Discussion prompt for Rumbelle fandom: if Rumple & Belle were the same age, would they even be Rumbelle? Asking a different way, if you read a non-magic AU fic in which they were the same age, would that work for you? How much of what makes them Rumbelle, is due to the age difference?

I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion, like asking people why they ship a certain thing. There are several distinct qualities that make up the Rumbelle relationship. I guess it’s about what personally you were drawn to and so therefore what’s important to you.

For me the age difference is irrelevant. I usually minimise it in fics (making it more like 10 years) because what makes Rumbelle to me has nothing to do with the age difference.

What makes the Rumbelle relationship is Belle and Rumple’s distinct characters and then how they work together. For instance Rumple’s self-loathing, the fact that he’s a father and how much he has absorbed that love for his child into his identity, or indeed love for his family – that is imo what motivates him always. Then there’s Belle, headstrong, tendency to jump in without thinking, always sees the best in people, she has a deep desire to prove herself and to do something that matters – to be a hero.

Then together they have a love of learning. They can spark off one another intellectually. Belle’s positivity vs. Rumple’s pessimism, he’ll provide caution when she needs it and she’ll give him the push he needs to actually take risks. They both have huge hearts but Rumple is more guarded because he’s been hurt before. He’ll never be as outgoing as Belle can be sometimes, but he’s happy to be a homebody and the stay-at-home dad, while Belle saves the world. Then they have nice quiet time together at home, the comfortable silence where they are enjoying being together and also reading.

None of that, none of what makes Rumbelle the relationship I love so much, draws much on the age difference. Sure it’s something to explore, it gives Rumple an added reason for why Belle deserves ‘better’. I guess there’s also the potential of a power imbalance because of the age difference. I always argue that it’s not there because Belle is an equal partner. That could provide conflict though as it’s worked out. That’s not a vital part of Rumbelle to me though. That’s not what the core of the relationship is, it’s just an added something.

Does that make sense? and wow I do not know how to be succinct I’m sorry.

Random thought just popped into my head.

The Prestige

Twin brothers – think Rumple with all the showmanship of the imp, and spinner!Rum with all the soft-spoken quiet reserve away from the stage at least.

When one dons the hat of the magician, the other wears the hat of the manservant (think a mix of calculating Gold and physicality of Weaver).

They are very different, yet live the same life. And then they fall in love with the same woman. Cue Belle’s eyes narrowing in that “I know you are up to something look” because of the rapid personality changes and much panic because she can’t know, she’d leave. They are lying to her, it’s wrong, but what can they do? Two men, one life. The only way really is for one of them to become the manservant fulltime when away from the stage rather than switching but who?

The end result being that they eventually tell her / she walks in on them and they are nervous but Belle just rolls her eyes “I figured it out a long time ago. Honestly how do people not know, you are terrible liars”


Rumbellers! Got a question.

If you could install a nanny cam in the Pink Palace (and possibly also in the pawn shop, library, and let’s throw Granny’s Diner in too), and watch Rumbelle go about their day — just one boring, non-eventful day — what would you hope to witness?

And before any of you say it, I’m looking for answers other than ‘non-stop sex’. I know someone would say it, b/c I know this fandom! I’m looking for the fluff answer… the little moments in a relationship.

This reminds me a bit of that “send your OTP and I’ll tell you which one does the dishes, or mows the lawn” etc.

I think I’d like to see them do the dance of life.

By that I mean they have a routine and they know each other well so they can weave around one another to get breakfast. They know what is needed before the other has to ask.

Or how many times a day do you go “pass me the thingymebob” or “oh what’s the word” or “you know what I mean” and the people that know you best DO know.

Even more than that the shared references. How they’ll both hear something and think of the same thing. How they’ll be able to say just a couple of words and the other will know what they are thinking. Those shared years and memories and comfortable level.

I’d like to see the reality. Like how Belle always leaves her shoes in the bathroom and Rumple jokes she’s trying to kill him as he trips over them. How they have thermostat wars because Rumple likes it set at what Belle calls freezing. How Belle has book club nights and girls nights and Rumple has a card game and chess so they don’t always eat together. There’s dinners in the freezer and the microwave for when they get in.

You know just life 🙂

Rumbelle. Who is more protective:


There are so many versions of Rumbelle I’d be here all day if I ran through all of them. I’m going to go with my headcanon for them which basically springs from the early seasons. Hope that’s ok 🙂

Who asks the other on dates: Belle. She’ll say “fancy doing x, y or z later?” or spot an advert for something and ask if he wants to go, or she’ll hear about something (*cough* ok mostly read about something* she wants to try and she’ll bring it up. Rumple is more the ‘accidental date’ kind. In that they’ll just happen to walk in the direction of the beach and see an amazing sunset, or he’ll just happen to have a table booked when Belle says she’s hungry etc. He doesn’t like to presume, so he always waits for Belle to make the first move in terms of wanting to spend time with him.

Who is the bigger cuddler: Rumple. Belle likes snuggling a lot but Rumple’s just a big teddy bear (so long as they are alone that is!). He reaches for her in the night, if she stays, and she wakes up in his arms no matter how they fell asleep. It’s not something he dares do when he’s awake so she makes sure to hug him as often as possible. The happy soft sigh and how he nuzzles into her hair always makes her heart skip a beat.

Who initiates holding hands more often: Definitely Belle. Rumple loves holding her hand and it’s not even something he minds doing in public. His reputation only matters when it comes to the safety of his family (Rumple believes a healthy dose of fear about him helps with that) but they get enough disdainful looks as it is. Belle doesn’t like those looks either because Rumple goes on a “I’m a beast sweetheart, no matter what I look like in this realm, and my claw in yours …” (she always interrupts then and reminds him for the Nth time that she fell in love with him in the old world). They’ve settled on a middle-ground of linking arms and are both happy with that.

Who remembers anniversaries: Rumple. Belle tries but in between cursed years and time spent in other realms she thoroughly lost track. Rumple smirked and enjoyed surprising and spoiling her tremendously for the first year. After that Belle had written down the dates he used and (in between curses) did her best with them. Unfortunately because of all the frozen time sometimes the dates moved leaving her to huff in frustration. Rumple says everyday is a gift with her in his life. Belle always has to kiss him for that and has settled for sometimes doing a “just because” special time for the two of them.

Who is more possessive: Bizarrely it’s Belle. I say bizarrely because most people would say Rumple. However the only time he’s ever challenged Belle’s autonomy has been when he’s been terrified for her safety. Rumple only wants Belle to stay if she wants, and secretly he believes she’ll walk out one day, and decide he’s too much trouble. Whereas Belle stakes her claim in a few different ways. She’ll commit Rumple to help with things without asking but she’ll also guard him against the unreasonable. The time the Charming’s asked for help four days in a row they found themselves being given a pile of books (as Belle just had to help a little) and a firm admonishment not to come back for at least a week unless it was life and death.

Who gets more jealous: Neither of them. They aren’t jealous people. Rumple just wants Belle to be happy. He would give her his blessing to be with someone else if that would make her happier. Belle I think has the capability to be jealous. I think if she saw someone putting the moves on Rumple she’d make it very clear that Rumple was hers, but that has never happened. If Rumple thought about it (which he hasn’t) he would say nobody wanted to proposition the Dark One, and Belle would probably say something about it being their loss.

Who is more protective: Rumple – slightly. It’s quite close though. Belle won’t stand for anyone badmouthing him around her. Legitimate complaints are fine (she does know what he can be like) but out and out insults are not. She draws a line and doesn’t hesitate to tear strips off anyone who crosses it. Rumple is obviously more concerned with physical safety. Belle understands his point and they’ve had several fights because she doesn’t want to stand on the sidelines – she wants to be his partner in all ways – and he’s just terrified. Usually Belle can get through to him by quite logically pointing out that the safest place in the world for her to be is right by his side.

Who is more likely to cheat: Neither – never!

Who initiates sexy times the most: Rumple would say Belle because he doesn’t believe he initiates. Belle would dispute that and say he most definitely does! It’s not verbal or physical but the heat in his eyes, the flutter of his spinner fingers, how he moves – she knows when he’s interested and all it takes from her is a heated kiss, a close embrace or a wandering hand and Rumple loses all reservations. Once he knows she wants him, he never disappoints.

Who dislikes PDA the most: Rumple. He’s a private man and he doesn’t like the disparaging comments. Belle doesn’t like them either but she likes to prove publicly to him sometimes that she isn’t ashamed of him.

Who kills the spider: Rumple. Belle knows she should be afraid, and she isn’t really, but she just doesn’t like how fast they skitter away and how sometimes when she reaches for them they crawl onto her. It reminds her too much of the tower or the asylum where she was imprisoned. Fortunately she only has to start to say his name with intent and he’s by her side. The spider gets dealt with, she gets a hug, and all is well.

Who asks the the other to marry them: Well in an alternate world where 3B never happened I would still say Rumple. It wouldn’t be done in haste, in desperation to hold onto the one good thing left in his life, so in many ways asking would be 10x harder. Rumple is terrified, sick with nerves and totally out of inspiration. He wants it to be special. This is the final moment that mends things between father and son as after Neal sees him like this he knows without a doubt that his Papa has returned.

It was the phonecall to Belle that started the process as Neal was surprised Rumple could still love like that. He loses all hesitancy seeing his father unable to form words he’s so panicked. Neal consults with Emma but it’s Henry that comes up with the idea. In the movie the dance led to ‘the beast’ letting Belle go, how about ending it with asking for forever? Rumple transforms the cabin and Belle smiling through tears reminds him she promised forever once before and jokes saying “nobody breaks a deal with me remember?”

Who buys the other flowers or gifts: With Belle’s father running the flower shop they don’t tend to exchange formal flowers and Rumple conjuring up a rose lost some of it’s allure when he admitted the truth about Gaston. Belle likes wildflowers anyway, they bring the outside in and help her feel free. Rumple leaves a small posy for her at least a few times a week at the library. Belle early on put her foot down about gifts, it’s Rumple she wanted and not his magic or his wealth. They mostly share their time and their interests. Belle will give him a book she enjoyed so they can talk about it together, or quite often she’ll read to him. Just quiet time snuggled together.

Who would bring up possibly having kids: Rumple. He didn’t mean to he was reminiscing about Bae and let slip “our children one day” he was immediately horrified but before he could stammer apologies Belle beamed. She hadn’t known how to bring it up and she’d been unsure how Rumple would feel. He had a grandson now and starting over might not hold any appeal. She wanted a life of her own, she wanted to travel etc. but she really wanted a family with her true love. They don’t start right then as they are happy being a couple but decide within a year or two for sure.

Who is more nervous to meet the parents: Neither because there wasn’t the opportunity. Colette was dead before Rumple and Belle met, and Rumple met Moe the same day he met Belle for the first time. Malcolm/Pan was dealt with and there was never any introductions done. Both Rumple and Belle hope Fiona/The Black Fairy will stay in her dark realm.

Who sleeps on the couch when the other is angry: Rumple wishes with every fiber of his being that it was him, he would never want to kick Belle out of the room, it should be him but it’s not. Belle is always the one that walks away needing her space. He at least convinced her to use a spare room and not the couch, he was concerned she would be cold and uncomfortable.

Who tries to make up first after arguments: Rumple which sometimes leads to the argument lasting even longer. Belle doesn’t mean to get irritated it’s just if she’s already angry over whatever they were fighting about, her patience with him is very limited. She loves him dearly and they always wind up in a big mess of apologies when they are both ready to make up. Once that’s done they have a reasoned discussion and fix whatever the issue was, it’s relatively rare that the discussion sparks another argument but it has happened.

Who tells the other they love them more often: Rumple. At first he said it quietly, just whispering like she wasn’t supposed to hear. It was like he thought that soon he wouldn’t be able to say it, so he wanted to make sure that she knew. He never goes anywhere without saying “I love you” and never ends a phone conversation without it either – no matter who is listening. It’s the one thing he doesn’t budge on. He’s not worried if Belle doesn’t say it back but he doesn’t want her to have any doubt as to his feelings.

Sorry to hear that you’ve had some bad days. ::hugs:: Hope that your weekend is better. Anyway, Shuffle Challenge: #3 for Rumbelle. :~)

*hugs back* thank you so much!

Ok your songs are:
– Jedi Rocks
– Everyday is a Holiday
– Do You Want To


“No absolutely not,” Rumple said firmly but the pleading eyes didn’t relent. He squirmed and sighed. “Fine, one tube but no pudding with dinner.”

“Thanks papa!” Gideon called over his shoulder as he sprinted back over to the concession stall.

Belle chuckled. “You know he’s crazy for anything Star Wars related. The second he saw those limited edition candies …”

“Jedi Rocks,” Rumple grumbled. “Just pure sugar and E numbers.”

“We are are on holiday Rumple,” Belle teased, looping her arm through his.

“Technically everyday is a holiday,” Rumple pointed out, unwilling to concede the point. Belle raised both of her eyebrows, her eyes gaining intensity, it was the exact look she gave him when she wasn’t impressed with his showboating. “This is your fault for saying ask your father.”

“What’s your fault papa?” Gideon asked brightly, his eyes sparkling. He ripped open the tube and crunched one of the rocks, his smile practically splitting his face, and Rumple’s heart melted.

“Nothing son. Your mother was just teasing me,” Rumple told him.

Gideon nodded, chewing on another candy. Rumple glanced around the amusement park. They’d left Storybrooke over a year ago intending to take a two week vacation. That had been extended over and over again as they’d just not gone back home. There was always somewhere new to see and Gideon was the perfect age for such a long trip. He was old enough to remember but young enough that he’d still have time to learn everything he’d need for his exams.

Although, today’s amusement park excursion aside, their vacation was extremely educational. Gideon was getting to see historical locations in person, to immerse himself in different cultures and learn the language. It was the experience of a lifetime.

“Papa,” Gideon started.

Rumple winced, that was the ‘I want something’ tone. “Yes Gideon?”

“Do you want to ride the coaster?”

“Erm …” Rumple glanced over towards the rapidly moving car that was careening upside-down along the track. “Ask your mother.”

For the song prompt thing- how about a 3 to get you going? :)

Ooooh thank you! I know it’s a probably a weird prompt meme thing but I got a bit tired of reblogging the same 50 sentences. So this is just something a bit different 🙂

Right your songs are:
– Club Foot
– Everlasting Love
– Inflate My Ego


“If I can’t have you,” James snarled. “Then no-one will!”

Belle shuddered at the menacing tone. Gold frowned and grabbed the remote, hitting pause on the movie. Belle was laying back against his chest, his arms wrapped around her, just another typical night at home. He’d been warm, comfortable, drowsy; Belle was in his arms and all was right with the world, until he’d felt her distress. Now their position wasn’t comfortable because he couldn’t see her expression.

“Sweetheart?” Gold shifted and with obvious reluctance Belle moved, curling her legs up against her and wrapping her arms around herself. “Hey?”

Gold put a finger under her chin and very gently pressed, encouraging her to look at him. Belle did for half a second before her eyes dropped.

“It’s stupid,” Belle muttered.

“Nothing you feel could ever be stupid,” Gold quoted, and Belle’s lips quirked in amusement, as he repeated the same phrase she often said firmly to him.

Belle shrugged and sighed. “I was half asleep really. So comfortable and warm, I was with you.” She smiled and reached for his hand. “It was the tone more than the words. If I hadn’t been half-asleep it probably wouldn’t have registered. You know me, I don’t scare easily …”

Gold laughed. “You my love are practically fearless.”

“Exactly.” Belle nodded once in acceptance. “But that night I felt a flash of pure terror … and then you saved me.”

“I think you saved me actually,” Gold disagreed.

“You don’t need to inflate my ego.” Belle rolled her eyes but she was smiling now at least.

Gold would compliment her all night if it brought light to her eyes, and besides he was telling the truth. He would have been fish food if Belle hadn’t been there. The fact that he might have possibly saved her first was irrelevant. As far as he was concerned, she was his hero.

“Oh I thought that was part of my job description as your husband?” Gold arched an eyebrow, a smile playing across his face.

“No the only criteria for that Mr Gold is everlasting love,” Belle said tartly. “Anything else is just like a gift of a rose.”

“Anything else?” Gold questioned with a glint in his eyes.

Belle bit her lip thoughtfully and then smirked, and turned to press up against him once more. She lowered her lips to within an inch of his. “Well maybe just one or two things …”


A/N: Club Foot is about loving something so much and then having to kill it, at least I think. I had to look that one up as the lyrics weren’t clear and the title wasn’t easy either. I managed to get the other two titles in there though! 🙂

Your RCIJ is on my to-read list; can’t wait to get started on it. So, I’m going to have to wait until next week to ask about it. Anyway, I’m going to have to ask you something else for TMI. Is there a movie, TV show, or novel that reminds you of Rumbelle? (other than Beauty and the Beast). :~)


Sorry I know I shouldn’t laugh. It’s just that’s a really awesome question and it’s also incredibly funny. I see Rumbelle everywhere, in everything! I swear sometimes I could probably Rumbelle anything. I try not to think on it too hard because the plot bunnies wind up multiplying exponentially but oops happens quite often anyway 🙂

Anyway, the amazingly talented and wonderful @worryinglyinnocent was my RCIJ Santa. The prompt I gave them was for a movie AU – No Reservations. That movie just screamed Rumbelle to me and while I’m still only three chapters into their fic (damn obligations, I want to read and not be busy!) it’s an absolutely incredible adaptation. Go, read, enjoy! It’ll be great I know it!

I’d be here all day if I listed off everything that ever reminded me of Rumbelle. Unlike the example I gave above, which was absolutely perfect in pretty much every way, most things are only partly perfect. Which unfortunately makes the plot bunnies even worse. I can see the changes I’d make which would then be perfect Rumbelle and oops. Rumbelle, rumbelle, everywhere heh.

Moment!Belle: Sweetie, chill. Take a deep breath. Then call his shop and clarify where to meet. If he doesn’t pick up, go over and see him. I bet he’d love to see your face again 😃

Ficlet as promised 🙂 Follows on from this ficlet.


Belle paused outside the store which was next to Gold’s pawnshop. She took a couple of deep breaths and wished she didn’t feel quite so nauseous. Nothing about today was
going right and it was because she wasn’t thinking anything through. She’d been so focused on getting the words out, and finally telling Mr. Gold how she felt about him, that she hadn’t considered what would happen if he said yes. She had numerous concerns about the looming date at 6pm that evening, but the first problem was that they hadn’t arranged it properly.

She swallowed and tried to relax her grip on the piece of paper she was holding. It had
crumpled where she had gripped it too tightly. They hadn’t arranged where to meet, and she’d blithely said that there would be a showing of something, and that was just too up in the air for her comfort. She’d looked up the movies and the showing times on the library computer. The sci-fi movie which had prompted all of this wasn’t showing until 7.30pm and it wouldn’t take anywhere near that long to get to the movie theater.

“Do the brave thing,” Belle whispered to herself.

Before she could change her mind she strode forward, past the pawnshop window, and opened the door. She blinked at the change in lighting, it was a lot darker in the shop than outside. There was the sound of the gentle tap of Gold’s cane on the floor, and the man himself emerged through the curtain that led to the backroom. A smile crossed his face when he caught sight of her.

“Miss French, how lovely to see you.” Gold’s tongue darted out to wet his lips, Belle’s eyes were drawn to the motion and a beat later she realized she was staring. Gold
frowned. “I hope there’s not a problem with tonight?”

“Oh no, no, no,” Belle stammered. “I looked up the show times.” She brandished the slip of paper as her passport and Gold nodded in understanding.

“What were they?” Gold asked.

“Oh erm.” Belle looked down at the paper, and then thrust it towards Gold. “You can look if you like.”

Her face burned as Gold took the piece of paper and scanned it. How was she supposed to get through this date, if she had trouble with him focusing on her for more than a minute at a time? Belle’s blood ran cold. For all that she had been nursing a
crush on Mr. Gold for months now, and fantasizing about asking him out, she didn’t even know his first name.

“How about the 8.30 performance? We could get an early dinner beforehand,” Gold suggested.

“Dinner?” Belle repeated weakly. That sounded fantastic but the movie was easier, as their attention would be on the screen and they wouldn’t have to make conversation.
“Ok,” she agreed nervously. “Where should we meet?”

“I’ll pick you up,” Gold decided. “There are several restaurants around the movie theater. I don’t have any allergies, you are welcome to choose.”

“You choose,” Belle insisted.

“Very well.” Gold smiled. “Until 6pm Miss French.”

“Belle,” Belle blurted out. “Please, it’s Belle.”

Gold’s smile deepened and he took a step forward. “Belle, I’m Liam.”

He reached out and gently took her hand, raising it to his mouth and brushing his lips against the back. Belle felt like swooning, and wondered for a minute if she had fallen
asleep in the library again, and she was dreaming. This felt more like a dream
than real life, this was almost like a scene out of a Jane Austen novel.

“See you tonight,” Belle mumbled.

She stumbled backwards, keeping her eyes on Gold as she left. The cooler air outside was a relief for her hot cheeks. Dazed Belle staggered over to the library, collapsing into her chair the moment she got there. She’d fixed the logistics and she still had a date! Belle gulped – she still had a date. She glanced down at herself critically, she needed to wear something nice but not too nice, but then again Mr. Gold – Liam, was always impeccably dressed in a suit. Perhaps overdressed was the way to go.

Belle bit her lip and her eyes flickered to the clock. A moment later she bolted to her feet and strode to the door, flipping the sign for community hours. She wasn’t supposed to leave her post until 5.30pm but with the date set for 6pm, she needed more time than that. In fact she really didn’t have a moment to lose. She wanted – no she needed – to look her best, she needed every scrap of confidence she could muster. She really didn’t want to screw this up.

I’ve rewatched a fair bit of Stargate the last few days and the Genesis List came up. Now I’m not going to go into that because it makes me really sad, but it did spark a memory. A while back on netflix I watched this mini-series called Ascension. It wasn’t very good because it couldn’t decide what it was going to be; it tried to be everything and then failed at everything.

Basically the people on board thought there were on a 100 year mission to cross space and form a colony. I know that concepts in lots of things but it’s interesting. Space/resources are limited, concepts like an economy would be thrown out of the window, the power dynamics alone are fascinating. Plus the psychological points of people being born, growing old and dying within the same small structure. Knowing when growing up that they’d already seen everything they were going to see, and knew everyone there was to know.

Matches were made by the ships computer to maximize bloodlines and once a year a handful of couples were authorized to have children. Unfortunately because someone else on the ship had died so there was a ‘space’.

Anyway I was just thinking about the fic potential.
– Belle and Gold are matched together. Belle hates the very idea, everything about their lives is controlled and Belle loves her freedom. Obviously eventually when she stops hating it on principle she realizes she loves Gold.
– Belle and Gold aren’t matched together, but they are in love and they despair of the day when they will be matched as the chances are it’s not with each other (not everyone is because of the disparity in male and female numbers).
– Either Belle or Gold is matched to someone else, but they love one another and it’s miserable snatching time together, having to hide because it’s against the rules.

Then there’s the fluffy potential, like Gold wanting to get Belle a gift but in a contained world, how can he get her something new? I don’t know, this was just what my brain was mulling over today. Actually having written all this out, have I rambled about this before? Hmm I can’t find it in my tags.

I don’t want to write this myself, so if anyone likes any of this have at it 🙂

You know that gifset of drunk!Gold being arrested by his daughter-in-law Sheriff Emma, and then bonus end of his tether Neal that @zoe19blink made? Well I didn’t want to hijack their gifset by posting this prompt on it but I’ve been thinking about that AU they invented. All credit to them for the premise.

It was quite the puzzle how to make this work with Gold’s character, because Gold isn’t Lachlan, so how would Gold have got to this point? I thought of something and I’ve basically gone and made it mega angsty.

Gold started drinking and partying to hang onto Milah. He wanted her to love him, so he was willing to try to be the man she wanted. She left him anyway but by then he didn’t know how to stop. It had become his life, everyone he associated with was part of that scene and the alcohol helped with the grim reality that nobody, could ever love him.

Neal left home the minute he could and their relationship grew strained, so rather than change Gold clung to the only thing he had left – the partying devil may care life he’d made. When Neal moved back to town with his girlfriend Gold kept intending to change but unfortunately he met brilliant blue eyes and an accent he just couldn’t forget. Night after night he went back because Lacey absolutely captivated him. She was like Cinderella though because she always disappeared and he didn’t know anything about her day life.

He started taking more and more risks to impress her and get close to her. He keeps getting arrested and Neal gets more and more fed up. Then one day he and Lacey are both arrested, and Gold learns that her name is Belle and by day she’s considered sweet and sedate and a complete pushover, the opposite to her behavior as Lacey. He starts to wonder what her story is and I’m thinking it’s not pleasant. So it’s basically about them healing and growing together, and backsliding because change is hard. That kind of thing maybe.