Apparently today is a day of inspiration. I had iTunes on shuffle and this song came on and I heard the lyrics:

And how you gave your life in exchange for mine
Sometimes I wonder why you even love me
And why you ever chose to call me child
And I remember just by your sacrifice
I can say that I am yours and you are mine


Neal died without ever seeing Henry again. He died trying to get back to him, and protect him from Zelena, and Henry didn’t even remember him at the time. It’s so sad.


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Regina: Everything comes at a price with you. What do you want for this?
Mr. Gold: For a house call? You couldn’t afford it. But this is for Henry. This one’s on me.

I love this scene so much. They didn’t know they were Grandpa and Grandson at the time, which makes it even better, a real testament to who the characters were and what was important to them.

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Regina Mills is one of the greatest magical practitioners of her age.  Famous for using a sleeping curse.  She knows what he needs.  She leans forward… but stops herself.  Because while she may love him she’s certain he doesn’t love her.  After all how could he.  She’s the Evil Queen, rotten to the core, and she’s never been good enough for any of the people she’s loved.  Never been good enough to save them.  Never been good enough to save herself.

Urk, oh wow I’d not noticed that before but – so true! Oh man Regina’s expression is killing me, talk about heartbreaking. This makes so much sense. It fits with her character and yeah, wow. The OP really hit the nail on the head, so on point and really insightful.

It’s like one of those pivotal moments isn’t it? The sort that spawn the ‘what if?’ questions. What if she had pushed aside her fear and her self-loathing for just one second and tried true loves kiss on Henry?

Would the result have been failure because deep down she didn’t believe in herself? Would the result have been failure because her self-loathing was right and at this point Henry didn’t love her? (I don’t believe this one, she’s his mother and Henry always loved her even if they weren’t always close). Or what if the result had been success and it had woken him? What would the consequences of that have been?

A true loves kiss between Regina and Henry in the season one finale wouldn’t have broken the dark curse. However, Emma had her revelation and now believed. So the next challenge would have been trying to work out how to break the curse. What would that have meant for Rumple and amnesiac Belle? What would that have meant for dragon Maleficent and the vial of true love potion? What would that have meant for David attempting to leave town? (no-one can leave town – bad things happen).

Also to bring this back to Regina, as this is a Regina post, what would that have meant for her and Henry? She would have had indisputable proof in the strength of their mother/son bond. Henry would also have had the same confidence boost, he doubted that Regina truly loved him at this point. Would he have gone back closer to his adopted mother? After all, in the show he moved in with the Charmings and I don’t think he returned to live with Regina full time until 5A when Emma was the dark one.

Has there been any fics about this? Because I really don’t need another canon divergent what if WIP …

Lightning realization – who really wanted to destroy magic!

I was thinking about the finale this morning, about how it didn’t make sense that they found the holy grail ‘end of magic’ right when they wanted it. Why was it in New York? How had it even got there from the Enchanted Forest? What was with Neal having this quest to destroy magic?

Then it hit me!

Tamara was Neal’s fiance – and she wanted to destroy magic. That was what she thought she was doing when she working for Pan (aka the home office), she thought that was what the mission was.

Given they were together any notes on destroying magic, left in Neal’s apartment, could have been hers. The holy grail in New York, could have been found anywhere in the world, it could have been tossed through by a magic bean by someone in the past terrified that magic could be destroyed. It wound up in New York because that was where Tamara was maybe.

So why did Henry say that Neal had wanted to destroy magic? That Neal had been in New York searching for a way to destroy magic. That sounds pretty irrefutable right? It must have been Neal and Tamara was just a coincidence, weird how they had the same goal but neither of them knew that.

August told Neal about the dark curse, how it brought everyone from their land to this one – the land without magic. The curse didn’t bring magic, that was never on the cards until Rumple threw the true love potion down the well and magic came to Storybrooke. Magic didn’t need to be destroyed, because as far as anyone was aware – there was no magic in the … land WITHOUT magic!

Neal and Henry couldn’t have spent all that much time together. I’m thinking a week or two at the most between arriving back in Storybrooke and Neal getting shot and falling through the portal back to the Enchanted Forest. I know time on the show is kinda fluid and it’s hard to tell, but with how fast stuff seems to happen it might have only been a few days.

Back in the Enchanted Forest Neal (Bae back then) would have searched for a way to destroy magic, because it was magic that had changed his papa. When he got the bean to go to the land without magic, that completed his quest. I know it was ‘canon’ because Henry said it on screen but people do get confused, misinterpret or mis-remember.

If Henry was thinking about destroying magic and then remembered his dad saying that he’d tried the same. It’s not a big leap. His dad meant New York and then the more stuff he found, the more he thought he was right in what he remembered. I don’t know, it’s just a theory.