin that. Regina didn’t even try and kiss him. She knew what he needed, she clearly thought about it, but she didn’t want to know as she assumed it wouldn’t work. “Too evil, too broken, he hates me, evil can’t love etc.” it’s an insecurity.

Now I don’t want to get into Regina’s crimes because that’s another rabbit hole. The salient point is how Regina thinks of herself and this is one of the few inconsistencies in the show I don’t mind. Mental health/self-acceptance isn’t a linear battle. Sometimes she can be at peace with it, other times she judges herself. Season 1/season 2 was a very low point for her. Some of which was nothing to do with all the magical crazy, and just the very real true life that her sons bio mom has shown up, and she feels ‘lesser’ (she’s not obviously).

But I’ve never doubted how much Regina loved Henry. I like that she did get her own TLK with him later on. But yes my headcanon is that it would have worked at the season 1 finale.

15) What’s my favourite ship for her?

I said this the other day but ultimately it’s “Regina x Happiness” and I did like that her story ‘end’ meant it didn’t come from a man. I like that Regina forged her own family, that she broke the cycle and didn’t repeat her mother’s mistakes.

There wasn’t really anyone on the show that clicked for me and that I thought was right for her.

Now as a lighter more joking answer I don’t sleep well and I run stories in my mind. These stories are allowed to be full of OC’s and cliches and be the sort of thing that fandom ridicules because it is just me telling the story to myself. I do confess I have fixed her up in my head with an OC. I may have written about 10k of fanfic towards it once but for the most part that has died a death on my HD (aside from the odd question like this where I was like hey why not it’s just a bit of fun).