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How about Sanctuary fandom + Once Upon a Time (show)?

Ok cool. This will be the top 5 things off the top of my head, so I reserve the right to facepalm if I forgot something important. Thanks for the ask!!!

send me a tv show/book/fandom and i’ll say the top 5 things i’d change about it

Well first off let’s address the elephant in the room that there are two ways to answer this question. 1) Is how I would change it to make it more like what I wished it was, 2) Is how I would change it to improve on what they actually chose to do. Those are two very different things. I am going to attempt to answer in the vein of number two, accepting canon and just tweaking it to be better, rather than throwing out everything in favour of the show I would have written, as I feel that’s more in the spirit of what the question is actually asking.

So without further ado!

(I am longwinded so cut)

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OUAT: #6 , and Rumbelle, #8!

Oh yay! Thank you for the ask ❤️

6) which is my favorite platonic or familial relationship in this world

Obsessions wax and wane and it’s been a minute since Once ruled my brain. The first answer that came to mind was Regina and Henry.

Regina is fascinating and given Once’s… erm shall we say less than consistent writing (and that’s generous) I find it amusing having read a ton of writing craft books this year, that Regina is textbook for emotional wound and then a thematic positive change arc. We know what tipped her into being a villain and we saw the struggle to change, and that change started in her vault when she took the memory potion.

Think about it Regina wanted revenge, but her need was for safety/safety drawn from control as she had never had control over her life totally. Even as the Evil Queen she was more afraid than anything. The dark curse gave her revenge and control but they were drawn from the thematic lie. Because it came from the lie, it was a hollow ‘victory’ which the show lampshaded as a “hole in her heart” (a magical thing) but just as a person it’s an emotional wound.

When Regina got Henry she was grasping. She knew she needed to make a change but wasn’t at all ready to give up the lie/start the positive change arc. She got Henry for what he could do for her. Learning he was the legacy of her appointed nemesis – that was basically an anvil hovering threatening the security of the lie (dark curse revenge/control) – she could have retreated to the pain/darkness but instead she chose Henry AND she gave up the control by losing her advantage of foreknowledge. She could have prepared/been vigilant but instead she allowed her future self to be blindsided as the love for Henry was stronger than her fear.

Stronger than her fear. I mean how incredible is that.

I have often said that I think love is the ultimate expression of trust. Now this is getting long and so I won’t say much more but it would be negligent of me not to mention the true loves kiss that broke the second curse. Regina’s heart wasn’t in her chest – she wasn’t supposed to be able to feel, to love – and yet she loved her son so much magic answered. She had so much baggage and she had her toxic moments but she tried, and she did the work. When she fell into her mothers example, she realised and let Henry go, she broke the cycle.

I don’t know I just have feelings. Regina was not the biological mum, and media historically doesn’t treat them well, but Once generally did. If I had to say that any relationship formed the backbone of the show it would either be this, Regina and Henry mother and son, or it would be Rumple and Bae/Neal, father and son. Driving forces really.

8) if I’m most interested in fics about them that focus on fluff, angst, humor, smut or actual plot?

Hmm it would be between fluff or actual plot. Rumbelle rarely got to be happy and if canon won’t give me that, then fic can. But I do also like to see their issues resolved, and so their happiness is… earned isn’t the right word. But there are consequences when stuff happens and Rumbelle on the show were either kept apart, or shoving everything under the metaphorical rug. So yeah actual plot can deal with things the show didn’t.


Important question: what do you think Wish!Rumpled, who never experienced the curse or being Mr Gold, would wear in the land without magic? Would he still go for suits? Would he shake things up?

I don’t know why but the first thing that popped into my head was “yes a suit but no not like that” – one with sort of ‘dandy’ style to it. Wish!Rumple from what I could remember was even more flamboyant, with flair and eccentricity (he had been possibly locked up without company for years so fair enough).

So the jacket would maybe be longer with tails? Patterns and colours rather than so austere, interesting cuts and accessories. I can just see wish!Rumple prancing about the way he does as an imp in human form, in a way classic Rumple never would.

Wish!Rumple just strikes me as wanting to say “I have power (or money)” but also be a bit more “in your face” about it. Classic Gold is quite understated, very business like, very power in the room but you don’t notice him so much.

I don’t know if that makes sense.

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6, 15, and 30 for the OUAT asks

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16, 20, 27 and 32 on the OUAT asks

Discussion prompt for Rumbelle fandom: if Rumple & Belle were the same age, would they even be Rumbelle? Asking a different way, if you read a non-magic AU fic in which they were the same age, would that work for you? How much of what makes them Rumbelle, is due to the age difference?

I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, like asking people why they ship a certain thing. There are several distinct qualities that make up the Rumbelle relationship. I guess it’s about what personally you were drawn to and so therefore what’s important to you.

For me the age difference is irrelevant. I usually minimise it in fics (making it more like 10 years) because what makes Rumbelle to me has nothing to do with the age difference.

What makes the Rumbelle relationship is Belle and Rumple’s distinct characters and then how they work together. For instance Rumple’s self-loathing, the fact that he’s a father and how much he has absorbed that love for his child into his identity, or indeed love for his family – that is imo what motivates him always. Then there’s Belle, headstrong, tendency to jump in without thinking, always sees the best in people, she has a deep desire to prove herself and to do something that matters – to be a hero.

Then together they have a love of learning. They can spark off one another intellectually. Belle’s positivity vs. Rumple’s pessimism, he’ll provide caution when she needs it and she’ll give him the push he needs to actually take risks. They both have huge hearts but Rumple is more guarded because he’s been hurt before. He’ll never be as outgoing as Belle can be sometimes, but he’s happy to be a homebody and the stay-at-home dad, while Belle saves the world. Then they have nice quiet time together at home, the comfortable silence where they are enjoying being together and also reading.

None of that, none of what makes Rumbelle the relationship I love so much, draws much on the age difference. Sure it’s something to explore, it gives Rumple an added reason for why Belle deserves ‘better’. I guess there’s also the potential of a power imbalance because of the age difference. I always argue that it’s not there because Belle is an equal partner. That could provide conflict though as it’s worked out. That’s not a vital part of Rumbelle to me though. That’s not what the core of the relationship is, it’s just an added something.

Does that make sense? and wow I do not know how to be succinct I’m sorry.

Are all Librarians this much trouble?

Rick O’Connell (The Mummy Returns)

Yeah I can think of at least one heh

And I love her for it 🙂

#although trouble is probably the wrong word more insatiable curiosity and purity of heart

“the bear king” impressions


request to anyone reading: I’m watching OUaT for the first time, and I want to
avoid spoilers. So, if you want to discuss something spoilery, I’d be grateful
if you could start a new post for that. Thank you!}

Let me just say upfront that I enjoyed this Merida spin-off of immensely. Not sure what it has to do
with the main storyline, but considering what happened in the main storyline, I’m complaining.

And my wolf girl is back! Hey, Ruby! Missed you.


screencap chosen quite intentionally

You know, I actually like the Bear Witch a whole bunch, but we are going to
have words about this, lady!


More under the cut.

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Ahhhhhhh I’m sorry, I have been neglecting my tumblr and I hadn’t noticed you’d watched this 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad you liked it!

Yes, all the RedWarrior, BraveWarrior, BraveRedWarrior OT3 goodness

I do tend to mostly fall down on the side of BraveWarrior because their meeting in the past with Mulan whipping off her helmet took my breath away and screamed “ship me! ship me!” and I adored their banter while sparring and it was just all so eeeeek.

I *think* this might be my most-watched Once episode tbh. I know sacrilege as a Rumbelle fan but there are several awesome Rumbelle episodes – this is the only episode with Merida and Mulan on screen together.

Ooooh I need to tag you in the shiny happy BraveWarrior gifset, it’ll be an excuse to have it back on my dash again 🙂 *whistles*

I like your theory of Gold’s ring & @sarashouldebestudying’s TLK would only work in FTL where the curse came from. Mine was a combo of “magic is different here” & Rumple believing in their love which over S1-3 (phone call, Pandora’s box, “you made me stronger”) he did. Then A&E retconned it with that MacGuffin so CS wouldn’t panic about TLK not working. They treated EQ as an entity making Regina do bad more than the DO curse, unless it’s Emma. And let’s face it they change the rules every series

Hi anon *waves*

To be honest I kinda agree with the “change the rules every series” or you know even “change the rules ever 5 minutes”. Usually I’m all about finding in-universe explanations but with Once for my own happiness and sanity, I came to believe that creating a coherent narrative was easier if I ignored certain ‘canon’ bits. Some things just contradicted each other so much – at least in my opinion – and I guess I got attached to my version of the characters, and so I tried to make the show fit that and when it was impossible I ignored the show.

With my response to jackabelle I tried very hard to consider all the canon that I knew about/could remember as it was my understanding they wanted a canon meta explanation. That’s why I didn’t say anything about the writers changing the rules. I did call the Guardian a MacGuffin, but then that’s what people call the infinity stones in the MCU movies sometimes, it’s just a term and from my pov means nothing negative 🙂

Anyway, forgive me if this wasn’t your intent but I’m going to pick up on something I found very interesting in your message

making Regina do bad more than the DO curse

and I’ve gone on a lot so under the cut for length.

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Has anyone written any meta, fic, or anything with a theory on why Rumbelle simply didn’t use TLK to break the Dark One curse? It’s been a popular fandom assumption all along that the only reason all their numerous kisses throughout the years didn’t break his curse, is b/c he didn’t let them. But if he wanted to break the curse, it should work, right? And wouldn’t that be a heckuva lot easier than all this Guardian business? 

Could it be b/c they were afraid that the Darkness would simply go in search of another host, like when the Apprentice took the Darkness from Rumple’s body and it sought out Regina instead? But…. withdrawing the Darkness from its host and breaking the curse are two different things, so I’m not sure that logic holds. Maybe they just didn’t want to take the smallest risk of it happening. 

I always headcanoned that his ring protected him from it. That he crafted it in the EF in case Belle came back and then it came over with the curse and Mr Gold wore it for 28 years. A little torment in the life of ‘comfort’, just like the boarded up library he passed everyday. He wouldn’t know why it made his heart hurt, not until he woke up from the curse anyway.

Leaving aside the season seven plot. Belle fell in love with Rumple as the dark one. She told Neal that she “loved all of him, even the parts that belonged to the darkness” and the season six finale had Rumple doing the right thing. Rumbelle had their happy beginning without TLK. Why would they want to break the curse of the dark one? Rumple had it under control and magic sure comes in handy – like the power to travel through magical realms on their world tour. It’s not a curse if it’s not a curse to the one that holds it.

Maybe that’s the answer. The guardian business is all a MacGuffin. All Rumple has to do is let go, to feel the curse chafing and poof TLK will take care of it. With Belle unavailable perhaps he should visit his son. Then he can grow old at Gideon’s side, hopefully Gideon will find love and have children (adopted or biological) and then in the fullness of time Rumple will … well you know.